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Balika Vadhu 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shankar informing his wife and Kamli that he filed a complaint in the police station against his greedy relatives. Kamli asks who are they? Shankar says they are his relatives and want his property thinking Pushkar is innocent and mad. He says he won’t let Pushkar’s property go in any wrong hands. He gives POA to Kamli and asks her to take care of his property even if he dies. Kamli asks him not to say that as she got parents’ love for first time. Shankar says he will not say again and asks him to accept POA. Kamli takes it.

Akhiraj scolds Nimboli for wanting to study in his school. Harki scolds her and asks her to do the house work. Nimboli tells that she said as he asked her. Akhiraj tries to beat her, but Disa saves her. She says Nimboli didn’t know that you

was faking to be good infront of people. Akhiraj says he has to get her admitted in school. Harki says she will take out solution and Nimboli will not go to school.

Pooja comes to study with Mannu. Ganga stops her from going to Mannu’s room and talks to her rudely. Mannu comes and asks her to study with him in the hall infront of mum. Dadisaa asks Ganga to control her anger, and asks why she hates her so much. Ganga tells that she hates Pooja after whatever she has done with Mannu. Dadisaa makes her explain that she might lose her son if continues to hate Pooja.

Disa puts oil in Nimboli’s hairs and says you will learn at school. Disa tells her that she gets dreams to study in school after Chukke Chudail told her about school. She determines to meet her and inform her. Disa thinks Anandi might take Nimboli if come to know that she is a child bride, and then she can’t stay without her.

Nimboli finishes the work. Harki tells her that Urmila is coming and asks her to change her room’s bedsheet. She asks her to clean the house etc. Nimboli says she have to go to school and this work will take more time. Harki says she will see how she will go to school and become a collector.

Ganga asks Mannu to go to Mumbai for higher education. Mannu agrees and asks Jagya to bring two forms. Ganga asks why two forms? Mannu says his wife also should get same level of education as him. Ganga gets irked. Dadisaa asks Ganga not to stretch the rope, so that it gets broken.

Nimboli does all the work and says she will go to school now. Harki gives her another work. Disa tells her that she will do the work and let Nimboli go to school. Urmila comes with Kundan and greets Disa and Harki. Nimboli informs her that she is going to school and study. Urmila taunts her and goes to her room to rest.

Nimboli tells Kundan that she will take his old books. Kundan says you can’t take my books. Nimboli says what I shall take to school? Kundan asks why do you want to study? Go and talk to Urmila. Nimboli says I can talk to Urmila after I come back from school. Harki says I thought you will make besan laddoos. Nimboli says for me and gets excited. Akhiraj comes and informs Harki and Kundan that Dhani Ram and others are waiting for Nimboli in the school. He asks her to go to school. Nimboli greets them and leaves.

Nimboli hides the box. Urmila asks what you are hiding and opens the box. She sees punching toy and gets scared. Nimboli laughs. Urmila decides to teach her a lesson. When Nimboli was trying to get a cloth. Urmila scares her wearing the mask and Nimboli falls from the balcony, but holds the egde shouting for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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