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Balika Vadhu 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi talking to someone and says Nimboli is getting normal now. She sees Nimboli sad, and asks why you are sitting sadly? Are you missing Mangla ji. Nandini says I don’t want to remember her, but can’t stop from remembering her. Anandi says nobody can stop memories. She asks do you remember when she used to get happy….Nandini says she used to get happy when I laugh, be happy and do something. Anandi asks her to be happy to make Disa happy. Shivam comes there. Nandini says I promise that I will do as you said. Shivam asks her to promise him that she will join Shiv Niketan again. Nandini promises. Shivam says I will keep your books in bag. Nandini says I will explain you how to keep the books. Shivam and Anandi smiles. Anandi asks Shivam to get ready for school. Shivam


Dadisaa tells Nimboli that breakfast is done, and asks what she would like to do now. Anandi says she has decided to go school from tomorrow. Dadisaa says so today she is free, and says we will watch the puppet show. Nandini asks where? Dadisaa claps and asks Dr. Anant and Nidhi to start dance. They see the puppet show. Nandini gets happy and laughs. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga also smiles. Dr. Anant and Nidhi comes there. Nidhi says we have finally done this, and says Nandini have smiled finally. She says you are the best Papa in the world. Nimboli says you have done this for me and asks will you become my bapusaa. Dr. Anant is shocked. He says I am getting late, have to drop Nidhi to school. Anandi goes to her room. Dadisaa gets an idea and smiles.

Nidhi and Dr. Anant are in the car. Nidhi says you loves Anandi and asks why you are refusing for marriage when Nimboli said. Jagya talks to Dadisaa and says we shall convince Anandi for marriage. Dadisaa says no, she will not agree. Nidhi says she will become luckiest girl if Anandi becomes her mother. Jagya tells Dadisaa that you had convinced Anandi to marry Shiv before. Dadisaa says that time she was single and not have any kids. Now she has Shiv Niketan and kids responsibility. Jagya insists. Dadisaa says I will talk to her. Ganga also says the same. Anandi is in her room and thinks about Anant. Anant is in car and smiles recalling Nimboli’s words.

Akhiraj meets the people. A man comes there and asks him to help him get his wife. He says Anandi kept his wife Kavita in Shiv Niketan and asks him to do something. Akhiraj says I will do something. Akhiraj thinks destiny will not support you this time. Jagya, Ganga and Dadisaa discuss about Anandi’s marriage. Nimboli comes running and calls Anandi. She asks where are you going? Anandi says I am going to Jaipur, but will bring toys and books for you. Nimboli gets happy. Anandi tells Dadisaa that she is going. Dadisaa says I have to talk something important. Anandi says we will talk later. Jagya says okay. She leaves. Jagya says Dr. Anant should be here when Anandi returns home, then we will see.

Akhiraj tells his devotees that his devotee was separated from his wife by Anandi Shekhar. Everyone starts gossiping. Akhiraj says this man have done a mistake, by letting her do this and haven’t done anything to stop her. He says Anandi have snatched this man’s wife, and says that girl is being tortured in Shiv Niketan…He asks the man to get her freed from Shiv Niketan, else your family will be ruined and will have to bear punishment. He says it is every man’s duty to protect his wife, and says he is a weak man. He asks his devotees to help this man get his wife back. Everyone agrees and talk to the man. Akhiraj smiles.

Jagya tells Dr. Anant that the time is not right to speak about marriage as Mangla has died recently, but we want to know about your opinion. Dr. Anant says I tried to hide my feelings for Anandi, but I couldn’t hide it. He says I like her. Nidhi smiles. Dr. Anant says I will be happy to spend life with her, if she has no objection. Nidhi says Anandi will say yes. Just then Anandi comes there with a lady (face not shown). Everyone looks on.

Kavita is kidnapped from Shiv Niketan. Anandi gets a call and comes to know that Kavita is kidnapped. Anandi informs Jagya that Mouni baba is getting Kavita married. Anandi sees Harki in bridal attire and gets suspicious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How r these people enjoying somuch n talking abt marriage by forgetting jagya’s case…what happend to his case

  2. Trishakti does not show anything special but you skip Balika Vadhu. This not fair.

    1. Its skipped as writers are waiting for d deadline n so its skipped as on d deadline day new story starts n flash back begins n end of old episode is shown in nutshell…

  3. omg rab ji please I want toral as Anandi and she is doing good decision by reunite pushpa but Anandi should start her life again and miss u dadisa and nimboli because I know u both have few episodes and Anandi too

    1. I am 100% with you on that. I want more of toral as Anandi. I had enough of that plastic face, but not satisfied. I want more.

      1. I m done with toral on d first day of her entry.. the way anandi’s character was justified by AVIKA N PRATYUSHA,TORAL just spoiled d glamor potential liveliness n strength of d character… she is worst as anandi… seems viewers have forgotten how anandi could analyse d situations n solved d problms n her long lectures on different evils n issues… Toral’s dialogues werent strong nor she justified d role n character.. a true artist lives n grows in d character n also makes d character strong n if d writer is making it weak then they can always have their call… anandi character bagged most awards n so too Avika n.Pratyusha… but with Toral anandi character was strangulated… Anandi is a forgotten character in award functions…. writers jago n change MAHI VIJ SHE TOO IS A WORST CHOICE LIKE TORAL

  4. Fikar not Ria jagya’s case anant ka pyar ka bhoot anandi as maahan aatma dadisaa ki maut kavita ka rescue harki ka uske ke pati ke liye vrat aur mouni baba ka anant ko sudden break lagegi aur nayi kahani suru aur suru hote hi FLASH BACK ME PURI KAHANI NANDINI APNE DIARY ME LIKHTI NAZAR AAYEGI… AUR PHIR SURU KECCHENE KI NAYI SILSILA… have patience darling.

    1. wow…you told the whole story in couple of sentences….dolana. And Ria…viewers (like us) will be better off singing “baabu manaku memory lossu…”


      1. You are a Telugu speaking !!

  5. crap again and again kheech lo serial ko jitna keech skte ho

  6. Can some one tell me who is Kavita???

    1. Shivani…sometimes in this serial there are some characters comes out of thin air (just like that) or they would drop from clear sky (for no reason).

      Kavitha is one such character that was brought to Anandi rescuing from wedding couple of weeks back. And Anandi kept her in Shiv Niketan. Its was just like 2 min incident (I might be wrong…because watch this serial doing some 10 other things)

      1. He he serial ka poora cast hawa ka jhoka hai, writers think us fool Anandi got nandini after 12 years then wat abt shiv family wil nobody ira daddu saanchi wil cm to see nandini , but i think whole cast left the serial n sumitra bhairo who went to US didnt cm bk only , gehna who got remarried also got vanished, if actors are leaving the serial so writer is bringing new cast but not mentioning the old cast , bhagwan kare ek baar Anandi bhi gayab ho jaaye

      2. Thanks Sadhana. Happy Ugadhi to you too. 🙂

    2. Today u are asking who is kavita n few days back someone had asked what happened to kavita… long wait for her query is over… hehehe… but I really want to know wat happened to dat girl who was being sacrificed by other baba??? She is sure to enter as a bombshell in new storyline… kuch bhi ho sakta hai… udaan aur BV ka mahasangam dikhate dikhate udaan ke writers aage bhag gaye aur leap dikha di aur BV ke writers peeche rehe gaye ab bhag rahen hain… par galti kaise sudharenge??? CHAKOR NANDINI KO NIMBOLI DIDI BOLTE BOLTE PHELE JAWAAN HO GAYI aur NIMBOLI AB BHI BACCHI HAI AUR SCHOOL JAA RAHI HAI… DHANYA HO MAHASANGAM TRISHAKTI MAHASHAKTIYOON KA

      1. Toh achha hai na ek type se. Ab chakor aur BV ka Maha sangam dekhba nai padega. Ek seriel list se gaya

  7. I dont understand the writers are fools or think us fool or they have no brains!!! Or they really want to show people are nuisance in d society… people of jaitsar have been seeing anandi n jagdish from childhood n d family of kalyani… they also saw how anandi opened school for girls n adult education was imparted n she was chosen as sarpanch by them n shivniketan too is running for long n today from no where a baba comes n speaks nonsense n they believe him n distrust their own people… that dongi baba doesnt even belong to jaitsar… where is d sarpanch n those who had helped anandi n always stood by her… seems jaitsar ko writers ne apni convenience ke liye sula diya hai… in a society when someone speaks against two groups stand up together one who is favour n other who is against.. writers thoda apna dimaag lagao… kuch bhi dikha rahe ho… ek ladki kidnap hoti hai security n anandi ki karate sena so rahi hai…anandi madam harki sirf suhagan ke bhesh me hi nahi yeh bhi socho woh jalra me na ho kar jaitsar me kya kar rahi hai…all absurd craps

  8. I m totally agree with u Dolana and shiv…now this is too much and out from tolerance level even they have no brain and just dragging this show fully…even toral is my favourite but she is not perfect for Anandi role because Anandi was charming quite pretty and bubbly but she has dropy face with quite and less conversation. even kamli mangla harki dadisa and Ganga r brighter than Anandi so now I think they should not involve into leap and try to improve the character of Anandi…….

  9. I was totally emotional due to mangla’s death and thari maa song… even today I remembered the 2nd November episode when Anandi fights with some goons nd saved nimboli.. I want that character even I started tikewando classes too nd really impressed from Anandi character but now she spoils everything. she should come with same enthusiastic, charming glamour because she had strong logical skills please writer do justice with BV otherwise u may lost lot of viewers

  10. Dolona u write so well dear rhe points mentioned by u are totally right and u too shiv …I just hope the makers of the shows get to know about this site and u ppl who comment so logically. I too wish tht BV continues but with better logical story line as it was once with Avika and Prathysha.

    Miss u Prathysha…. u were one of the best actors tht TV industry had.

  11. next dadisa role will be end…. longest role will be end soon … in balika vadhu!!
    nandini will grow with new person…. new story line will started…. but anandi role will change or not

  12. Dadisa of balika vadhu n baa of kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi are evergreen characters… generations came n went characters like bhairon sumitra basant gehena nandu shiv amol daddu ira vanished but evergreens were ever evergreens… madam anandi forgot phuli without whom her life was difficult forgot her inlaws n dat promise to daddu d day she gets nandini she will call back them to india… salo se bade haveli me hi chipki hai… ab yeh nandini chokhi chudel se maa bana li aur maa se tisha bana di aur ab choke doctor saa ko bapusaa…. shadi maa baap na hua mazak ho gaya… madam phuspa achanak mahan anandi ke chalte transformed patibakht banke pati se milne aa gayi.. jab khud ki beti sharab pike galat raaste pe chal rahi thi.. hospital me admit thi tab anandi ne lakh samjhaya tha tab toh madam badi adamant tho aur pati se sulah nahi ki aaj achanak transformation… wah writers tusi great ho

  13. Utter nonsense.. kisi artist se production house ke sath unban ho gayi toh ya toh artist badal dali ya phir character ko bidesh ya swadesh bhej diya ya bhul gaye ya phir cancer patient bana ke america bhej di aur uske dekh baalh ke liye kuch eham kirdaro ko bhej diya… salo.gujaar gaye n patient maara na thik hua n logo ki dekhbhall ki duty khatam hui… ya toh characters ko maut ke ghat uttar do aur naye kirdaar ko enty de do.. sari serials ki.yeh hi kahani… Mihir Virani maar diya gaya as amar upadhaya ko bollywood me entry mil gayi thi … paar jaanta mihir ke maut se yuh prabhavit hui ki raato raat trp baad gayi aur ekta madam ne mihir virnani ko naye chere ke sath jinda kar diya. .. ekta kapoor maha guru hai sab ki… koi in se puche jara ki inki jo serial kumkum bhagya ki character TANU KYA HATNI HAI??? 18 mahine baad bacha paida karegi,????writers directors ho toh aise ho…

    1. No writers are not fool they are the most clever we are fool to keep watching the serials. u wrote number of serials name, but i have no idea about any of them as i only watch BV that too as i am habitual to this one as once upon a time it was really a meaningful story. but today i cant even make out what is going on …………

    2. Tomar msg peyechi, sob boss erom e thake mood valo thakle bhalo , bhalo kharap thakle to kichu bolar nei, ami o khub khusi hoyechi tumi o bengali jene, ami job kori , ar ami tomar pase e thaki, i mean Nerul. amar valo naam soma tomar naam ki

      1. Wow tumi nerul ye thako… khoob bhalo.. amar bhalo naam dolana… mone hoye yekhane anek ker naam badlano…. amio serial dekhi na… samoy hoyena ar sab serial dekhte bhalo basina… sab serial er rupkotha eki rokom… ek ta episode ghurte phirte dekhe nao gist bhuje jabe…ekta kapoor er kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi kahani ghar ghar ki dekhtam karon sasur badite sabbai dekhto toh amaro dekhaer obesh hoye gechilo… aaj kintu ekta kapoor er ek tao serial dekhi na

      2. Mihir virani was d lead character of kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi of ekta kapoor… his wife’s role was played our honourable minister Smriti Z Irani Malhotra who became famous in each indian house hold as TULSI.. she too became overnite famous like pratyusha..

      3. Smriti is born to punjabi dad n bengali mom… we bengalis really rock wherever we go… this serial gave much popularity to payal bhattacharjee gouri pradhan komolika ganguly Ronit Roy n many more artists

  14. Happy Ugadi to you Ria, Sarayu and who ever celebrates this festival.

    1. We indians celebrate each festival irrespective of our religion caste language n creed… we celebrate Lohri Bihu Pongal Onam Holi Durga puja Ganesh chaturthi Janmastami Id Gudi padwa Nabo Porsho ya Phohila Boishak Christmas Easter ya Diwali… dats d speciality of we INDIANS… hum jahan bhi jaanye kahin bhi rahe khusiyaan aur raang bikherte hain…


  16. but i think toral did justice to the character aanadi,anadhi is shown as a self made women only after the introduction of toral.

    1. I think Avika, Pratyusha and Toral all acted really well as Anandi’s character.

      1. Total did her acting as script. It’s just after pratyusha writers didn’t make any stong story.

  17. and I really don’t want mahi as nandhini.very much bad,they can show some other nice actress instead of can be anyone but I don’t have interest to see mahi in BV.

  18. Mangla’s death was really emotional !! All her life, she endured pain. The only happiness was Nandini, its true. She had nothing in life. Its just that she couldn’t let go of Nandini as she was too attached to her. She cared for her for 11 years.

    1. I totally agree with you.

  19. Ohhh. So for this day they had made kavita’s entry so that akhiraj can spoil anandi’s image. Hmmmm…

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