Balika Vadhu 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the groom’s father breaking Kamli’s alliance with his much older son. He throws the sweet box and leaves. Akhiraj Singh shouts for Kamli and Nimboli. Vasundara tells Nidhi that she will send mineral water cans etc. She says Shiv’s Niketan is low class place. Nidhi says she is not a kid and can take care of herself well. She asks her not to irritate and cuts the call. Sarita comes and sees her drinking wine. She asks what you are drinking? Nidhi says she was just drinking water. Sarita says alcohol is not allowed here. Nidhi says it is her need and asks to give alcohol bottle. Anandi comes and stops Nidhi. She asks Sarita to inform Nidhi’s mum that she is expelled from Shiv’s Niketan and asks to take her home. Nidhi is shocked.

Akhiraj Singh asks who did this

mischief and asks to tell the truth? Kamli and Nimboli get tensed and shocked. Disa and Harki look on. Akhiraj Singh asks them to speak up and slaps Kamli and Nimboli. Disa tries to speak, but he asks her to stay quiet. He asks them to get up. Kamli says Bapusaa…..Akhiraj Singh holds her neck. Nimboli sees her hurting and accepts to have done all that. She says I didn’t like Kamli jiji to get married to older man and that’s why I did this. Kundan enters. Akhiraj Singh scolds her and reminds of her place. Kundan provokes Akhiraj Singh against Nimboli and Kamli. Nimboli nods no. Akhiraj Singh gets more angry and beats them both. Harki tries to stop him. Akhiraj Singh takes them to dark room/kothri and presses their neck. Disa asks him to leave them. Akhiraj Singh says let them die. Harki asks him to leave her kamli. Akhiraj says let them die. I got insulted because of them. Kamli and Nimboli cry and plead for forgiveness. Harki tells him that Kamli is their daughter and asks to free her. She says she will punish Nimboli. He leaves them. Harki asks Kamli to go to her room and takes Nimboli outside of the house.

Pooja talks to Vidya and tells that Mannu gave her chocolate and tells the story. Vidya says Mannu might want to give you chocolate. Pooja smiles and is happy. Vidya says I won’t eat it as Mannu gave it to you. They see Sarita bringing Nidhi outside of Shiv Niketan. Pooja asks where is Nidhi going? Sarita informs that she is expelled from Shiv Niketan and asks everyone to go to their class.

Nimboli is seen in the cow’s shed as Harki left her there. She laughs and makes the noise. She asks how did you live here? I will clean the place. She tells Bapusaa is angry with her and Kamli and punished them. She tells Bapusaa held their neck and they couldn’t breathe. She says nobody knows the truth at home. Kamli jiji likes Gopal bhaisa very much. She doesn’t tell anything at home and wonders how she will get married. Akhiraj Singh cuts the wood angrily. Harki brings juice for him and says she locked Nimboli in the cow’s shed. Nimboli draws Kamli and Gopal on the wall. Kamli comes to meet her.

Nimboli hugs her and shows the wall. Kamli says she is feeling bad. Nimboli asks her not to worry and says you shall inform about Gopal. Kamli says it is not that easy. Harki tells that Shaam Sundar’s son has earned well. Akhiraj Singh says he was a laborer and his relative named his property on his name. He says he won’t let Kamli marry outside of his caste. Kamli tells that Akhiraj Singh will kill Gopal if she tells them about him. Nimboli asks her not to worry and says she will do something. Kamli says you must be hungry and gives her roti. She sees Harki and hides. Harki looks at Nimboli and goes inside the house. Nimboli asks Kamli to leave. Kamli leaves. Nimboli sees cow making sound and makes it eat roti instead. She smiles.

Nimboli comes to Kundan’s room and asks what he would like to have. He asks her to bring lassi. He tells his friend that Nimboli won’t be saved from him anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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