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Balika Vadhu 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya telling Anandi that they will return home and make a new plan to get Nandini back. Anandi says I will not leave until I gets my daughter. Nandini sees pandit holding fruits tray and asks him to give more prasad. Disa stops her, but she says she is very hungry. Nimboli collides with someone and apologizes. Disa also apologizes. The woman stops Disa and says I have seen you somewhere and asks who are you? She then identifoes her to be Mangla. Disa also identifies the woman to be Geeta, and hugs her. Disa tells she is her childhood friend. Nimboli greets her. Jagya and Anandi are still in car. Nimboli asks Disa to take her home and says she is missing family. Geeta asks Disa and Nimboli to stay in her house. Nimboli asks do you have matress in your home? Geeta says yes,

and says you will get good food also. Nimboli asks Disa to agree else she will fall down because of sleep. They leave in Geeta’s jeep. Just then Anandi and Jagya reach the temple. Anandi prays to God to return her Nandini. Pandit ji says no one goes home empty handed from this temple.

Harki comes to meet Akhiraj and gives tiffin. Akhiraj asks her to give news and asks did you lock Mangla and Nimboli in godown. Harki asks him to have food. Akhiraj asks her if she met his friends. Harki says she didn’t meet them. A flashback is shown. Harki tells him that when she was going home after meeting him, Inspector called her and asked about Nimboli. She says she didn’t know. Inspector says your said just now to your husband. My constable heard you talking to your husband. Harki is shocked and lies. Inspector threatens her and asks her to tell truth. Woman constable says I will take her to lock up and beat her up. Harki refuses and gets ready to tell truth. She says Nimboli is in Sarora village in Kakusaa’s home. The Inspector asks her not to tell anyone else she knows what will happen. Harki says okay and goes. FB ends. Akhiraj scolds Harki for getting scared of Inspector. Harki says she was very scared and asks why you are getting angry. She says Police will search Mangla and Nimboli. Akhiraj tries to suffocate her and presses her neck. Inspector and woman constable saves her. Akhiraj fumes angrily.

Harki is going to her house after taking water pot. She sees Inspector coming in his jeep. Inspector says you have alerted Mangla before we reach her. Woman constable asks, who had informed Mangla then? Harki thinks for a while and tells Kamli might have informed her. She asks him to ask Kamli. Inspector says you shall not inform anyone about our conversation. Harki says okay. Nimboli and Disa reach Geeta’s house. Nimboli gets excited seeing the house and swinger. Geeta says girl is happy.

Inspector asks Kamli, did you inform Mangla about us coming there. Kamli says no, and says she don’t have her number. Harki comes inside and asks why you are asking my daughter. Inspector says someone might have informed Mangla, else she would not have run from there. Kamli says I didn’t inform her. Harki says she is lying and tells Disa called her. She asks her to tell truth to Inspector. Kamli says Disa called, but I was not here. She says Harki took the call and heard everything. She says she might have alerted Disa. Harki says she is lying. Kamli says she is a liar since birth. Inspector and constable look at each other, seeing mother- daughter fight. Harki argues with her and goes. Kamli looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Funny… Hahaha very funny

  2. I hate this serial sorry to say this still you are not having heart to join anandhi and her daughter nandhini

  3. They know…. No one will continue to watch balika vadhu … The moment after anandi n nandini get united

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