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Balika Vadhu 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv making tea in the kitchen for Anandi. He brings breakfast and tea for her. Anandi gets happy seeing him and says I thought you went for jogging. What was the need to do this. Shiv says I thought to surprise you. Anandi likes his surprise. He serves her tea. Anandi looks at the burnt mark/scar on his hand and asks how did it happen? Shiv says tea had fallen on my hand. Anandi kisses him. Shiv gets pleased. He gives her tea. They smiles.

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Daddu asks Anoop what do you want? Anoop says I wants my share in property. Daddu gets shocked. Anoop says I am just requesting. I would be able to do something

if you gives me property share. I don’t want to be separated from this family. I don’t have any other option else I would not have talked about it. Who will help me if not you. Daddu thinks “is this happening in reality with me”. Your son who had suffered a lot being with enemies is saying this. Anoop adds that he wants to stand on his own feet and needs a land. Daddu says you made me realize that I didn’t fulfill my one duty. He thanks him and asks him not to worry. Anoop smiles at his words. Daddu is shaken though. He feels dizzy and is about to fall. Anoop holds him. Daddu says I am fine. He says I have to live the remaining life alone.

MP Shrivastav tries some perfumes. His servant informs that they have come. Shrivastav asks him to send them in. The goons who tried to forcibly possess Kashinath’s land come there. Shrivastav looks angry. Shrivastav pretends to welcome them. He tells them that he had to do so much for getting them out of jail. The goon tells him that land was good, but went out of his hand. Shrivastav gets angry and says why you didn’t inform me that Dr. Jagdish Singh came there personally. I would have asked you to vacate the land. Everyone praises him in Jaitsar. You told him about me. The goon asks him to give some time. Shrivastav laughs and asks him to remember that he can’t handle Jagdish. He asks him to pick dog perfume. He sprays it on his eyes while apologizing. All his aides do the same.

Doctor checks Daddu and says BP is normal now. He asks him to rest and prescribes some medicines. Everyone look tensedly. Doctor asks them to keep Daddu away from any kind of tension. Shiv and Anandi look worriedly. Anandi says there might a reason for his high BP. Ira and Meenu ask him the reason. Ira asks him to take care. Alok asks what is the reason for your tension. Daddu says life is about few breaths, it will end soon. This made me realize that life is going to end soon. My body is ageing. Shiv says we shall go out as he needs rest.

Alok tells Daddu that he doesn’t need his philosophy. Daddu asks him not to stop him and says he has realized that he have to complete his duty. I have decided to give my responsibilities to my two sons and gets freed. You both are capable enough to free me of my responsibilities. I have decided to divide all my property except Kesar Bagh in two equal parts. One is for Alok and other is for Anoop. My last responsibility will be completed with this decision. Subhadra smirks. Everyone looks shocked.

Gehna tells Dadisaa that she thinks Niranjan can give father’s love to her children, but her soul doesn’t permit her to marry him. Dadisaa convinces her and says Basant wanted you to remarry. Gehna hugs her and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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