Balika Vadhu 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th March 2014 Written Update

Jaipur :-
M is playing with JaGan sadly watching him , G recalls the Dr.’s words about M’s limited life span . M then offers a biscuit to J and G who are teary eyed .
G feeds the bisuit to M , he sweetly tells that he will offer them more which makes J smile and at the same time G starts crying questioning the reason for this torture .
J consoles her .

BH :-
Alok tells that he is trying to find a job for Sanchi , Dadu likes it , A descends and informs Ira that she is going outdoors for some work of Bhaili , Sanchi calls out to her and asks whether she can accomplany her , A is hesistant , Sanchi tells that if she feels right , she would like to join her in the Bhaili .

She then haves the FBs of the temple and tells A about it , she tells though

its not a big thing but she wants to help everyone and tells A that she once told her to do positive things which will help her for her redemtion and requests her for a last chance .

A places her hand on her cheek and eventually hugs her and tells she is glad of her decision , Sanchi thanks her .

BH :-
N is playing and asks about JaGan and M , all are waiting for them , then they arrive , M goes straight to DS . JaGan are quiet and N calls M for playing with him , Gehna tells them that its good they came not too late and serves tea to JaGan , their gloominess makes the family curious . Sumi asks what they did in Jaipur and asks whether J took her for an outing or not , G recalls the Dr.’s words . J lies that they went for an outing and M played a lot .
G cant control it anymore , the tea cup falls down and breaks and she cries bitterly . Everyone worriedly ask her the reason for it . Sumi asks whether J and she argued or J said something. Bhairon asks J about it who tells that he wished it was true but it isn’t and then he tells that actually they went for a check up and M is not stable , he is suffering from blood cancer .

Gehna starts crying too , DS with shock asks how can this happen , he is such a young child . Then she consoles G and tells that nothing will happen to M , god will protect him and in the end she tries crying too .

Bhaili NGO :-

A introduces Sanchi to all the ladies and also tells them a good news that a company is ready to buy their pickles with reasonable credit .
Later A explains Sanchi about marketing of products which benefit these ladies , Sanchi then suggests that they can advertise their products on their own so they have greater welfare . A likes the idea and then one of the ladies screams , she informs A that Avanti is expelled from her in-laws who are going to get another DIL , A tells its very wrong , she is about to go there to support her , Sanchi accompanies too .

JaGan room :-

G manages to feed a bitter medicine to M by convincing him that its sweet , DS comes there and sends M down under the pretext of listening fairy tales from N .DS with a sad face glances at G .

JaGan room :-
G cries bitterly again , DS tries bringing confidence in her by saying about M’s pain as he being a kid will be more sensitive and the parents should be strong to console them but what will happen if the parents break out in to tears . Later with a softer gesture , she tells G that she can really understand the pain she is going through and tells her have faith on god and also makes her to promise that she wont shed tears from now but will stand strong . G while crying promises it which makes DS give a satisfactory smile .

VO :- When people think negative , the situation go worse , they have to face it with confidence.

Precap :-A asks Avanti about the incident , Avanti while crying says that from the time she lived with her in laws , they started torturing her like hell and now they expelled her with her small baby girl . A then angrily tells that now she will have to meet and talk to them , Avanti says she doesn’t know those cruel people , A tells even they don’t know about her.

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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