Balika Vadhu 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratan Singh’s mum thanking Ganga for fulfilling Ratan Singh’s last wish. Dadisaa, Jagya, and Anandi come there. Ratan’s mum says she knew that his condition was bad, but being a mum she can’t bear his death. Ganga asks about Mannu. Jagya says he is confused and doesn’t know anything. Jagya asks about Ratan’s body and the proceedings. Ganga tells that they have done all the formalities. Ratan’s mum asks how we will do his last rights. She says a son have to give fire to his father, else the soul doesn’t get mukti. She requests them to get Mannu do the last rights. Jagya says if he gives agni then we have to tell him the truth. Ganga says however he was with me, but I can’t snatch his last right. She promises to bring Mannu. Ratan Singh’s mum cries thankfully.

Ganga says Mannu will give him agni. Jagya, Anandi, and Dadisaa looks on.

Kundan thinks about his friend’s suggestion to befriend with Nimboli and then take her advantage after winning her trust. He calls Nimboli and asks her to get water. Then he asks her to do her work and goes to get water himself. Nimboli is surprised. Ganga comes home and stops the haveli. She says we have to end this party because of one incident. She asks Abhi and Shivam to go to their room. Mannu asks what happened? Ganga gives him white kurta pyjama and asks Mannu to wear it and come. Mannu asks where we have to go? Ganga says I will tell you everything and asks him to come. Kundan brings water for Nimboli and says I thought you are thirstly so brought it. Nimboli is surprised. Kundan asks her to drink. Nimboli drinks it. She thinks how can he become so good. Kundan stares her and thinks he will win her trust slowly.

Ganga brings Mannu to the crematorium. Panditji recites the mantras. Dadisaa, Jagya, Anandi, and Ratan’s mum is already present there. Mannu asks why did you bring me here? Ganga is silent. Mannu looks at Ratan dead body and says I met him in the hospital naa. Ganga says yes, and says you have to do his last rights. Mannu asks why I would do his last rights, because he gave me his chain. I won’t do. It is his son’s right. Ganga says you are his son. He is my first husband and your father. Mannu is shocked. Panditji asks him to give agni to Ratan Singh. Mannu refuses and says he is not my Bapusaa. He tells Jagya that he is not my Bapusaa. Jagya says I am your father, but I didn’t give you birth. Your father is Ratan and you have to give fire to Ratan. It is your duty. I will answer for your questions later. Mannu cries. Jagya gives the fire in Mannu’s hand. Ratan’s mum cries. Mannu gives the fire while Jagya holds his hand. sad music plays…………Mannu is in shock and looks at the fire.

Akhiraj tells Harki that he have to give 100 tolas gold to get Kamli married. He says I was helpless and that’s why agreed. Harki says I understand. She asks how we will arrange the gold. Akhiraj says he will get Kamli out of the house with this marriage. Nimboli hears them.

Ratan Singh’s mum hugs Mannu and blesses him. Ganga takes Mannu from there, while everyone is still at the crematorium. Jagya says it would be difficult to explain to Mannu. Anandi says Mannu is a understanding kid and if needed, she will explain to him. Nimboli informs Kamli that Pushkar’s parents agreed for marriage and demanded 100 tolas gold. Kamli is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The video is not updated properly Part 1 is not there and 2 also… The same thing repeats again and again…. Plzzz do it properly or don’t don’t do it…

  2. kamli become scapegoat, harassment by her father,

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