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Balika Vadhu 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Disa getting shocked hearing Akhiraj and Harki’s conversation about the woman who informed Khetram about Kundan’s marriage with Nimboli. Some girls badmouths about Pooja. Bindiya supports Pooja. Sarita and Anandi overhear her. Nimboli thinks about Urmila’s words that she is Kundan’s wife and knows how to handle her husband. Nimboli thinks I am also Kundan’s wife, then why did he misbehaved with me. Disa asks Nimboli to get Kamli’s phone number. Nimboli gives her paper chit. Anandi asks the girls, how can you cook up a fake story like that. She says Pooja have to faced troubles because of your stories. The girls apologize to Sarita. Disa takes the number and tells her that she will go and come back. Nimboli thinks why Disa didn’t take me.

The villagers come

and tell that they have chosen Akhiraj as the head of their community and make him wear the garland. Akhiraj thanks them and gives speech. He says he is always available for his community service. The villager says that only you have the strength to take our community forward, and asks him to become Jhalra Sarpanch, MLA, MP etc………..Akhiraj says if this is your order, then I bend my head and accept it. He assures them that he will try to fulfill his duties. He smiles. Harki looks on and thinks he has smile after many days. Ganga looks at Mannu’s pic and says she is not angry with him. She wants to see her son infront of her smilingly. Dadisaa says you are his mum and cares for his betterment. He will return soon.

Pooja and Mannu are seen sitting for marriage in the temple. Sarita cries nonstop while Anandi consoles her. Sarita says Pooja is very matured and will not take any wrong step. Anandi says I know. Nimboli comes there and says someone is getting married. Nimboli goes to Pandit ji and asks where is the big Pandit ji. She asks him to give sweets to head Pandit ji. She looks at Mannu and Pooja. She thinks to see their wedding and looking smilingly. Pandit ji asks Mannu and Pooja to stand for pheras. They take the pheras. Nimboli thinks who will throw flower petals on them as they take pheras. She throws the flower petals on them happily.

Jagya tells they shall get the photos published in the news paper. Anandi says someone might inform them. Dadisaa agrees. Ganga says okay, but why to tell the world that Mannu eloped with Pooja. She asks them to publish photo of Mannu only. Anandi says they are together. Ganga asks them to get their photos printed separately. Dadisaa says okay and asks Jagya to get the news printed in the newspaper.

Pandit ji declares that the marriage is completed and asks Mannu to fill Pooja’s maang with sindoor. Mannu fills her maang with sindoor. Pandit ji declares that you are husband and wife now, and blesses them. Mannu and Pooja smiles. Mannu takes out phone and takes their pic. Nimboli poses with them. Kundan talks to his friend and tells that he couldn’t spend time with Urmila. His friend asks him to get the room decorated by someone. Kundan thinks to ask whom. Nimboli asks Mannu and Pooja to take photo together. Mannu says you are our barathi. He asks her name. Nimboli says she is Nimboli. Mannu thinks he heard her name somewhere.

Jagya shows the photo and tells that Mannu and Pooja got married. Anandi is shocked and says she couldn’t stop the child marriage of her children. She recognizes Nimboli and tells that she knows her, and she is in Jhalra Village. They decide to go there and get them back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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