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Balika Vadhu 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu showing flowers to the babies. Amol says they are looking happy to see your flowers. Vinay comes and greets Daddu. He says he wants to talk to him regarding something urgent and important and insists to talk alone. Daddu asks Amol to take care of kids. Anoop comes out and tells Daddu that he is going for a meeting with a client. Vinay looks on. Daddu asks him to come.

Gehna tells Jagya that Niranjan called them. Jagya talks to him and asks to come home. Dadisaa asks him not to lose hope as Devimaa will protect Ganga. She is very courageous. Jagya says he couldn’t find Ganga being a MLA. Dadisaa says she didn’t inform Anandi. Jagya gets a call from the Inspector. He tells Dadisaa that the Police got a clue about Ganga.

Shobha tells Ganga that

she didn’t know the address of the place. She asks where you will call your family. Ganga says she has only a way. She will try to reach the nearby village and asks will you help me. Shobha looks on.

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Daddu asks Vinay, what is the matter? Vinay says since sometime authorities was keeping an eye on Anoop ji. Daddu says are you spying on hardworking businessman. Vinay says only on bribed and illegal business person. Daddu asks how can you say that. Anandi comes and says Khazan ji brought property tax slip of the farm house. Daddu tells her that Vinay is doubting Anoop and goes on boosting about his family and Anoop. Vinay says I respect you and your family. I came here to talk to you before we take any action. He tells about the precious stolen antiques. Daddu says you have gone mad. Khazan ji understand everything and thinks it might be stolen that’s why Anoop got angry. Daddu asks Vinay, why didn’t you talk to Anoop? Vinay says he will do the enquiry once again and get back to him. Anandi recalls Shiv informing her about Anoop involving in illegal activities. Daddu asks Anandi to give him water and gets restless.

The Inspector shows the CCTV footage of the hospital and says Ganga was seen talking on phone with someone and shows the ward boy taking some patient. The Inspector says after 5 mins, two ward boys are seen walking out with a patient. Jagya says he didn’t see this ward boy before. Jagya says it means the patient on wheel chair was Ganga. The Inspector says yes, she has been kidnapped. Jagya gets shocked and recalls seeing the ward boys taking a patient inside. He calls Lal Singh and asks did you give permission to a patient’s relatives to take her to Jaipur. He says no. Jagya gets shocked. Jagya says they took Ganga infront of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. Daddu says it is a misunderstanding and a trick done by his competitor.

Daddu says govt will realize its mistake. Anandi shows the file and says Shiv brought this file. He told me that Papa might be involved in illegal activities. Daddu gets shocked. Anandi says Shiv was worried and asks Khazan ji to keep an eye on the farm house activities. She says today Khazan ji said that he saw old antiques idol in the farmhouse and Anoop got angry on him. He hid the fact as he didn’t want to hurt us. Daddu says Anoop is really doing illegal business. Alok comes and says Anoop can’t do anything wrong. It is a misunderstanding. Daddu says I pray that Anoop is innocent. Alok says it should not reach Anoop, we shall not let anything happen to Anoop. Daddu says what are you saying. Alok says I will not let him go to Jail. Daddu gets thinking.

Daddu gives the file to Anandi and asks him to handover the documents to Vinay. He says we will accept law decision. If he is guilty then he will have to bear the punishment. I don’t know if I will be able to bear this, but my own feelings are nothing infront of the nation.

Jagya tells his family that he let the goons go without seeing the patient’s face. Dadisaa says it was not written on their face that they are goons. Niranjan says he gave to phone to Kusum. Mannu comes. Gehna says I will bring food. Mannu nods no and asks for Ganga. He goes to Jagya and asks him where is Maa? Jagya gets emotional. Gehna says Maa is in hospital as she has work. Mannu says she will come in the morning. Jagya hugs him and says she will come.

Shobha helps Ganga to come out of the kidnappers’ place with the girls. They get shocked to see the goons at the gate.

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