Balika Vadhu 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi thanking Payal for coming to meet her. She asks her about Saachi. Payal says, I was her friend, Saachi stopped talking to me after Dr. Jagdish court case. Anandi asks her, did Saachi have any special friendship with some guy. Payal recalls to have seen Saachi with Saurab. She tells her about Saachi, Saurab and Ankita. Anandi asks, can you tell me about Saurav’s whereabouts.

Collector gives a nod to Mr. Mehra and says you can start the factory work on the land as the land is legally transferred on your name. Mehra asks, are you sure and worries about the villagers. Collector assures that he will take care of the villagers. He asks him to get the clearance from the govt. He says, start making the boundary wall. Mehra thanks him. Saurab is playing cards

with his friends. Anandi comes and sits with them. One girl says, she is Saanchi’s bhabhi. Anandi tells Saurab that I want to talk to you alone. Saurab asks his friends to excuse them.

Saurab asks him, how you know me? Anandi says, it is not important how I recognised you. She asks, when Saachi was alone, you went to meet her naa. Saurab says, she called me home. Anandi tells him about Mali kaka’s saying. Saurab says, we were just having harmless fun. I didn’t have any wrong intention. Anandi says, it is about Saachi’s life. Will you marry her? Saurab says, we are just good friends. I have to make my career. I can’t think about marriage right now. Anandi asks him not to be extra friendly with any girl especially Saachi. She warns him and says don’t take any advantage of her. I am enough to fight with you.

Anandi praises Amol’s drawing and suggest him to colour the sky and make birds. Saachi comes and asks her, what was the need to meet Saurab? Saachi says, you should have talked to me instead of meeting Saurab. Anandi says, Saurab is not a good guy, he don’t want to marry you atleast for some years. That’s why I met him to know about his intention. He just want to take advantage of you. For him, women is just for his fun. Saachi asks her to stop her lecture. She says, I love him and he loves me too. He is serious about me. You don’t have any right to speak with us. She says, I will kick that servant. Anandi says, don’t do anything.

In Jaitsar, some girls are on the way to their homes. They look at the land where some work is going on. Alka asks the man, when their college will be ready. That man says, this land is alloted to Mr. Mehra for the chemical factory. Girls are shocked. Teacher informs Anandi that there is good news for you. Amol tells her that I got first prize in drawing competition. Anandi says, I am happy to see him happy. Teacher says, Amol loves you very much. very soon, he will forget his pain and will gain confidence. Anandi gives credit to Amol’s teacher for the improvement in Amol. Amol asks Anandi to come home.

Girls comes to haveli and tells Dadisaa that the supervisor told them about building the factory on college land. Dadisaa says, I will enquire about it and college will be build on that land. Gehna says, if Anandi would not have gone to Udaipur then college would have open till now. Dadisaa says, we will have to look after it now. Bhairov goes to enquire about it. Dadisaa says, college will be build on that land.
Dadisaa is worried. Bhairov comes and says girls are right. Some factory is building on that land. Surely he might have collector’s permission. I stopped the work now. Dadisaa says, I understand now, that’s why that collector didn’t give any proper answer on that day. Bhairov says, this fight will be going to tough now. Anandi meets Dr. Priya. Dr. said I don’t know you have a son also. Anandi says, we have adopted him. Amol brought happiness in our family. She tells about Saachi and about counselling session. Dr. Priya says, she didn’t attend any counselling session. Anandi thinks, once again Saachi lied to us and was meeting with Saurab during counselling hours.

Saurab tells his friends that I wasted so much time behind Saachi. Now I have to complete the story and close the chapter so that I can write other stories. Anandi is preparing something. Ira says, Saachi couldn’t eat it as she went to Payal’s place. She calls Saachi, hears Saurab voice and gets alarmed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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