Balika Vadhu 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
the wardboy come in carrying water, while he notices the lethal medicine dripping off from his IV and thinks that she wont last long.

Ganga keeps with her heartwrenching story of how she had been tortured in Ratan Singh’s family and how she had gotten to know, that Ratan’s family had killed his first wife, due to not being able to sire a son. They, then, went on to search for another girl to marry Ratan with, so that they get a son. she says she wasnt married, but it was a business proposition. Dadisa remembers how he had fixed basant’s marriage with gehna when she was very young, in return for money. She goes on to tell, how she had tried to raise her voice but got wounded in return. She remembers how they had hunted her down

for siring a son, ever since she turned sixteen, even when the doctor had told them that she’s physically unfit for childbirth. She goes on to tell them, that she had been very happy when she got to know, that the whole family has to go out for some function, and this would give her the chance to run. After they are gone, she happily tries to find the suitcase, but gets dizzy and falls on the ground. When she woke up, she foudn herself on the bed and the doctor telling her that she’s pregnant with kid. She says that when she heard this news, she thought that the whole family would be very happy to hear this news and that they would finally get what they wantde and would start treating her nicely. As she touched her in-laws’ feet and turned back up, she found that Ratan had come with a second wife, Padma. As she went on to take the suitcase that her mother in law gave her, saying that its padma’s, and go towards the guest room, she was instructed to keep it in Ratan’s room and herself shift to the guest house. She was shocked to see this and the rituals being performed with Padma and ratan, who had entered. She loses consciousness. As she remembers this, she says that whatever pain she had been given were all coming back to her and that she couldnt digest the idea of living under the same roof with Padma. Anandi remembers the trauma that she had been through when she had found jagiya with gauri in their haveli for the first time.

Ganga says that the only thing that kept her going on with her life, in such atrocities was her kid, mannu and her hope that she would raise him to be a good person, which wasnt possible in a family like this. she says that she wouldnt let it happen, and had decided to run away with her kid, she tried a lot of times but kept getting caught. She says that she had heard her family talking against her. she goes on to tell that she had run away, after having found that Jagiya isnt picking up his phone, and had once again been caught by Ratn who took her son away from her, and left her all alone in this world. While crying incoherently, she loses consciousness and her pulse starts dropping. As her monitor starts to give a flat line, Jagiya calls up the nurse and begins the treatment with lal singh. Lal Singh is hopeless when he sees that she has dilated pupils.
The wardboy thinks to himself that his work is done and that he should claim his prize now, i.e. his land from Ratan Singh.

Jagiya somehow revives ganga, but is puzzled that how could this happen, when she had been showing progress. He and lal singh deduce that it must have been an allergy to some medicine. lal singh checks her medicine tray, and while looking through it, lal finds the medicine that the wardboy had entered and is surprised and shows it to jagiya. Jagiya asks lal singh as to who administered this medicine. lal Singh says that noone prescribed these medicines.

Anandi says that she felt uptil now, that she has seen the worst, but today having met her, she found that she’s nowhere as compared to ganga’s trauma. She says that she would do everything within her reach to get ganga justice and her baby back. She asks shiv if he would help ratan be put behind bars. he says that he has already made up his mind that he would see to it that ganga gets justice and that Ratan singh’s family is punished for what they did.

Underlying message: A tyrant and oppressive man, in his torture and oppression, doesnt realise that he is insensitively crushing the emotions and feelings of the people suffering from his tyrannous rule.

Precap: The nurse tells jagiya that only two people were in ganga’s ward, last night, and they were the attending nurse and the wardboy, Ram Krishan. Jagiya immediately deduces that the wardboy is behind this. He asks lal singh to check outside the hospital while he checks inside. On the roof, the wardboy tells Ratan Singh that he has finished the work that he was supposed to, and that ganga is dead. Jagiya finds him on the roof, and seeing him, ram krishan jumps off from the roof and runs away, with jagiya chasing him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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