Balika Vadhu 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nurse shouting and asking watchman to catch the woman who is running from hospital. Anandi and Nimboli see Mangla trying to escape. Mangla runs and stops near the valley. She tells Nimboli that we will be together always and asks her not to worry. Watchman comes there and asks her politely to return with him to hospital. Mangla refuses and moves back. Watchman holds her on time to save her, but the doll falls from her hands. Mangla shouts Nimboli. Nimboli shouts Maa. Mangla looks at her and says you are not my Nimboli. She looks at the doll, pushes watchman and jumps in the valley. Nimboli shouts Maa. Anandi shouts Mangla ji. Mangla says Nimboli my daughter and falls down near the doll. She dies. Anandi is shocked to see her dying. Nimboli goes in a state of shock. Anandi cries.

Watchman is shocked too. Taari Maa plays…………

Mangla is brought for the last rites. Kamli and Pushkar rushes there and cry. Kamli hugs Mangla and cries. She runs to Nimboli and cries. Mangla and her doll is kept side by side. Pandit ji asks them to go agni. Kamli asks Nimboli to do her last rites and give agni. Nimboli refuses and says she will feel pain if I give her agni, and refuses to do so. Anandi explains to Nimboli that Mangla will not feel pain, but her soul will get peace. She says you are not part of her body, but you was connected to her through heart. She asks her to do this ritual and asks her to come. Nimboli cries and lights the pyre. She runs back to Anandi and cries badly. Later Nimboli reminisces Mangla singing lori. She recalls the love and adulation which she used to give her. She asks Anandi, if she has become star after death.

Anandi says we have to accept the truth, and shall recalls the memories attached with them. She says we can just give assurance to us that our loved one is fine. Nimboli says Disa have done wrong with us and had to go. She says if she had not lied to us, then this would not have happened. Anandi says we can’t change the past, and asks her to forgive Mangla. She asks her to remember the good moments with her and forget the rest, and says her soul will be at peace, and you can be happy. Nimboli says how can I be happy? Anandi asks her to forgive Mangla and see. Nimboli cries.

Harki informs Akhiraj that Mangla is dead. Akhiraj gets angry. Harki says Mangla’s last rites are done by the villagers. She says villagers came to you and requested you to pray for her soul’s peace. Akhiraj laughs. Harki says she was our enemy, but was bahu of our house. Akhiraj asks have you gone mad and says I am very much happy today. He holds her neck angrily and reminds that Mangla troubled them. Harki apologizes to him. Akhiraj says you have said right. Nimboli recalls about Mangla’s good deeds. She says you have given me love of a mum and thinks I would have forgiven you before then you would have been with me.

Kavita is kidnapped from Shiv Niketan on Akhiraj’s orders. Anandi comes to know that Mouni baba is getting Kavita married. Later Anandi and Nimboli see Harki in bridal attire as she walks with a group of women.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Story ka koi adi anant nahi… its like teaching students sentences first then words n then alphabets.. detective anandi hospital ka case solve ki nahi chali gayi mangla se milne somesh babu ka aadi hua na anant pol khuli na khel mangla ka daha sanskar ho gaya… in sab ke beech aa gayi kavita aur uski apaharan n harki aapne pati ka rodra roop ko bhul suhagan bani chali anandi ke samne ghoongat uthake apne pati ki nash karne… GOLMAL HAI BHAI SAB GOLMAL HAI…

    1. dolana…they are testing viewers memory. And I think, you are the only one to PASS the test. yaay.

      1. Aap ki memory ka kaam hai Shiv!!!! Me guru hun toh aap gurughantal… hehehe just kidding…

      2. I did learn bengali…here it goes “aamio tomaka bhalo baashi. joto tumi bhabte paro taar taeko baeshi”


    2. Dolana I suggest u write another Gopal Bhad I promise to read. I love to read ur comment than the serial, It is much more interesting than this GOLMAL

      1. So sweet of you Mani… sure I ll try writing if my lady hitler boss gives me my pen back… hehehe.. are u bengali ???

      2. Tell ur boss to water the plant and relax, we should water the plant but not interfere in the growth. I mean boss cant lock ur skill hehehehe …. Yes i am

      3. HUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAHHHHH!Hey SHIV I GOT ONE IN MY GROUP… MANI YOU ARE WELCOME HERE…SESH KORE EK JON Bangali friend pelam… shiv yekhane puro US ar HYDERABAD khule bose ache… shiv ka ab kya hoga!!!!! 🙂 shiv learn bengali… bengalis are know for abada ie khatti centre of attraction n discussions… I m so happy today… serial ka kuch bhi ho jaye par dosto ache mile yahan pe… Shiv u too are included in the list…. wish kalyani could come back..

      4. Na Mani se hitler er mummy… taar aamar sathe hi bodh basi.. kaaj thak le misti misti kotha bole ar kaaj na thak I m d worst… soti bolte gele tar sathe aamar kichu jaaye aasena… kothaye acche na chagole ki na khaye pagole ki na bole… chup chap kaaj kori badi te ese ghumie podi… tumi ki koro?? Kothay thako??? Tomar bhalo naam ki??

  2. sarayu (honey)

    guys, please comment.

  3. balika vadhu needs to end

  4. Today Mangla conveniently found a cliff to jump off. She might come back after the leap…you never know (just kidding)

    Anyway today ‘one chapter’ (of mangla) is closed. Next is Akhiraj, and I think they will bring him to justice in this week. They should also send Anandi back to her home (I don’t remember the city). I don’t care whether she is married to Ananth or not.

    And also Kamli to her house (her in-laws). Now that Pushkar is alright, he should be able to manage his property.

    And I think Balika Vadhu is like cancer, it will go away after lot of “thu thu” from viewers and comes back immediately after taking a LEAP.

    1. Lol….so shiv meeru Telugu vaalla?

      1. So…you haven’t read the reply I gave you on 31st. 🙂

        Yes, pakka teluge…hyderabad annaka telugu kakunda ela untanu? meerekkadunnaru?

      2. Yethare telegu shankhya badhi chaichi… baki sabu gale kuade????

      3. Yethare telegu shankhya badhi chalichi… baki sabu gale kuade????

      4. Yeah i didn’t read. Hyd annaka teluge anukondi but nowadays vere language vallu kuda settle avuthunnaru ga anduku adiganandi.Memu Telugu vallam mumbai lo untunnam.guntur vallam.

  5. Hey everyone..i am sathya…i never commented till date..i always used to read al ur comments…i think bv is going to end so i jus messaged to say hi to al of u..

  6. High hope sathya. BV is not ending, it will take another leap. Now we shd stop watching this serial

  7. yes it will not stop here is another leap and toral rasputra aka anandi gonna leave this serial and nimboli character played by Mahi vijj

  8. Uuuuurrrreee baba… yeh ki re!!!! Soti kare NAKUSHA LAGAN LAGI TUJHSE aka Mahi vijj hobe Nondini.. jaa baba ebaare soti kare lekh der moti goti bhromita hoye geche… ye baare serial soti kaare gangay dhoobki keye pran ti haarabe… bharatvarshe yeto sundor abhinetri der thak te thak te seshe MAHI VIJ.. AVIKA GOR ar PRATYUSHA anandir choritro ke je bhabe jibanto korte pe chilo se bhabe toral ko dino korte pareni ar mahi vij nondini choritra ke jibanto karte akham… maa rokha karo

    1. GOD save us,
      lekhak er moti goti bhromito hoye ni actually sob valo artist ra bore hoye geyeche ei dragging e tai …… abar new leap

      1. Notun adhaye toh thik aache kintu sai purono chehra!!!! Abhinay jibonto kore tolar khomota eder nai….

  9. Hi…I’m Uma from Malaysia.. I’ve stopped watching dis serial since episode 1219 since toral entered.. I kept on reading d written updated.. Now I’ve jaz noticed dis serial going to 2nd season from episode 2165! Grown up nanthini n shivam shown! Dadisha will died on episode 2160… Dats sad.. But y dis serial not ending?

    1. That’s a million dollar question that everybody has in their minds !!!

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