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Balika Vadhu 5th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Urmila coming to Kundan and sees marks on Kundan’s hands. She asks what happened to you. Kundan asks her not to worry and go from there. Harki brings water and asks him to drink. Disa asks Kamli to come fast. Harki asks where is she going? She asks where are you going? Disa tells Nimboli might be in some trouble. Harki says she herself is a trouble. Akhiraj comes and tells Harki that he is going to nearby villagers for election campaign. Disa tells him that Nimboli didn’t return home till now. Akhiraj tells she might be roaming with friends and taunts her. He says he will take her class once he comes back. He opens the door and sees Nimboli with Police Inspector. They are all shocked to see Nimboli’s condition. Nimboli calls Disa’s name and hugs her. She faints. Disa

asks what happened to my Nimboli. The Inspector asks them to take her inside. Akhiraj asks what happened to her and where did you get her. The Inspector says lets sit and talk. They make Nimboli rest on bed and asks her to wake up.

Kamli asks Chagani to bring water. Disa, Kamli and Urmila ask her to wake up. Kamli sees her gaining conscious and tells Disa. Harki sees her from far. Akhiraj calls Harki. She goes. The Inspector asks Akhiraj to take care of the girl and tells he managed to hide the matter. He says elections are ahead and asks him to keep his respect at home. He asks him to take care of needs and asks bribe. Harki asks what happened? Akhiraj asks Inspector to go out. He tells Harki that Kundan tried to rape Nimboli, but she didn’t understand what he tried to do. He asks her to hide Kundan somewhere until he comes back home. Kamli hears them talking and calls for Kundan asking him to come infront of him. Harki gets tensed and takes Kundan to her room. She slaps him hard and asks him to hide there itself until Akhiraj solves the matter. Kundan tells her that he don’t want to go to jail. Harki tells nothing will happen to you, as your parents are with you. She asks him to hide.

Kamli calls Disa and takes her to corner. She tells she knows the reason behind Nimboli’s reason. She tells Kundan tried to rape her. Disa gets shocked and shattered. Kamli cries and tells Akhiraj and Harki’s conversation. Disa gets angry and recalls the recent happenings. Disa asks where is Kundan? Kamli tells I couldn’t find him and searched entire house. Disa tells Harki must have hidden him. Urmila hears them and says my husband is a human or animal. She feels bad. Disa comes to Harki and asks where is Kundan. Harki tells I was doing work and I didn’t know. Disa says you will save your son this time to, and asks where is he? Harki tells I don’t know, why you are getting angry? My son didn’t do anything wrong, as Nimboli is his wife. Disa tells you snatched Nimboli’s sindoor and telling that she is his wife. She promises not to search him. She asks where is Kundan? Chagani informs Disa that Nimboli wake up and calling her.

Nimboli asks Disa to save her from Kundan. Disa makes her drink water. Nimboli tells she couldn’t drink as Kundan has beaten her. She takes Kanha ji’s promise and says she didn’t fight with him. She tells she was going to get tamarind for Urmila and Kundan offered to take her there. Disa asks what had happened? Nimboli tells everything and a flashback is shown. Disa is relieved that Nimboli was saved and Kundan failed in his motive. She thanks the God for protecting Nimboli’s respect. Urmila is shocked and hurt. Kamli asks did Kundan do something else? Nimboli says no. Disa tells her that everyone is animal in this jungle. Kamli asks her not to worry and says no one will do anything wrong with you. Disa hugs her and cries.

Urmila sees Harki spoon feeding food to Kundan while he is hidden in her room. Urmila comes and informs Disa that Kundan is hidden in Akhiraj and Harki’s room. Disa goes angrily towards Kundan, after asking Chagani to take care of Nimboli. Nimboli looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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