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Balika Vadhu 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Disa telling Nimboli that they have to leave for Mandi. Truck driver talks to his helper and says they will leave in 5 mins. Disa and Nimboli sit in the truck secretly. Anandi and Jagya are still searching for Nandini and Disa in the Sarora village. A song plays…………………They sleep in the truck. Anandi and Jagya come to Kakusaa’s house. Mama ji informs them that Mangla is his sister and came to stay in his house. He says she told that she is going to Pushkar. Jagya tells she will not go there and asks Disa’s brother to inform police if comes to know about her. Kakusaa’s son and daughter in law tell Kakusaa that Mangla was interested in kidnapping ransom money and that’s why refused to take her share in property. Kakusaa says Mangla’s care was genuine and


Nimboli asks Disa to take her home, and says she misses Kamli and Pushkar. Disa says I miss them very much, and tells those people are after you. She asks her to rest for sometime. Nimboli lie down in the grass to sleep, and gets hurt when the driver puts on the speed breaker. The driver and the helper hears her cries, and stop the truck. They find Disa and Nimboli sitting. The driver recalls Anandi showing their photos and asking him to inform police if they know anything. He asks who are you? Disa cooks up a fake story. The driver says I will drop you and asks for money when they get down. He says I will bring biscuit for you, and asks them to sit.

Jagya asks Anandi not to worry as all the police is searching them. He says I will drop you home first. Anandi refuses to go home before taking Nandini. Jagya gets a call from Inspector, and he informs that someone saw Nandini and Disa. They reach the Dhaba and was informed by the driver that they are in his truck. The helper sees them nowhere, and says truck is empty. Everyone is shocked. Police constable gets inside and searches for them. Inspector asks his constables to find them.

Jagya and Anandi try to enquire with the people there. Anandi cries for Nandini. Disa and Nimboli are seen running on the road. Nimboli says she can’t run and asks why did they run. Disa says they went to inform Police and tellss he heard them talking to Police. Nimboli tells her legs are paining much and she can’t walk more. Disa shows her temple and says we will get prasad for eating.

Kamli comes to Harki while she is busy in kitchen. She says you don’t expose Disa and Nimboli till now, even knowing about their whereabours. Harki says she don’t care for them. Chagani informs Kamli that her brother informed Mangla and Nimboli. She says MLA, Anandi and Jagya reached Kakusaa’s house and enquired about them. Kamli gets shocked. Anandi says I didn’t get my daughter even now. Jagya says we will make a new plan to get back Nandini. Anandi says I will not return until I get my daughter. She hears temple bell and sits in the car. Jagya drives the car and sees temple. Disa and Nimboli are in the temple. Nimboli asks Pandit ji to give prasad. Disa thinks where to hide Nimboli?

Jagya and Anandi come to the same temple where Disa and Nimboli came to hide from them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Funny

  2. Thank god there is a new precap finally! I doubt still our wait is not going to end so soon..! Well I think story line can go as anandi facing troubles moulding her Nandini and wanting to go back to disa

  3. Really disgusting yar… Its waste of time to see anymore if writers are again making anandi to lose nimboli… Writers plzzz patch them asap… Can’t wait anymore… Plzzzzzzzzzz

  4. enough…seriously! This is sad…bring them together!

  5. Upcoming story would be nimboli kinapped by goons, who was sent by akhiraj…

  6. Dragging, u writers have a beautiful story, BT it getting more boring by d day, plzzzz just end d show on a happy nore.

  7. Give back her daughter could not see her pain

  8. Dragging n dragging..I don’t want to waste 30 mins for nothing..5 mins of telly update is enough..its seems to be writers themselves don’t know what to do next..Balika Vadhu become samay ka Vadha 😛

  9. I only want to see mother and daughter getting united. Given up watching. Will read updates and watch only when they get together.

  10. Yeah just read here updates…. It feels less wastage of time

  11. My mom loves Balika Vadhu, so I watch along. But it is stretching the story a little too much. The same precap for days and days. Waste of time…

  12. Just west of time…givenup watching coz this chase is so so boar… I was thinking this daily soap is different but there is nothing left to watching i will just watch a precap

  13. Writrs of balika vadhu themselves dont know wat to do next the serial has bcome a big bore it should end same balika vadhu story repeating after anandi enf

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