Balika Vadhu 5th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 5th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 5th October 2013 Written Update

Ira is trying to make Sanchi eat the breakfast, but Sanchi doesn’t eat. Ira says, everything is your favorite. Sanchi says, nothing is my favorite anymore. I don’t want to eat. All other Shekars come there now. Mahi says, we have decided that we won’t eat anything if you don’t eat.. so we all came to you with our breakfast. Anandi says, little, but you will have to eat something with us. Ira tells Sanchi, everyone came here for you. Daddu tries to make Sanchi eat in his funny way, but Sanchi still doesn’t eat. Shiv puts his hand on Sanchi and leaves from there. Daddu still doesn’t give up and says a shayri to cheer Sanchi up. She finally gives a small smile. Everyone then feeds her, starting with Daddu. When Anandi comes, Sanchi says, no bhabhi.. I don’t

want to eat now.. I am full. She hugs Daddu and says, I am troubling you all a lot, right? Daddu says, not at all.. we all feel bad seeing you like this.. start going out.. if you don’t want to go out with others, then I am here.. daddu and granddaughter will go out.. I am still young. Sanchi smiles.

Ganga is ironing Jagya’s clothes. Jagya comes and asks, what are you doing? I would have given them to a laundryman. Ganga says, it’s not that.. Koyal bhabhi is not letting me to do any work.. so whatever I see, I start doing it. Jagya says, we can’t trouble Lal and Koyal more now.. we will shift to some other house after our marriage. Ganga looks at him. Jagya says, yes.. I talked to a priest.. we will get married properly in mandir tomorrow. Ganga says, but because of this one rishta.. .many other relationships will break.. this is not right. Jagya says, for me marriage was done when I filled your maang.. now I just want to complete other rituals so that you don’t shiver when putting sindhoor on your forehead. Now bapusa’s blessings are also with us. Ganga gets happy and says, you met him? Jagya says, he came to meet me and I said him everything.. including about our marriage tomorrow. And you know, he said whatever I did was right.. he hugged me and gave me blessings. Ganga now thinks of Sumi and says, she will never accept this rishta. Jagya says, no… It will take time, but everyone’s blessings will be with us.. and I am sure of that.

Bhairo is with his family members. Basant is telling him about some work in the evening. Bhairo says, navratri is going on.. the priest has called us to mandir tonight. Dadisa says, if we are called, then we will have to go.

Sanchi’s friends are at her house. Ira tells them, she is not in a good condition. We have to treat her like a child right now. Sanchi’s friends say how they called and Sanchi seemed tensed and refused to say anything. When they asked too much, sanchi finally said that Jagya broke the rishta. They ask the reason and when Ira tells them, they get angry. They go to meet Sanchi.

Shiv is talking on the phone with someone about getting some papers ready as he wants to see Jagya behind the bars. Anandi comes and asks with whom he was talking. Shiv says, with a lawyer.. I can’t forgive him for what he did. Anandi asks, what are you trying to do? Shiv says, I am going to file a case again him.. I won’t be relaxed until I see him getting punished for what he did. A tray drops from Anandi’s hand in a shock. She says, you can’t do this.. maa, bapusa, dadisa everyone will get so much hurt. Shiv says, what about our family getting hurt after what did? Anandi takes Jagya’s side and says, whatever happened was because of circumstances. Jagya can’t hurt anyone. Shiv asks her, how can you take his side? He first left you to go to Gauri, then he left to come back to you. Anandi says, I agree he made those mistakes but he learned from his mistakes. Shiv is still angry and cannot believe Anandi taking Jagya’s side. Anandi says, you’re not getting me.. I am not taking anyone’s side.. I am just trying to tell you whatever happened was because of circumstances. He did all this for Sanchi and both families. He thought Sanchi won’t be able to adjust in his house. Shiv says, and he realized that few days before marriage? and what he thought to do… come here and say no for the rishta. you can see how much our family got hurt because of his one ‘no’.. and you’re still worrying for him and his family? You really amaze me. Anandni cannot believe this.

Anandi says, I am worried for all of us.. both families are my own. Jagya never wanted to marry, but he said yes for both families happiness. He knew from before that him and Sanchi are very different. He still tried to change himself, but he couldn’t do it. Hearing Sanchi’s conversation is not only the reason.. before that too… Shiv cuts her off and says, what did he do? Sanchi made all efforts to change herself. You also said that. Anandi says, yes I said that because that time I thought Sanchi has changed. Shiv says, that time? What you mean? Are you trying to say that Sanchi was just acting? Anandi says, I can’t say that.. but many times I faced situations that stopped me from believing that Sanchi has really changed. I felt Sanchi is not as honest toward this relationship as what we thought. Shiv asks, why is that? Anandi says, there are many things. She tells him about Sanchi giving money to the priest to give fake engagement and wedding date. Shiv is shocked!!! He says, if it’s true, then why didn’t you tell anyone? You could have told me. Anandi says, I thought to tell you, but Sanchi is my own just like you. I wanted to give her another chance. Shiv says, I want to ask you something and I hope you will answer with full honesty. He asks, what do you think… who was better choice for Jagdish? Sanchi or Ganga? Anandi is quiet. Shiv says, answer me. Anandi says, I have said this from the start that Sanchi is not the right choice for Jagya and his family. Shiv says, our discussion and your answer mean that you have always thought that Ganga is better choice for Jagya. Like you said that Sanchi’s approaches weren’t proper and her giving money to the priest confirmed that to you. You also knew how much Sanchi loved Jagya. But you still chose to stay quiet instead telling this to everyone. Why, anandi? Why did you do this? So our family gets insulted like this or for Sanchi to get on that level from where if rishta breaks, then she breaks down completely. Maybe mum was right.. if you wanted, then you could have stopped all this from happening. But because of some reason, you stayed quiet and kept watching all this drama. Anandi tries to talk to him, but he leaves from there now. Screen freezes on Anandi’s crying face.

Voiceover: Many times, even matured and sensible person doesn’t go deep to find out the truth, and hurt his own relationships. This all can be avoided with a calm mind.

Precap: Same as before… Ganga and Jagya getting married in mandir in presence of Jagya’s family, and Sanchi cutting her wrist saying jagya just saw her love, now he will see her junoon.. craziness.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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