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Balika Vadhu 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok saying he felt bad about what had happened after Anoop coming back home. He says I already warned you. Anandi looks on. He says you don’t have to change your thinking. Anandi says I am very lucky as you thinks so much about me. Anoop was doing it for NGO’s betterment, but I can’t think like a business woman. He blesses her and leaves. Anandi looks at Shiv.

Nandu is at bus station and looks for Niranjan. Some goon identify him and tells to other goons that he is badi haveli’s son. Other goon says we will kidnap him and asks for ransom. He sees someone and assumes him to be Niranjan, but gets disappointed when he sees someone else.


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Dadisaa asks Gehna not to get sad. She asks why did you ask him to leave this haveli. Gehna says I asked Nandu not to go to him. Jagya calls Police and asks him to search for Nandu. Dadisaa asks why didn’t you think about Nandu. Gehna cries. Ganga and Jagya console her.

Those goons tell Nandu that he boarded the bus. Nandu says how I will reach him now. They promise to take him to Niranjan. Nandu leaves with the goons. Niranjan sees Nandu with the goons. Nandu sees him and shouts. Niranjan runs after the jeep. He throws the stone on it. The goons stop the jeep. Niranjan beats them and saves Nandu. Police arrives at the scene and arrests the goons. Nandu hugs Niranjan and cries.

Dadisaa tells Gehna that Niranjan called and told that Nandu is with him. Jagya and Ganga come home. Nandu comes home running and hugs Gehna. Gehna cries. Nandu also cries and apologizes to her. Niranjan comes. They look at him. Dadisaa thanks Niranjan for saving Nandu. Niranjan says I have just brought him home. Jagya says Inspector told us everything that some goons was forcibly taking Nandu and you saved him. Gehna looks shocked. Niranjan says I shall leave now. He starts leaving. Nandu hugs and tries to stop him while crying.

Niranjan tries to explain him, but in vain. Nandu asks Gehna to stop Niranjan. He cries badly. Gehna holds Nandu’s hand to stop him. Nandu asks her to leave his hand. Niranjan looks back and picks his hand bag. Gehna calls Niranjan’s name and asks him not to go. Everyone look at her. Niranjan looks at them. She asks him to stay for Nandu. Nandu cries and runs to hug Niranjan. Everyone is happy.

Anoop is in dilemma and thinks to talk to Daddu about his property share. He goes to the study and sees Alok with Daddu. Daddu asks him to come in and says they were discussing about politics. Anoop asks him to finish the discussion with Alok and says he will wait until he gets free.

Daddu tells Alok that he will talk to Anoop and come back. Anoop thinks everyone thought him as a fool. Daddu comes. Anoop tells him that he is searching for a job since long, but couldn’t find any. Then I realised to start my own business. Daddu says good decision and asks what type of business he wants to do. Anoop says it depends on you. It is not easy to start business in today’s times. I talked to my friends as well, but they aren’t ready to invest. I am thinking what to do.

He says I recalled that you helped Alok Bhaiyya with his business and asks will you help me. Daddu says ok and asks how much money is needed. Anoop says I don’t know exactly and that’s why I needs a share in my property. Daddu gets shocked and angry.

Subhadra tells Anoop that you got a chance to prove yourself. Everyone will forget and praise you once you establish your business.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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