Balika Vadhu 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish seeing Nandini sad in the car while they are going to their home after marriage. Krish starts sneezes and says he is allergic if someone cries. Nandini smiles. Krish says I have to do this stupid things to make you smile, and says wife saa. Nandini hugs him. Krish says two persons are important for me, mom and you. I am very happy to get you, but gets angry on myself as I haven’t supported mom when she wanted to marry someone. He says you made everything fine and got me closer to mom. Nandini says it is good that you realized. Krish says my mom have sacrificed so much for me and sent me to US for higher studies, her love is unconditional. Nandini says I can understand, mum’s love is always unconditional. Krish asks her to promise that she will love his mum like she loves

her own mum. Nandini smiles. Krish says home came, you talk so much. Krish and Nandini gets down the car….Karuna smiles looking at them. She tells Krish that Abhayram is happy with your marriage and have done the arrangement at a short notice. She says I will bring pooja thali.

Abhayram comes out. Nandini recalls seeing him in the auto and his misbehavior. Abhayram brings it and gives to Karuna. She does their aarti. Abhayram says it seems new bride doesn’t like our house. Nandini says it is not like that. Krish says he is Abhayram ji. Nandini bends down to touch his feet. Abhayram holds her hand, and says bride’s place is on forehead and is about to hug her. Nandini resists. Abhayram says it seems she is shy, I will hug Krish. He tells Krish that what he said, that if we love someone then nothing can stop them from achieving it, and says whoever goes will return in new avatar. He says this house is new for Nandini and says you are welcome in this house. Nandini looks surprised. Abhayram keeps his hand on Nandini’s shoulder. Krish signs Nandini that it is okay. Nandini kicks the kalash and looks at the house. She is about to step inside.

Abhayram thinks of throwing nails in the flowers. Nandini shout as the nail pierced in her foot. Krish takes it out from her leg and lifts her in his arms. Nandini says Krish and smiles. Krish walks on the flowers. Abhayram fills Karuna’s ears against Nandini and asks her to be beware. Nandini gives shagun thaali to Karuna and it slips. Abhayram says it seems mother in law and daughter in law will begin. He asks Krish, he will support whom? Krish says Nandini and Mom will mingle well. Abhayram thinks he has to separate the love birds. He asks Krish to sit with him for sometime. Karuna thinks about Nani’s words and gets tensed. She puts milk in the glass. He says you are happy today becoming saas, and hugs her. He adds tablet in the milk very cleverly. Krish thinks how to enter in room? He wears kurta.

Karuna comes and gives him milk. Krish says it is so outdated, but finishes it fast. Karuna says you are eager to meet her, I know. She goes. Abhayram/Kundan smirks. Krish enters room and sees Nandini…smilingly. He closes the door, sits on bed and says finally you are mine. I would be more happy if you put your veil like 70’s heroine. Nandini wears her veil. Krish looks at her lovingly….Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………………He kisses on her hand. He is about to lift her ghunghat but falls down unconscious. Nandini calls Krish…and sprinkle water on his face.

Shankar/Shivam is brought to hospital in an injured state. Dr. Amit attends him and asks what happened? Shivam says my sister..Shivam tells something shocking Dr. Amit. Abhayram calls Nandini and says I am your husband Kundan. Nandini asks him to come infront of her. He enters her room angrily and asks her to turn. Nandini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why kundan not understand anandi and her daughter situation… in past…????
    why harki is not duscuss about anandi, nandini past(what happened in past)…?? atlast she is realized its seems good… but truth should be reaveled ..but harki not doing!!!! it’s results current kundan revange drama…??

    kundan is there but where is kamli, pushkar…????

  2. i hate balika vadhu ise kitne saal ho gye h i think ab to ye band ho jana chaiye

  3. Stop this serial,It has outlived itself. Nandini is a bore with wooden expression.They are going the Bold and Beautiful way Son marrying the mother in law type.How disgusting.If you have nothing more to preach about child marriage exit gracefully. Colours shud not be proud of the thrah they are showing in all their daily soaps.

  4. tired of it now .. way back it was such a nice serial with lot of sense and reality towards social problems .. let it end on high note y u people make it as nonsense as other serials

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