Balika Vadhu 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratan Singh death. He dies after meeting Mannu. Mannu is in shock and asks Ganga, what happened to him. Ganga asks him to go out and says it is an emergency. Ratan Singh’s mum asks why you are going after seeing your son. She checks his pulse and looks on sadly. He recalls meeting Ratan Singh. Ganga comes out. Mannu asks what has happened to him? Ganga asks him to go home and not think anything. She makes him sit in the car and asks him to go home. Mannu asks is he fine? Ganga says unfortunately he is no more. Mannu asks why that lady said, why did you go after seeing your child. What does she mean? Ganga says nothing. Mannu is in shock.

Kundan tells his friend that he respects his father more now, after he killed Gopal. He says he will become like his father. His friend

says you can’t go close to your wife. Kundan says Akhiraj asks him to stay away from Nimboli. His friend asks him to act as loving her and win her trust. Kundan agrees.

Akhiraj and Harki come to Pushkar’s home. His dad asks how dare you to come to my house. Akhiraj says he came to for his daughter and also to apologize to them. Pushkar’s dad says we have nothing to do with you and asks him to go back. Akhiraj says I needs 5 mins to explain my talk. He folds his hand and requests them to agree. Pushkar holds Akhiraj’s hand and take him inside the house. He shows the things in the house. Pushkar’s dad scolds him and asks him to go inside. Pushkar cries.

Pushkar’s mum asks her husband to listen to Akhiraj and Harki once. She calls the servant and asks him to take Pushkar for playing. Pushkar’s dad gives 5 mins to Akhiraj. Akhiraj says we were not aware about the happenings. He says I got my daughter back. He requests him to think about the alliance again. Pushkar’s dad refuses instantly and says he can’t get a girl married who spent a night with the boy. Harki says I talked to Kamli and she said that nothing has happened between them.

Akhiraj says my daughter is pure as before. Pushkar’s dad says he won’t accept it. Akhiraj says if my daughter doesn’t marry, then your son also will not get a girl as he is mad. Pushkar’s mum asks her husband to think with calm mind. She says no one will give us a girl like Kamli. Pushkar’s dad says shall I agree for the alliance. She says yes for Pushkar’s betterment.

Jagya is talking to Dadisaa about Mannu. Mannu comes. Everyone wishes him happy birthday. Mannu thanks everyone. Pooja says we were waiting for you since long. Dadisaa asks him to come and make him sit with her. She asks about the hospital tour. Mannu tells about Ratan’s strange behavior. Jagya asks what? Mannu says he asked me to make him eat sweets with my hand, then he gave me his gold chain. Anandi, Jagya and Dadisaa realize that Mannu is talking about Ratan Singh. Mannu says he hug me tightly. His name was Ratan Singh. Dadisaa says his name is Ratan Singh, and not was. Mannu says he is no more. Everyone is shocked. Mannu tells that he died infront of him. Everyone is shocked. Mannu asks why people are shocked. He says Ganga was crying in the hospital. He says if we know him. Dadisaa says no. Anandi and Jagya stays silent. Jagya asks Dadisaa to come with him to the hospital. Mannu asks Jagya to bring Ganga and then only he will cut cake. He looks on as they leave.

Pushkar’s dad says that his wife have accepted Kamli as her daughter in law. Harki thanks them. Pushkar’s dad asks Akhiraj to bear the marriage expenses and 100 tolas gold. Akhiraj and Harki are shocked.

Ganga brings Mannu to the crematorium ground and asks him to give fire to Ratan Singh’s body. Mannu asks why. Ganga tells that he is his father and her first husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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