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Balika Vadhu 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam about to steal a car and thinks thief’s work is very difficult. Sudha is walking on the road. Some goons follow her. Sudha runs to save her life. Shivam manages to get inside the car. The goons come infront of Sudha. Sudha says I am Rudaali. The goons ask if someone died. Sudha says yes. The goons ask her to cry. Shivam comes there in stolen car and asks the goons to let the girl go. The goons ask him to go, but seeing Shivam taking out pistol, they leave. Sudha thanks him. Shivam asks did anyone die? Sudha nods yes. Shivam says I will drop you. Abhayram is leaving from the house. Karuna asks where you are going? Abhayram says he is going for urgent work and will come after 2-3 days. Karuna asks why sudden work? Abhayram says work comes suddenly. Triveni tells Karuna

that Abhayram went following Nandini. Karuna is shocked. Triveni asks Karuna to be careful. Karuna is shocked.

Abhayram is in the car and thinks about Nandini telling him that she is going to spend night with her husband. Abhayram says you are just mine Nandini and drives the car madly. Nandini apologizes to Krish and asks what to do to cheer him up. Krish asks her to think. Nandini says I have passed all my exams with distinction and will not fail in this one too. Abhayram is driving car fast. He thinks Nandini is hiding from me, but I am her reflection. I will reach, wherever she goes. He says only I have the right on you. I won’t let anyone have right on you. Nandini takes Krish near the pool side while blind folding him. He opens the blind fold and sees her dancing on the song Sun Saathiya….He smiles…looking at Nandini sensual dance. Krish also dances with her. He takes her to bed…..and looks romantically.

Shivam drops Sudha to the dead person’s house. Someone asks Sudha to come inside and calls her Rudaali. Sudha gets shocked seeing the dead person. The woman asks her to start her work. Sudha asks what? Woman says she is coming and asks her to do the work. Woman asks her to start crying and do rituals so that their son can get mukti. Sudha looks at the dead man’s wife who is sitting as a bride.

She thinks about Premal’s words and recalls him telling her that she can become a big Rudaali. She sits down and breaks the woman’s bangles and wipes her sindoor from her maang. Woman cries. Sudha cries miserably ( as if she lost her husband).

Abhayram comes to Nandini and KRish’s room straightly and sees them sleeping. He says Nandini, you have done a big mistake by becoming Krish. Now Krish have to suffer with you. He angrily goes out and burns the haveli. Nandini gets up as she gets the burning smell. She gets shocked and wakes up Krish. Krish wakes up and is shocked too….Krish asks Nandini to come. They try to open the door, but it is locked from outside. Krish and Nandini ask for help. Abhayram is seen holding the firewood and says I won’t let you die so easily Nandini. He says I have nothing to do with Krish. I want to see you in pain, and it is my motive. Nandini and Krish knock on the door. Abhayram fumes in anger.

Nandini and Krish knock on the door. Krish says nothing will happen to us and tries to break open the window and shouts. Nandini shouts Krish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Balika vadhu is going to end… the last episode is 31 July..
    Will see?

  2. Thank God

  3. Atleast the makers should have retained the rest of dadisaa’s family & made the show more sensible.

  4. At last good decision to end the show.They should unite Shiva,nandini,dadisa and other family members and makers should give sensible end.

  5. Smriti tyagi

    Good news if it really ends all family
    Members were omitted no realistic story why the children not go back to Havelock IMO

  6. Nandini seems to have a mental block, otherwise why would she protect Kundan to this extent and not tell his identity and motive to her loving husband. Wish her character was developed in a better way, and not in this bottled up manner, where she can not choose the right from wrong and is dancing as a pawn in hands of Kundan.

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