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Balika Vadhu 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subhadra coming to Ganga. She asks can I come in. Ganga says yes. Subhadra sees the baby and asks whats going on here. She talks well with love to the baby and says he went on you. Ganga smiles. Subhadra talks to her sweetly and Ganga praises Jagya, and says we are equal. Subhadra says I don’t agree, all five fingers are not same, see Shiv and Anandi, Anandi is more strong, strong willed, Shiv somewhat else, see Anandi freed him from Rasika. Ganga says yes, everyone praises Anandi, I learnt her a lot from her. Subhadra says you might have learnt about Jagdish too from her, as they were husband and wife. Ganga says they have moved one and I did not see them looking back in past. Subhadra says yes, no one knew this, but she has adapted our family well, she won everyone’s heart,

everyone takes her name.

Subhadra asks do you not find bad if she comes here, as Jagya was her first husband. Ganga is miffed but smiles, she says its nothing like that, she is my best friend, why would I be troubled. Subhadra says yes, you have to name her as friend if these relations are so complicated. Jagya comes and sees them talking. Ganga leaves. Subhadra says I was telling Ganga that he went on her. Jagya says everyone says he went on me, you are first one to say this. He calls her Badi Bua ji. She says you called me as Anandi calls me, same love, tell me one thing, when you are not near Ganga, do you think of Anandi. He says never, why. She says I m asking as its hard to leave old relations, if they were special relations.

She asks do you feel anything for Anandi. Ganga walks in. Jagya says Anandi is special to me, my life is stable because of her, when I hear her name, I respect her, nothing else. He says we are happy with our lives and with each others too. Subhadra says great and talks to the baby. She says tata bye bye, be happy, I will come tomorrow. She asks them to sleep now and leaves. Jagya and Ganga look at each other. Its morning, At the Nitya Mandal, a girl dances and her parents smile seeing her. Maare havde me……….. plays…………..Anandi looks on. Morni baage me…………… The parents praise Pramila for this confidence on their daughter.

Pramila says no, its her hardwork, I have just trained her. The girl’s mum says she is earning now and taking care of family’s expenses, all thanks to Pramila. Everyone clap for the girl. Anandi says you dance very well. She gets Vimla’s call and says I m reaching. She says Pramila that she has to go office and leave now. She says I came to deliver the dresses, but I m glad to come, as I got to see this beautiful dance and know your efforts, my best wishes are with you, tell me if I can help you. Pramila thanks her for coming and gives her money for costumes.

Anandi says you can give later. Pramila says I have some rules, to not keep loans. Anandi smiles and takes it thanking her. She greets her and leaves. Pramila says she will use Anandi later, if she can spend some money to take Anandi in her side, as Anandi is Collector’s wife, then its not a loss. Dadisaa comes to Subhadra and sees her seeing Meri Aashiqui tumse hi show. Dadisaa says I came to tell you to have this medicine. Subhadra says why did you come. Dadisaa says I have decided, I will give you medicines always, all times in a day. Subhadra says this is very bitter medicines. Dadisaa says so what, bitter ones are effective, I brought sugar for you. Subhadra says wait till this program ends, I will eat it later. Dadisaa keeps it on the bed and leaves.

Subhadra does not eat the medicines and makes faces seeing it. Saachi thinks about Vivek’s words and says what did Vivek say yesterday night, what happened to him. She gets her friend Payal’s call. Payal asks her to come and meet. Saachi says even I m missing you. Payal says come my home, it’s a small get together. Saachi says I have some work at home. I m married so have to do, ok I will come and do this work tomorrow, see you. She says I will tell Vivek, but he has hearings, I will get ready and then tell him. Subhadra comes out of her room and looks around.

Dadisaa comes to her and sees her medicines all in the plate. Subhadra smiles and says water, I came here to take water from kitchen. Dadisaa says I said its my responsibility to make you eat this, come with me, I will give water and make you eat.

Pramila talks to police and says you can’t raid here, what will you get here, these people are jealous of us, but I m not afraid, I know my rights and I won’t let you go in, The inspector says we have official orders, you can’t stop us, else I will arrest you. Pramila calls Anandi. Anandi comes there and Pramila asks her support. Pramila asks Anandi to say does she do any wrong work inside, are they criminals. Anandi says I know Pramila and this academy. The inspector says I was doing my duty. Shiv comes there and Anandi is shocked seeing him.

When someone does not know the truth, even good people stand to support the wrong.

Saurabh keeps a wine bottle in Saachi’s cupboard and plans to make Vivek see it after dinner. Vivek sees the wine bottle. Sanchi says how did this bottle come in my wardrobe.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What kind of a horrible women is Saurab’s mom encouraging him to misbehave with her Bahu .who the hell is writing these serials considering all the rapes that are going on in India and here you have a mother -in-law who has a daughter of her own encouraging her son to misbehave with his Bhabhi.With horrible story lines like this no wonder there is such violent things happening to women in India. Gutter mentality of the script writer.

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