Balika Vadhu 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Constable telling Akhiraj that Inspector wants to talk to him. Akhiraj gets scared and thinks Inspector might identify him. Inspector asks him about local goon mangal. Akhiraj acts as dumb and deaf. Inspector leaves. Akhiraj thinks he has to change his get up/clothes. He recalls seeing a man dead in the desert. He gets an idea and makes the dead body wears his coat so that Jagya gets mistaken. He smirks. Fb ends. Anandi asks Nimboli to have food. Nimboli insists to meet her mum. Dadisaa asks her to stop being stubborn and sit and eat roti. She says you will eat all food and then you can get up. Nimboli throws the plate and refuses to eat anything. She says you got angry at my mum and now on me. I don’t want to stay here. Anandi says she is badi nani saa of yours and says

we didn’t send Mangla. She asks her to go to her room and sit. She says don’t come out of room till I ask you. Nimboli says you are really bad and is bad chudail. Akhiraj steals someone clothes and thinks he needs the clothes at the most.

Nimboli thinks their love is all fake as she is no one for them. Anandi asks her to open the door and apologizes for scolding her. She asks her to open the door. Dadisaa also comes and asks her to open the door. She apologizes to her and says we will go to market to buy your favorite stuff. Nimboli says I don’t want anything and asks them to go from there. Dadisaa says we shall leave her for sometime. Dadisaa asks Anandi to come to Shiv Niketan. Nimboli says I don’t want to stay with this bad persons and says she will go away from them.

Akhiraj comes to the market wearing a shirt and looks himself in the mirror. He thinks even he couldn’t identify his face, then how others will identify him. He laughs. He sees Kachoris and thinks he is hungry. He don’t have money. He thinks to do something. He goes to the shop and asks him to parcel 4 dozen kachoris. The man says I will make kachoris. Just then Akhiraj steals the kachoris and runs from there while the shop keeper and the fellow shop keepers follow him. He hides somewhere.

He sees a magician showing magic and looks surprisingly. He gets happy and gets an idea. Mangla misses Nimboli and looks at her clothes. Maa song plays………………She recalls her moments with her and a fb is shown.

Nimboli runs from home and walks on the road. A goon follows her seeing her walking on road at late night. Nimboli runs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dr Anoop Sandhu

    Getting extremely boring.End Akhiraj chapter and tell Nimoli about her real mother.Then carry farward the story.Right now it already had streched streched too much.
    Dr Anoop Sandhu

    1. Actually serial title should be AUDIENCE VADH.

      1. pls stop showing negative things …its enough doesnt means that if you have contracts with actors ,so you can extend to any extreme…viewers are not so foolish…you will loose your TRP.mind it..

  2. If they don’t stretch, they will not be able to continue this until 2020 and beyond to the eternity. I think they should stretch this even longer. Akhiraj’s single track should continue…doing his small thefts…just with no cause.

    And Nimboli kidnapped and taken to somewhere else start new track there.

    And Shivam should run away from the house…that’s again a new track there.

    And Anandi should be in search for both the kids, learning karate…or even better become sanyasi.

    Stupid story.

    1. Funny to read ur comments

  3. Irritating

  4. Its truly getting boring, why thw hell Akhiraj has to appear again to stretch the play, And why on most of Indian plays, the wicked persons are shown as the winners, disgusting, how one watches the bunch of garbage….

  5. Getting bored, not at all interesting, let the truth come into picture.

  6. Y this actors are wasting time in this show?? … Foolish people and director…

  7. O please, stop this nonsense. Finish the serial as soon as possible and show something which make sense.

  8. Shobha garrett

    So I’m thinking that Akhriaj idea will be to disguise himself as a magician! He will then go to his home in Jhagra. Pushkar will see him and say to Kamli (in his cute simple way) “oh Kamli, please let’s go watch the Magician. And then etc etc etc

  9. And you think Akhiraj will become Magician just like that…well it could happen, who knows.

  10. Directors play with viewers patience!! leave stupid serial..the initial charming goes away.. headache,this leads worst…….

  11. This serial is becoming very boring I can’t understand how Dadisaa n Anandi scold Nimboli instead of loving, entertaining n diverting her mind from Mangla. I think Anandi lost her talents sharp mind with Shiv. I don’t think she will her daughter back.Hope Nimboli will not get kadnapped.Hope she will unite with her family.

  12. when will something new and interesting be aired this is so repetitive and boring.

  13. Make room for new stories end this show. And sasural bhooto ka. Its been on for to long. Reminds me of sass be kabhi bahu thi that went on for like four years.

    1. Balika vadhu 7 yrs…. And stil running

  14. Very boring and dragging. How cab anandi and dadisa leave this golden chance to divert nimboli and tell truth to her by showing some evidence.

  15. After 2 to 3 hundred episodes anandi will wakeup from bed and tell shiv i got bad dream in yesterday.

    1. Sleeping or coma 😀
      Literally giving us coma …..

  16. We are so bored, that not even intetested in looking at its preview/adv/any thing of such kind. Due to this serial we stopped switching to Colors channel.

  17. In dis serial most villians becomes good so do akhiraj! Hopefully..

  18. well there is an excuse for Nimboli rudeness considering her past and
    damaged childhood but whats Shivam excuse they are about two of the worst behave kids on tv.

  19. Writer only aim is to drag as much as possible and get the award ‘the only serial which playing for a decade’ good luck keeeeep draggggggggggggiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg.

  20. Shobha garrett

    I am anxiously waiting to see what Monday’s episodes brings. I live in the USA so I always find myself getting the written episode before I actually watch the show. Please please keep these written updates going. As I have said before, more enjoyable than the actual show.

  21. Forecasting future episodes of year 2020
    1. Mangla dies while saving Nimboli from Akhiraj. Everyone is teary eyed and forgives Mangla.
    2. Nimboli becomes mom, and she has a daughter who is missing in mela.
    2. Old woman is still alive and still matriarch of family.
    3. Anandi gets married to Dr Anant. Dr Anant dies and she gets married fourth time.
    4. Jagya gets married again.

    Stupid serial and its brain dead script writers

    1. & in all these .. Anandi cud never tell nimboli that she is her real mom 🙂 🙂

  22. I think Balika Vadhu should also be given an abrupt end for fooling audieces like Jodha Akbar . Instead of airing this useless Balika Vadhu.. I wud recomend Colors to bring back Jodha Akbar & continue taht one. Jodha akbar was on full swing & suddenly that got stoped. Instead this useless Balika Vadhu shud be stopped.

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