Balika Vadhu 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu’s part from the combined episode with SSK Mahashivrathi special:

The Episode starts with Anandi coming to the temple and recalls Mangla’s harsh words. She thinks I can’t hide the truth anymore, and I have to tell Nimboli that I am her real mum. She comes inside the temple and rings the temple bell. She prays to God and says she came with a hope, and asks him not to be strict with her and hear her prayers. Pandit ji recites some mantras and askd Simar to come forward and do the puja. He says your plate is not having datura and asks her to bring it. Simar says it will take time. Anandi gives her datura’s from her plate, and says I forgot to bring beetal leaves. Simar gives her. Pandit ji asks them to do the puja together. Anandi and Simar agrees. Pandit ji says

today is the very auspicious day, and tells that their wishes will fulfill today. Simar and Anandi smiles. Pandit ties thread on their hand. They do the puja together. Simar prays for her family’s safety. Anandi prays to get her daughter.

Pandit ji tells them to do God’s Abhishek with milk. Just then they hear a girl asking for food. Anandi and Simar stops hearing the poor girl. Pandit ji asks why did they stop? Anandi says that girl needs milk more than this puja. Simar agrees with Anandi, and tells Pandit ji that people don’t understand this. Anandi tells Pandit ji that God Shiv will not get angry if they give milk to a hungry girl. Simar and Anandi apologizes to God and says it is his wish. They go to the girl and give her milk. Girl smiles drinking milk. Simar says this is true puja. Anandi says I am a mum and can’t see any kid crying. Simar says it seems your daughter isn’t with you, and asks her to have strength. Girl blesses them. Anandi and Simar smiles. They turn and see the girl missing. Simar says where did that girl go? Anandi says I felt that….she says something is strange. Simar says that girl came to take our test and blessed us. Anandi says kids are God’s avatar.
Anandi and Simar wish each other best.

Harki makes halwa and thinks nobody will know about it. Nimboli wakes up hearing the smell. Mangla asks what happened? Nimboli says some smell is coming? Mangla says it is Suji halwa’s smell coming from our house. Nimboli says Kamli must be cooking. Kamli comes. Mangla asks did you make halwa? Kamli says no. She opens the kitchen door and finds Harki making halwa. Kamli wonders why she is making halwa, and says I will ask her. Mangla says she might want to eat it and asks her not to ask her. Harki says there is something else for sure. Mangla says you are doubting her unneccessarily and asks her to come. Harki thinks to go and give him halwa. Nimboli silently enters the kitchen and sees Harki garnishing halwa with cardamom and gets suspicious. She recalls Akhiraj liking cardamom in halwa and wonders why did she put cardamom in it. She questions Harki. Harki gets shocked and says she is making it for Kundan. Kundan comes and hears her. Harki says I made this for Kundan.

Mangla also comes and takes Nimboli with her. Kundan asks if you made this for me, but why did you added cardamom in it. He is about to take the tiffin, but Harki stops him. She says she will give him less quantity and says she made this halwa for mouni baba. Kundan questions her and asks why did you make halwa for him. Harki gets angry and says he is like your dad. Kundan says he is not like my dad, and goes angrily. Harki wishes she could tell Kundan about him. She comes to Akhiraj and smiles seeing him. Akhiraj is giving pravachan to the villagers. Harki shows the tiffin. Villager says you have much gyaan and asks why his name is Mouni baba. Akhiraj says he was given different names by different people and asks them to call him Anand. Everyone calls Anand baba. Harki gives him tiffin. Akhiraj holds her hand. Deenu gets suspicious and asks Harki to go back to her place and sit. Harki goes back and sit.

Deenu asks Akhiraj if he shall get the halwa distributed among the bhakts. He says no. He says only I will eat it. Later Akhiraj eats the halwa made by Harki. Deenu asks why he is having halwa with wine. Akhiraj says it is very precious to me and very tasty too. Deenu says something is there for sure and says this woman’s story is something else. He says this woman stares at you and smiles, it seems she has lost her heart. He says all my bhakts smile looking at me, and scolds Deenu. Deenu cries and apologizes. He asks him to bring something spicy for him. Deenu says okay and goes. Akhiraj thinks he has to do something, as this talk will be known to all.

Akhiraj comes to drop Harki home and hugs her. Nimboli sees Harki hugging him and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s Episode –
    Cutting all the crap, Harki feeds Akhiraj the halwa she is making since last 2 days.

    1. Shiv aap ne shayad dhayan se dekha nahi…. kali halwa banne ke baad safed ban gayi….. kali se safed banane ke liye do din toh lagna hi tha….

  2. Akiraj will immediately plan to kill Nimboli without waiting as she saw him hugging.
    We need to wait few months to make others know that Baba is Akiraj. Story has to b prolonged. I dont think Anandi will get a chance to tell that she is her mom. I think that will be the end. It means yrs has to pass

  3. Anandi wants to tell Nimboli the truth. Now that will take 50 episodes, won’t it? Or even more.

    1. Nope sanju it will not take 50 episodes rather it will take a leap of 10yrs…. n anandi n anant romancing in US or Switzerland n nimboli romancing a hardcore criminal… else how will d serial show whats d after effects of being a balika vadhu n mahaan anandi’s failure in saving her own daughter… dekhte jao aage kya hota hai

  4. At last anandi takes good decision.
    All upcoming situations are helpful to anandi .
    But all people knows about akhiraj is still alive,that scenes turns interesting because akhiraj kidnaps nimboli..truth will come from him side only…when it will be happens..?

  5. And the foolish writer keeps on writing unnecessary and funny episodes. Must be S.Kapoor’s relative!!!

  6. This time mangla will say today temperature is more.we might get rain.pls go jaithsar.anandi will go by car.

  7. The message was good. Feed the poor and hungry.
    But they could have used a few drops of milk for the abhishek as token offering instead of abandoning the pooja altogether. They can afford to buy the girl milk and fruits and also they could have given her an opportunity to stop begging.
    Nimboli’s life is thrilling watching things like Harki romancing a bespactacled stranger. She will tell this to Mangala and how Mangala will react? Let Harki enjoy life. Haha.
    Happy to see many comments.

    1. They didn’t bought another pot of milk because THAT is the message “feed the poor because they need food more than God”. And lastly the girl disappeared because they wanted to show that the girl is avatar of God; if people will think we are feeding God in avatar of kids, then only many people will feed them.

      1. You guys are cool!!!

        Out of so many negative things and a whole lot of dragging, you are are searching for a message….really?

        It’s like searching a needle out of a hey stack. Well, if that’s what you are seeking…good for you. I watch it for entertainment. 🙂

  8. What will Akhiraj n Harki romance lead to. Anandi you got aashirwad 2nd time in mandir first time you wasted it because you don’t have courage on other hand Chakor got what she wanted she is able to bring her mom’s mental balance due to strong will to treat her , plz Anandi be strong use your brain understand Mangla don’t belive her blindly n inform Nimboli that she is Nandini n take her jaitsar. Plz don’t waste this ashirvaad.

    1. One more baby :).

      1. Yup another baby girl who will romance with bideshi boy amol or shivam… 😛

  9. Kundan’s hard hit with a copper pot brought Puskar to his senses. These aashirwads won’t help Anandi, somebody needs to take help of a bigger copper pot.

    1. That bigger pot won’t help anandi… she will wake up after nimboli grows up gets married n mangala plays with nimboli’s child… 😛

  10. Shiv I agree with you

  11. Coming episodes will show harki blessed with another daughter n a great leap takes where in all children are grown up … anandi n dr anant married n blessed with a child n returning bck to india after long years n nimboli married with a diehard criminal chosen by her dearest mother mangala or due to conspiracy done by kundan n akhiraj .. the episodes will show how nimboli suffers n anandi still getting scared of mangala n doesnt reveals truth n all advice anandi to forget nimboli as she has forgotten amol dadu iraa menu alok n shiv’s other family members…. wow BV writters too are following d footsteps of MATA EKTA KAPOOR…. KINDLY END D SERIAL COLORS….

  12. Anandi again started making rounds of temples. But god should not listen to her. He or she granted her wish of giving her back Nimboli. But anandi could not use that opportunity to tell the truth. Now anandi wants to get everything done by god. Even revealing to Nimboli that anandi is her mother.

    Learn how to make Halwa to make your man happy.

    1. GOD ONLY HELPS THE ONE HELPS HIMSELF, how come God help Anandi when she dont want to open her eyes, God can help the blind to cross the road, but God will never help the one who purposely keep eyes close and meet accident, Anandi is doing the same, Akhiraj been saved even after and moving freely enjoying life, but Anandi she not only makes her life miserable but her daughter’s life too. She dont even feel pity on her daughter when she lives such a royal life and she Nimboli. What she is afraid off. She only trust Mangla and she can do anything for Mangla’s dream come true

  13. Aanandi will never reveal to nimboli after leap They will show nimboli suffering aanandi lost nimboli because instead of taking care of her daughter she went to save another girl first she was bold now she is stupid can’t understand Magla n I afaid of her Even dadisa is not takin g strong action against Mangla

  14. This is all crap and shit. The next thing I dont want to see is Kundan re- marrying . The two criminal love birds Harki and Akheraj are soo much better to see that that Anandi who cannot
    tell the truth to her own daughter. Fed up with the serial!!!!

  15. It’s getting too boring I hope the producers read all these comments they r just prolonging it without any story it’s just abt Anandi wanting to tell tht nimboli is her daughter itne mei toh ek aur daughter paida ho jati

  16. Actually directors and writet must face such problems as faced by heroiens. Then only they find solutions. Otherwise drag and irritate us.

  17. According to the latest episode, anandi decides to visit baba for some solace with dadisa. They are impressed with him and also the fact he is in Jhalra.

    This is Anandi’s second encounter with a fake baba. First one was when she fought for Asha.

    Good thing is Anandi stopped crying about Nimboli. Unlike Mangala who is obsessed. Anandi is treating her daughter as another human being than as her daughter to be possessed at any cost.

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