Balika Vadhu 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 4th July 2013 Written Update

It’s raining. Mahi brings Aashima to his house. He only has one umbrella, so they both have to share it and come closer while going to the house. Mahi brings her to a room and asks her to change her clothes. She says, I didn’t plan to stay here so didn’t bring anything for me. Mahi gives her Sanchi’s dress and says, manage with this tonight, tomorrow we will buy new dress. She says, by morning this dress will be dried. Mahi leaves. He then comes back and sees Aashima drying her hair. He gives her Anandi and Shiv’s wedding album so she can pass her time. He leaves again. Aashima opens the album and looks at the photos. She doesn’t seem to be comfortable.

Sanchi and her family arrive for Jagya’s birthday party. Sanchi runs to Jagya and hugs him in front of everyone. Everyone

is surprised. Sanchi wishes Jagya a very happy birthday. Jagya calmly pushes her back and thanks her. Anandi then wishes Jagya a happy birthday. Jagya thanks everyone for coming. Daddu says, it’s your birthday.. how can we not come. He gifts him on behalf of entire family.

Daddu then tells Dadisa, if I don’t give you your gift, then you will get upset. He gives red roses to her and while giving that, he says a poem which impresses everyone.

Everyone goes in. Sanchi and Jagya fall behind. Jagya gets a message so he takes out his phone. Sanchi sees new mobile cover. She asks, it must be a gift, who gave you? Jagya says, Ganga. Sanchi’s smile disappears. She says, I brought even a better gift for you. He asks drive to bring in the suit. Jagya says, another gift? But Daddu already gave gift. Sanchi says, but this is specially from me. Jagya opens it. Sanchi asks him, did you like it? Jagya says, it’s nice, but I don’t wear such bring clothes. Sanchi remembers Anandi’s words. She tells Jagya, I don’t know about before.. but now everything should be bright in your life. You must wear this today otherwise I will feel that you didn’t like this. Jagya says, not today.. I will surely wear it, but on some other occasion. Sanchi feels disappointed. She now sees decoration and asks him, who did this decoration? Jagya smiles and says, Ganga.. who else. Not just decoration, she organized whole party. Ganga hears it from distance and smiles. Sanchi says, no wonder.. that is why this doesn’t look like your party.. it looks like Manu’s birthday party. Balloons and all that, it’s so funny. Ganga’s smile disappears. Sanchi asks her, won’t you serve me? Ganga comes to her with some pink juice. She says, I was coming to you only and gives it to her. Sanchi asks, you made this pink juice as well? And then says, I was just kidding. Sanchi now says, don’t feel bad, but instead doing all this by yourself, you should have called me to take advice, and then this party would be completely different. Jagya interrupts and says, no Sanchi, personally I don’t think anything is missing in this party. The way Ganga arranged this party, there can’t be any better. She worked hard and deserves all the praise. Sanchi is again disappointed. Ganga notices her disappointed face and leaves from there.

Aashima changes her clothes and again looks at Shiv-Anandi’s wedding album. She recalls her memories with Shiv and gets emotional. She touches his photo and says, even after staying together for so long, even after being so close, you couldn’t figure out what Anandi figured out in first meeting that I love you. Because of you, I got good friend like Anandi. But because of same friend, I lost my first and true love. I am not complaining and I don’t have anything against you or Anandi, but I wish I had expressed my feelings to you, or you would have realized it, then today life would be completely different. Mahi wouldn’t question me why I came here and I wouldn’t get nervous on his question. She is crying. She continues, I was going to go back from here without informing you, but from inside, my heart wanted to see you once. Now I am afraid…. when you come in front of me with Anandi. Mahi hears all this. Aashima leaves from there crying. Mahi looks at the album. Aashima comes back and Mahi tells her, dinner is ready.

Shiv’s family and Jagya’s family sit down and gossip. Bhairo apologizes for inviting them on such a short notice. Daddu says, there is nothing to apologize for.. in fact we wanted to come here. We got invitation and got a reason to come. We thought we will wish jagdish, meet you all, and will finish an important work as well. Bhairo asks, what work? All Shiv’s family members are quiet.

Daddu gives excuse of giving roses to Dadisa.

Lal Singh and hospital staff come and wish Jagya a happy birthday. Sanchi seems angry/upset.

Lal Singh announces that hospital staff has a surprise for him. Daddu jokes with Dadisa, what could be surprise from hospital staff? Are they planning to give injection to all the guests? Dadisa laughs. She says, I don’t know anything either.

Performance starts. Jagya and Sanchi sit beside each other to watch it. Performance is led by Ganga. They all dance on song “Aashayein” in nurse’s dress. Dadisa tells Daddu, this girl Ganga was uncomfortable in wearing nurse’s dress, but I said, you will have to wear in few days, so why not start from today. She then finally agreed. Daddu says, that means you knew the surprise… you didn’t tell me. Dadisa says, they worked so hard.. if I had told you, then it would be no fun.

Dance continues. Jagya is watching with lots of interest. Sanchi notices it. She calls her driver and asks to bring something in. She goes somewhere. Jagya seems very happy seeing Ganga’s performance. Suddenly Sanchi interrupts the performance. Jagya looks beside him (he has no clue when Sanchi left from there.. he was watching performance with that much interest). Disappointed Ganga leaves the stage.

Sanchi announces, now a surprise from me. Look here Jagdish, this surprise is for you, and I am sure, no one can give you better surprise than this. Screen freezes on Sanchi’s smiling face.

Voiceover: When you fall for/attract to someone, you want to maintain your authority on that person. You can’t see someone else interfering.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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