Balika Vadhu 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli showing sketch to Nidhi and says it is Mangla and her. She says she will give it as a gift to Mangla. Nidhi says papa will drop you to badi haveli and asks her to gift wrap it. She comes home and calls Maa…Dadisaa asks what did you do in Dr. Anant’s house. Nimboli says she had enough fun there. Jagya asks who had dropped you here. Nimboli says Dr. Anant. She asks where is Maa and shows the gift. Anandi asks her to show it. Nimboli says she brought it for Mangla and will show it to her. She says Mangla will be very happy and goes to her room calling her. Kundan comes. Harki asks him to sit and says she called barber from the nearby village. Kundan says I don’t want to get my head shaved. Barber says it is said that a son can do anything for his father’s peace.

Kundan says he don’t want to do it. Harki says it is your dharm/duty and asks him to sit. Kundan sits down. The barber shaves off his head. Kamli and Pushkar looks on. He makes promise to Akhiraj that he will kill Jagya, Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli and take revenge for his death. He does the rituals as said by the barber.

Akhiraj is seen alive (shocking) with clean shaven look. He says I will visit Jhalra once and see if anyone identifies me. Pandit ji says accept this pint Akhiraj and go to heaven. Akhiraj is seen standing somewhere, fit and fine. Nimboli comes back to her room and looks for Mangla’s clothes and bags. She wonders where did she go? She shouts Maa…….and asks Anandi about her.

Mangla comes to Jhalra. Kamli opens the door and greets her. Pushkar asks her to get inside the house. Anandi tells her that Mangla went to Jhalra to mourn for Akhiraj’s death. Nimboli says she left without taking me. She says I told her that I want to come with her, then how can she leave. She says she wants to talk to her. She calls Mangla, but the number comes as not reachable. Anandi tries calling the number and says she might be in bus and that’s why phone is not connecting. Nimboli insists to go to Jhalra. Anandi says come to my room and we will talk. Nimboli insists. Kamli tells Mangla that she did right by coming here and asks about Nimboli. Mangla says this would have happened one day and says Nimboli was born to Anandi. I have to come to my house and that’s why I came back. I don’t know how I will stay without her. Harki comes there and looks at her.

Mangla tells Harki that Akhiraj was punished for his sins and nobody snatched him from her. Harki says your heart is cooled now, and taunts her. Kundan asks Mangla to leave from the house, but Harki stops him and takes him from there. Kamli apologizes to her and says Harki and Kundan aren’t ready to accept the truth, and believed that Akhiraj was punished wrongly. Mangla hopes that Harki and Kundan accept the truth fast.

Akhiraj comes to the bus stand to take bus to Jhalra. He collides with Sarpanch. Sarpanch asks can you see properly and walk. Akhiraj folds his hand and apologizes. Sarpanch couldn’t identify him and leaves. Akhiraj thinks Sarpanch couldn’t identify me and nobody can identify me now. A constable comes and asks Akhiraj to come as Inspector wants to talk to him. Akhiraj gets worried and thinks if Inspector identified me.

Anandi tells Dadisaa that she has diverted Nimboli’s mind with much difficultly.

Dadisaa asks Nimboli to have food. Nimboli refuses and shouts at her throwing the plate on floor. Anandi scolds her for misbehaving with Dadisaa. Nimboli tells her that she is bad witch. Later Nimboli decides to leave for Jhalra, leaving Anandi and her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think Jhalra is good for Nimboli. She can’t tolerate this tender love from haveli. She deserves to be in the hands of Harki and Kundan.

    Stupid story…who believes that by just shaving…nobody would recognise him. Plain stupid dragging.

    1. Completely agree with you ! Exact same thoughts were going through my head..

  2. Haha how a died person alive.too much comedy.i wont lough this much even if i see mougly or cartoon network.akhiraj came alive why not shiv.from today onwards one by one died person will come.soo good to see.

  3. Boring Serial

  4. A very boring drama….
    It’s losing interest. Don’t they unite mother n daughter?

  5. Very boring track enough of drama…
    Unfollow balika vadhu…

  6. ganga:-earlier days ganga thinks badly about anandi and jagadish relationship, that instance anandi left haveli staying in shiva niketan, finally realized but current story line ganga thinks about her family only not anandi and her children??
    see people are going selfish(ganga forget past things) now the time ganga becomes very selfish we will watch next aired episodes surely..
    anandi children:-they don’t know truth, indirectly they are tortured anandi. poor anandi, she struggled more in between her own children.
    mangla:- she is very cunning lady, she planned well.suppose mangla not there in haveli definitely nimboli not able stay there in haveli too.. see one uneducated person criminal mind and way of thinking..mangla is only the best person searching her death with hands of akhiraj singh….
    akhiraj singh: with out main villain the story line becomes boring.. we are unhappy becoz of akhiraj singh unexpected death…!!!! he is the main witness to nimboli kidnapping…
    =====make story line happy, help to anandi==========

  7. Just disgusting why they don’t reunite mother daughter ???????????

  8. Anandi the most stupid mother she don’t know how to tackle her own daughter. The uneducated Mangla is much smarter than Anandi. This show is loosing its uniqueness by showing Akhiraj alive before they use to end evil soon.

  9. Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
    Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
    Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
    Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
    Kabhi na kehna alvida

  10. Shobha garrett

    Wow! I actually haven’t watched the show for the last 2 days but have it recorded. I like to watch a couple of episodes at a time. I may say that I really enjoy these viewer opinions and actually makes me want to watch this show even more. Perhaps we out to turn our opinions into a show.

  11. The story is not going into good line now.. Absolutely I’ll logical… We might think it’s all going to end happily n all of sudden villan is alive.. U kidding me? Now the story would be mangla being trapped in the own stupid way with baddies and then once again anandi coming to save them , and killing villan telling him I’m the great warrior shivs Wife, I will kill u for separating my nandini n making her nimboli.. Truth is out n will be dragged for another 4/5 months.. Story is not up to the title.. Making the lead so dumb? I won’t see such a dumb mum like d lead is being portrayed here..

  12. sarayu (honey)

    i am a silent reader. till now I thought that this track will end within few days, but now seeing this unexpected twist I lost my lost my cool. seeing or at least reading this serial is to test our patience. I usually do not comment like this in any other serial update but seeing this serial it made me freaking mad. from now on wards I hate this serial. until I hear the news about anandhi and nimboli union I will not see this serial.

  13. Earlier Balikavadhu used to portray good and bad but in the recent few months only evil thoughts are being exposed, i think the writers doesnt have a good storyline to continue and they are just dragging the story too much, and it seems for the next 3 to 6 months the story will be based on the theme about akhiraj,kundan and harkhi collaborating to end the lives of anandi,nimboli,disa,kamli,pushkar,dadisaa,etc., and the other theme they would concentrate on is that how mangla tries to separate nimboli and anandi. Even if the writers show that anandi and nimboli.truly unite in the precap, i guess the viewers are experienced enough to just think that it’s just a dream or something but its not truly happening.

  14. anandi knows about her daughter 25th september 2015… still stupid dragging????
    akhiraj alive then shiv?? kashmir shiv re-enters ???
    wr is bairav and sumithra they are not come back..???
    anandi uncle,aunt(singapure) not come, even they are not call about nandini till many days gone, even mahi never approach anandi about nandini… they are showing stupid manner!!
    anandi life completely struggles…
    akihiraj revenge takes 1 or 2 years , kidnapping one by one and kill, next mangla fills poison in nimboli brain about anandi it takes much more years…………..

  15. Aanandi should tell to nimboli that she is her real mother n for shivam also why they r not telling the truth now a days this serial is boring if like this happen nobody will watch……..

  16. this serial was always a little more tolerable than others because it mostly stayed within the boundaries of reality. Now with this plot of a somehow reincarnated Akhiraj, the show has fallen really low. These serials seem to glorify evil rather than good. The good characters are written to be so dumb and naive. Anandi’s stupid confused and helpless facial expressions are becoming more and more irritating. So annoying to watch the tv and want to advise her constantly about how stupid she’s being. What is the point of bringing back Akhiraj? There is enough evil in Kundan to continue the conflict. It seems like the actor playing Akhiraj wasn’t ready to leave the show and forced the writers and director to keep him in the show. I wish Shiv’s family would come back into the picture. Anandi and Nimboli need to be fully reunited once and for all, and the whole setting and storyline need to change. I sympathise with Mangala, but I wish she will change her selfish attitude about keeping Nimboli. The show will only become interesting again when Nimboli learns the truth about her parents and hopefully comes to feel real happiness about it. Enough with the evil and endless tragic circumstances. Let the audience get to experience some joy and relief again.

    1. Exactly…couldn’t agree more with you more….!!

  17. The story is becoming boring these days reunite aanandi and nimboli. And stop showing such stupid things like people not identifying a person if he just shaves his head……..instead of that show that nidhi helps in nimbolis transfermation.

  18. Vish…you are right

    “Anandi’s stupid confused and helpless facial expressions are becoming more and more irritating” to an extent where they are intolorable.

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