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Balika Vadhu 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya asking the ward boys/goons, where they are taking the patient. They say that the patient’s family wants to get her to Jaipur for the treatment. Jagya allows them. They take Ganga in the ambulance. The file slips from their hand. Jagya picks it and gives the file. Nandu comes home and calls Gehna. She asks about Dadisaa. Nandu says she was talking to her friends. They go to make the arrangements for the celebrations. Ganga gains consciousness and asks where they are taking her. She is blind folded and couldn’t see. The goons take her to some place and smirk. Ganga shouts for help. They close her in the room and warn her not to escape. She asks who are you? She informs them that she is MLA Jagdish’s wife. She cries and pleads to them to let her go. She thinks what

to do. Jagya comes home and sees the arrangements. Mannu greets him. Nandu says they have done the arrangements. Jagya says it looks beautiful. He says what is the menu of food. Nandu says will know soon. He gives him sweets. Dadisaa asks about Ganga. Jagya says she must have come home by now. Dadisaa says she will bring Kusum. Gehna says Niranjan will come soon. Ganga tries to take out her phone and thinks it fell down in the hospital.

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Subhadra asks Daddu what he is thinking? Daddu says nothing. Subhadra says she is lucky to meet him again. Daddu says he wants to talk to her regarding something. He says I have decided to shift to Singapore with Alok, Ira, Anandi and her kids. Subhadra asks why? Daddu says I thought to go there for a change. I will visit her frequently. Subhadra says Anoop will stay alone here. Daddu asks do you wants to come here or stay here. Subhadra thinks to stay back and controls Anoop and Meenu. She says she will miss him. She says she can’t make her heart understand. She wants to live in India. She says I should be here to take care of Anoop. Daddu says ok and feels good seeing about her concern for Anoop.

Jagya asks Niranjan about Ganga. Niranjan says he didn’t know. Dadisaa worries for her. Jagya calls her, but the call could not be connected. He then calls Kusum. She says she is waiting for Ganga. Jagya says she didn’t reach home until now. He calls on the hospital no. and asks nurse to check if Ganga is there. She says no. Jagya gets worried. Niranjan says she might have gone to the nearby village to see a patient. Dadisaa says she never goes without inform us. Jagya says he is feeling something fishy and calls the Inspector. She hears some noise and peeps through a hole. The goons bring the girls and asks them to stay there silently. Ganga thinks what do they want. Jagya talks to the Inspector and says he needs results. He wants his wife back. He asks him to call if he gets any info about her. Mannu asks him about Ganga. Jagya assures him that Ganga will come back fast. He asks him to have food. Dadisaa asks where you are going? Jagya says he is going to search for her. Dadisaa prays for Ganga.

The girls tell Ganga that they were kidnapped from the market. She asks from where you are? Ganga says Jaitsar. A girl says it means they brought us from different places. Jagya talks to villagers and informs him about Ganga gone missing. Ganga asks the goons to open the door. The girls cry and tell Ganga what will happen with us. Ganga asks them to have strength. She thinks only Jagya can save them, but how will he know about her whereabouts? Jagya gets worried and hopes everything is fine with her. He calls Niranjan. He couldn’t get any info from him and gets sad.

Jagya talks to Kusum and says Ganga couldn’t be found. A woman comes and tells Ganga that she is kidnapped for prostitution. Ganga and the girls get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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