Balika Vadhu 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu and Udaan’s combined episode.

The Episode starts with Mangla going to make Kada after seeing Nimboli having fever. Nimboli tells that she don’t want to see her mum’s face. Kundan and Harki come to meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj gets emotional seeing Kundan. Kundan cries. Akhiraj asks him not to worry and says your father is always a tiger even though I am caged. He asks if everything is fine? Harki tells him that Kamli refused to give money to Kundan and curses her. Kundan says I will end her game so soon. He asks Akhiraj to give his consent. Akhiraj says no and says that he will kill his enemies with his hands. He asks Kundan to take care of Harki.

Mangla searches for the ingredients to make kada and thinks nothing is on place. Anandi asks what happened? Nimboli recalls

her fake mum’s words and gets high fever. She says why did my mum hates me and gets up from sleep. She says why did Kanha ji do this with me, and says she will question him. She says Kanha ji gave bad mum to her who had thrown her in garbage bin. She says I will question him. She gets up from the bed and walks outside the room to go to temple. She thinks about Chakor’s words that no mum is bad.

She comes to the temple thinking about Mangla’s words. Anandi and Mangla come to the room and sees Nimboli missing. They get tensed.

Chakor comes to the temple and says Malik shall not know that I am Chakor. Bhaiyya ji says so you are Chakor. Chakor sees his reflection in God’s ornaments. He says you are real Chakor. Chakor gets shocked and starts acting. She says if Chakor is alive then how can Chunni get the right. Bhaiyya ji asks what you are saying? Chakor says you are here, to listen to my prayers. Bhaiyya ji says you have become Aasthik. She says I am Chakor. Bhaiyya ji says you are Chunni and I made you Chakor for few days. He says everything will be fine once court case is over. Pandit ji recalls seeing her before, and thinks what she is doing here. Chakor apologizes to God for lying infront of Bhaiyya ji. She finds an anklet there. Anandi and Mangla couldn’t find her at home. Mangla says Nimboli has high fever.

Nimboli thinks about her words. She says I never asked you anything about my mum, but now you have to answer. You have chosen good mum for everyone, why did you give a bad mum to me. She asks why she is so bad who has thrown me in the bin. She asks him to answer and rings temple bell continuously. She then faints and falls down in the temple.

Chakor thinks it is Nimboli’s anklet. Just then a thief snatches anklet from her hand and starts running. Chakor runs following him. Bhaiyya ji thinks why she is shouting loudly and recalls Chakor running fast in the school race competition. She asks the thief to return Nimboli’s anklet. She manages to get anklet from him. Bhaiyya thinks he is seeing Chakor in Chunni. Nimboli thinks where is in problem, Chakor comes. She faints again. Chakor calls to wake her up. And asks what happened to you. Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla come there and enquire about Nimboli.

Rest of the update in Udaan’s update.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If i scold story writers i may start with b….still that is very small for u guys.

    1. Why what happen

  2. Reading comments here is much more entertaining than watching BV 😀

  3. They dont have story how to join nimboli and anandi..that’s why they are mixing udaan and balika vadhu..
    Reading updates in 2mins is far better than wasting time seeing in the tv..

    1. There is nothing in this serial any more so to make udaan serial move forward they are combining this serial with that and nothing is there. For me this is already over when akhiraj is arrested.
      “Live in peace”.
      Leave This Pathetic & creepy serial.

  4. Wow, Greedy & foolish Mangla, Illiterate & Innocent Nimboli, Weak & Pathetic Anandi, Untalenteed Writer & Director.
    Thats it I can’t take this serial any more. This serial is Becoming More & more Complex & Became A pain in my neck Every day.
    Director is Trying to make every audiance a buffoon. I really don’t want any purchased problems any more. I’m going to giveup on this serial from now on before i spoil my brain & soul any more.
    This is the Worst & Pathetic serial.

    1. Good bye to this serial

  5. There is nothing in this serial anymore so to make udaan serial move forward they are combining this serial with that and nothing is there. For me this is already over when akhiraj is arrested.
    “Live in peace”.
    Leave This Pathetic & creepy serial.

  6. I have a Little Advise To every on who watch this serial, This is a one creepy serial.
    Anandi accepted her helplessness & mangla’s Brave & nimboli’s innocence.
    Director shows that anandi & NImboli & so brilliant when coming to other problems except this. How much is Anandi is so scared to tell truth & any one thing telling truth is a problem in this world???? So pathetic……& Any one guess this nimboli is unable to guess she is anandi’s daughter nandini after all family members called her as nandini at start.

    Simply believe me and leave this No end serial. This is only a story & those characters have thier own lifes & they are living happily in this real world. But, by watching the serials like this we can’t live like them.
    What ever director said that will happen in this serial.

  7. Even chakor & that doctor’s daughter understood that this nimboli is anandi’s daughter. But, nimboli & shiv didn’t understood Is this make any sense?
    Director want to drag this story & make money by making every viewer buffon’s.
    Live in Real world & Live in peace.

  8. Goodbye to this serial.

  9. Mahesh is very angry . 😀

    1. Yeah BCZ Dirctor is trying to show us a Donkey’s egg Which is impossible in this real world.
      Useless story.

  10. Enough of shit. Stop dragging it.

  11. Great! you directors beat the sh*t out of this serial. Mangala will continue to fool the naive Nimboli into beleiving that aquaintance was was her mom. Oh come on guys!? just let Anandhi have the courage to tell Nimboli the truth and pls end that horrible Mangala’s role because trust me she is incorrigible and so are the others in this serial.

  12. nimboli in kutto ke samne mat nachna hahahah..such a crap these days yr chlo hmne socha anandi ka role increase ho gya lekin stupid characters eve agge a rhe a. ..such a crap show no story…BV….i like anandi fight

  13. Director and Story writer, please stop thinking tat we are fools…… its frustrating now. How cum they can turn mangala’s character so negative suddenly when she was shown such a sensible lady. Is it so difficult to explain a 11-12 year old girl d reality???? Please stop all this nonsense or face d consequences of low TRP.

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