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Balika Vadhu 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man coming to Shiv Niketan and insists to meet Principal Anandi at the earliest. The school authorities stop him. Anandi asks what is happening here. The man happens to be Nidhi’s father and tells that he came to meet her. Anandi says she will take him there and talk later. Kundan comes home. Nimboli informs him that Urmila went to her parents’ house. Kundan asks did you fight with her? Urmila says you used to fight with her and not me. Kundan calls for Urmila. Harki informs him that Khetram took her home for the pagphera rasam. Nimboli laughs. Kundan gets tensed. Harki asks Nimboli to work faster.

Nidhi’s father comes to meet her and asks what happened? He says he will take her from there. Nidhi tells that the school is not responsible for her condition and

she stopped eating food herself. She asks if her mum came with him. Dad says he couldn’t convince her. He tells that it would be better if we stay separately. Anandi hears them. Nidhi tells that she shares the concern with Anandi. Anandi offers to talk to Anushka on his behalf. Dad gets happy and thanks Anandi.

Nimboli is sad and looks at the different colors’ ball. Disa asks what are you playing? Nimboli tells that they are family members, but I am nowhere in this family. Disa is shocked. Nimboli tells that no one comes to meet me, and my mum threw me in the bin. Disa says I am your everything and asks her to smile. She gets teary eyed. Disa makes her eat something.

Urmila’s mum tells her that she is happy seeing her smashing her sautan Nimboli under her feet. She tells that she showed place to her mum in law on the first day itself and tells the incident when she refused to give gold to Harki. She complains about Kundan. Her mum asks her to obey her and tells that men are same. She says your husband loves you very much, and you have to bear the pain being wife. Akhiraj gives work to Kundan and asks him to write speech. Kundan says he will manage. Nimboli laughs. Akhiraj asks him to be wise with the words. Kundan assures him. Akhiraj says everyone should think that the speech is given by a great man. Nimboli thinks Kundan has been in the same class 3 since 3 years, and wonders if he will be able to write anything.

Anushka comes there and warns Anandi that she would have get her school closed if something would have happened to Nidhi. Nidhi looks at her and says mom. Anushka asks why she is troubling her for them. Nidhi asks her to solve the problems between them and get back together. Anushka says your Papa is a big problem, and he don’t care about us. Nidhi tells her that her Dad came to meet her a day before. Anushka thinks he wants to get her custody and that’s why he is showing concern. Anandi tries to intervene, Anushka asks her not to be marriage counseller and leaves. She asks Nidhi not to make her life complicated and take care before leaving. Anandi comforts Nidhi.

Akhiraj gives the speech in the school and asks who wants to take advantage in this school first. Nimboli says she will take. Akhiraj asks everyone to welcome her. Jagya calls Akhiraj home. Dadisaa asks Anandi to come home with the files. Akhiraj comes to haveli and greets Dadisaa. Dadisaa says she has seen him before.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  7. saranya mohan

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