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Balika Vadhu 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya, Ganga and Anandi see the news on TV about their hospital and the raid. Akhiraj also hears the news and smirks. Anandi switches off TV and asks Jagya and Ganga why Somesh is doing all this when they have done so much for him. Ganga asks Jagya to call Somesh. Jagya calls Somesh but his phone is off. Jagya says someone wants to ruin us and asks who is our enemy. Akhiraj is sitting with a politician, and thanks him for ruining Jagya’s name. Politician says his eyes are on Jagya’s MLA seat. Akhiraj says you know media and police, and that’s why they have reached hospital on your saying. Minister praises Akhiraj for his plan. Akhiraj says his enemy will be ruined now and he is happy as if he went for Chardhaam yatra. Next day, Anandi gives tiffin to Shivam, and asks Jagya,

dadisaa and Ganga why they haven’t eaten breakfast. Jagya says I can’t believe whatever Somesh have done.

Anandi tells Shivam to come, and says you are getting late for school. Just then people starts throwing stones on the house. Jagya comes out and sees people chanting slogan. Jagya asks them to calm down and says I know you people are angry, but I have given my statement to Police and truth will come out. The people call him rakshas and calls murda baad. Jagya asks them to calm down, have faith on law, and folds his hands. Someone throws stone on Jagya. Anandi gets shocked and asks what kind of people they are? She says Jagya have worked for their welfare, and says how can he betray you. She says your trust is so weak? They throw stone on Anandi’s head. Jagya shouts Anandi. Nimboli comes out and sees Anandi hurt. Dadisaa asks them to talk to her, and asks how dare to hurt her kids. She says hit me. She calls them betrayal for not supporting their MLA, and tells them that Jagya never took any penny being MLA but done their welfare. She says Jagya haven’t done anything wrong in the hospital, else we wouldn’t have admitted our daughter in that hotel. She says you people have no mind and asks them to wait for Police report.

One man asks Dadisaa to move from their way else they will not respect her. Dadisaa says okay, I will see if a lie have strength. The villager picks a stone and is about to throw on Dadisaa. Nimboli stops him. She reminds him that when his daughter fell ill, Dadisaa lifted her and took her to hospital in Anandi’s car, and Jagya treated her. The man Rajveer says I do remember. Nimboli asks then why you are throwing stone on these people. All the people feel ashamed of their doings and leave. Dadisaa smiles. Anandi tells Nimboli that you are so brave. Dadisaa says haveli daughter should be brave only. Jagya is still tensed. They get inside the house. Ganga nurses Jagya’s wound. Jagya says stop it, and says he felt pain hearing the accusations. He tells Dadisaa that he did nothing and all the accusations are wrong. Dadisaa says we don’t need any clarification and says we trust you.

Jagya says they have played with my patient’s lives. Jagya gets a call from Minister. Jagya says I am trying from my end, and says okay. He informs everyone sadly that he got a call from party high command, and if couldn’t control soon then I will have to leave the chair. Dadisaa asks him not to lose his strength. Jagya says okay. Anandi tells Ganga that they have to do something and can’t let anything wrong happen to him. Ganga says I can do anything for him, but don’t know what to do. Anandi says my heart is saying that we will get the solution from where it started. Ganga says hospital. Anandi says yes. Ganga says I am with you.

Ganga and Anant checks the medicine purchase lists and sees the purchase list missing. Anandi says we shall talk to staff also. They talk to the cook. One cook tells that Manager Somesh told them to cook food with the vegetable which is delivered in night. Anandi says how can he accuse Jagya when he ordered them. They think to check the CCTV footage. Anant notes down truck number. They see vegetable and medicine get unloaded from the truck. Ganga says we have different supplier for both. Anandi thinks to get to the clue.

Anandi and Anant comes to Somesh’s house. Akhiraj kills Somesh with his car. Jagya and Ganga see his dead body. Later Anandi and Nimboli come to meet Mangla. Mangla jumps in the valley to save her doll. Nimboli and Anandi shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. when did nimboli accepts anandi as mom…

    1. Somebody just woke up… 🙂

  2. 2150 – 04 Apr
    Somesh tells the police officer that the illegal activities in the hospital are being carried out as per Jagya’s instructions. A crowd pelts stones at the haveli and protests against Jagya’s actions.
    2151 – 05 Apr
    Jagya is asked by his political party to control the situation. Anandi and Anant meet Somesh’s wife to enquire about him. Somesh threatens Akheraj, but he and Samsher try to kill him.
    2152 – 06 Apr
    Jagya learns about Somesh’s injury and tells Ganga to save him. Mangla ends her life by jumping from a cliff. Later, Nimboli, who is in shock, refuses to perform her last rites.
    2153 – 07 Apr
    Nandi remembers the time she spent with Mangla. Harkhi informs Akheraj about Mangla’s death. Jagya tries to convince Anandi to marry Anant but she interrupts their conversation.
    2154 – 08 Apr
    Anant tells Anandi’s family that he loves her. Meanwhile, Anandi brings Pushpa to the haveli. Pusphpa apologises to Anant, and he forgives her. Nidhi isn’t happy with Ananth’s decision.

    1. Thanks shiv for this update. I feel sad for mangla, at the same time I am happy for her death too.

  3. Seems to me that BV people are very hurry in wrapping up this serial. So much happening this week. Still, I don’t like the things happening in this serial… 🙁

    1. They r going to start a leap time of 15yrs on 25th april. That is why they r doing it fast. They r going to show silome Mahi as grown up nimboli…n total is going to leave as she is not interested in old roles.

  4. Oh… maa re… yeh aabar ki update holo… hospital gondogol thik holona ar anadi anant er biye taar sathe sathe mangla er mirtyu, anant anandi ke biye korbe bole pushpa I hate tears bole pushpa er kache phire galo… sab kichu gondogol hoye jache…. sab kota pagol hoye gache…

    1. Wow…is that bengali….you would have to translate it for us 🙁

      1. The translation for you Shiv…oh Maa re… yeh kya update hui…hospital ka khodala thik hui nahi aur anadi aur anant ki shadi aur sath sath mangala ki maut, anant anandi se shadi karega bolte bolte PUSHPA I HATE TEARS bolke Pushpa ke pass laut jata hai… sab kuch gadbad ho raha hai.. sab ke sab pagla gaye hain…

      2. Istand corrected… ghotala not khotala

      3. thanks dolana…aap aaye bahaar aaye.. 🙂

  5. Honey (Sarayu)

    Why so less comments? Anyways, i don’t like anandhi’s 3rd marriage. I like anant, he is so good but I think 3rd marriage is not needed.

    1. Everybody is still in shock about (previous )Anandi’s death. I too, felt little odd, coming back to this serial…after her death. I know its little weird but that’s how I felt.

    2. When Jagya can get involved with 3 women, why can’t Anandi?

      And there is a “message” for people who are searching for a message in this serial… 😉

  6. Shobha garrett

    Once upon a time!!!!! They all
    Lived happily ever after! Seriously what is going on with this show. I feel quite sad about this story line. I have adopted the Balika Vadhu family as my own and now I am so confused. HELP

  7. Actually Shiv it is not salluzz but we all are in doubt as BV is the most dragging serial just go back to last month, we were bore of dragging and now they are covering up the time wasted in dragging, may be colors gave them time limit. and they are just in the finishing line. Dolana ur comment was best I remember the Birbal story

    1. Mani…colors should have done this (limiting time) long long back. Or they could have even out the story line instead of dragging for so long.

    2. Hi MANI which comment of mine are you talking off????

      1. The bengali comment u gave

  8. RIP Prathyusha… after she left the show I stopped watching it but just used to just breeze inbetween other show and read written updates. I dont think anyone could have played anandhis character as she performed. BVs biggest lost…. I think she would have been alive now if the producers had not let her quit the show. Miss u Prathyusha. RIP ?

  9. shiv how u know every time about written update m wonder… by the way dadisa will die…sab nu pta ha

    1. These updates are from ‘times of India’, if you google it you will find it. I just post here for convenience of other interested people. 🙂

    2. Dear Shiv reads all d update on TOI

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