Balika Vadhu 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Anandi is talking with the lord. She says, neither Shiv nor Ira is wrong for their behaviour. No one would be able to see their sister or daughter in this condition. She says, When I was asked to choose one family, then it’s obvious I would select this family because now this house is mine.. I am bahu and daughter of this house. Shiv is everything to me.. I am nothing without him.. he’s my husband. I accepted to end my relationship with my other family.. but I need to know why Shiv is still upset with me. She prays to bring happiness back in their family.

Dadisa is looking at Jagya’s photo. She says I thought you were changed and got sensible, but no.. Do you know we can’t go in front of Anandi’s sasural because of you. I never imagined in my nightmares that you would do

this…. go and be happy. Someone knocks the door and she hides photo. It’s Nandu. He says that he heard Jagya married Ganga. He says Sanchi didi is good, but Ganga didi is better. She has Mannu with her too.. we all will play and stay happy like how we used to when they were here. Dadisa says its the matter of elders.. you want me to call your dad? Nandu runs away.

Lal brings Jagya, Ganga, Mannu, Kaka to his house. Lal’s wife welcomes them. She takes Ganga with her to show her room to her.

Shiv returns to his room. Anandi asks him if they can talk for a bit. Shiv says, later.. I am very tired… Anandi is still talking, but Shiv turns off the lights and sleeps. Anandi recalls a scene with her mother. She says in her mind, you have always been far, but always close to me and took care of me. You taught me how to fight with the circumstances. I need your love today..

Everyone sits together at Lal’s house. Lal and his wife gesture each other and then Lal’s wife says, Mannu will be sleepy now.. he will sleep with us today. Lal says to Jagya and Ganga, you two must be tired.. as you didn’t get to rest after returning from Mangalore. Jagya says, I am fine in the hall. Ganga and Mannu can sleep in the room. Lal says, you and Ganga are married now.. you can stay together. Jagya says, I just filled her maang.. didn’t get married. Ganga agrees with Jagya. She says, we have already hurt others so much.. now we can’t forget our values and hurt our souls. Lal says, you two are really made for each other. Lal tells his wife to take Ganga and Mannu with her, and him and Jagya will stay in the guest room.

Next morning, Lal comes to Jagya’s house. Bhairo asks him if everything is fine. Lal says, everything was fine until Jagya came to take his belongings from hospital . Dadisa says, you saw with your eyes what happened yesterday. Lal says, that’s a personal matter.. but I am worried for hospital. Villagers are not responsible for what happened. They have many hopes from our hospital. Jagya is the director.. you did a good work by creating the hospital.. but it will be wrong to leave it in middle.. if Jagya can’t work there, then it’s not possible for me either. We can leave all our patients on the God’s trust.

Sumi says, so you will threaten us now? You learned everything from this hospital and you’re threatening to leave this hospital. Don’t forget that whatever you are is because of this hospital. Bhairo says, he is not threatening.. he’s just saying what he thinks is right. Sumi leaves from there. Dadisa tells Lal, it’s not like.. if Jagya is not there, then hospital can’t run. Before you also took care of everything by yourself. Lal says, that was different.. now our hospital has progressed a lot.. people will lose confidence if Jagya leaves. Basant supports Lal and says, we shouldn’t risk so many people’s lives because of our personal matter. Nothing happens by building a hospital.. it needs proper doctors.. if people are coming to our hospital then its because of Lal and Jagya’s name. Bhairo too agrees. He says, if Lal Singh is saying that Jagya should work in the hospital, then we should think about it. Dadisa is not impressed… and she says, what can I say now? I don’t have any problem. She leaves. Lal greets Bhairo and Basant and leaves.

Ganga is getting ready. She sees sindhoor and then looks at her maang. She recalls how Jagya first filled her maang with his blood when he got into an accident, and then yesterday in front of everyone. She takes sindhoor in her hand, but is not sure whether to fill her maang or no. Lal’s wife and Jagya notice it. Jagya goes out from there.

Lal’s wife comes to Jagya. Jagya says, Ganga has still not accepted this rishta. doesn’t she trust me? Lal’s wife.. it’s not like that.. how she would be able to accept this rishta after in what circumstances you two got married. she is not even sure whether she is married or no. You filled her maang, but this wedding is still incomplete. Jagya thinks and then agrees with Lal’s wife.

Anandi is lost in some thoughts. Meenu comes there. Meenu says, a lot is said to you already… I understand you must be hurt and feeling bad, but you will have to move on. You don’t look good in sad face. You’re strength of this house. I know everyone is upset with you in this house, but first you will have to take care of yourself.. so you can handle others. Anandi says, I know, but I still can’t forget what happened. I don’t get where I am wrong in what happened. Maa said I will have to choose one family. I fulfilled my responsibility not as a bahu, but as a daughter of this house.. where am I wrong?.. that Shiv also thinks I made a mistake. I don’t have any complain for maa or Shiv. I just want to know where I got missed in becoming a good bahu of this house. Anandi cries. Meenu calms her down and says, you face many situations like this in your life.. it happens because it’s already decided by the destiny. She says, misunderstandings happen.. you just need to give some time, and everything will be fine. Truth, love, hope.. they are just not words..they have a lot of strength.. whoever got that strength. .never lose. Your love and strength will definitely win. Misunderstandings will lose. They share an emotional hug. Screen freezes on their hug.

Voiceover: People can face troubles, but if they have to give test for their morals over and over, then they lose hope and become sad.

Precap: Sanchi says to herself, you (Ganga) can’t take away Jagya from me like this. He filled your maang, but he will take pheres will me only.
Other side, Jagya and Ganga are shown taking the pheres in a mandir in presence of Jagya’s entire family. Jagya fills Ganga’s maang once again, and properly this time.
Other hand, Sanchi picks up a knife and cuts her hand…

Update Credit to: Shreya

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