Balika Vadhu 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi keeping an envelope on the dining table. Vivek comes and sits to have breakfast. Rakhi comes and opens the envelope. She gets excited to know that she got admission in the London Institute. She tells Saachi that her scholarship was rejected last time. Saachi says you didn’t need scholarship now as your bhai and bhabhi will sponsoring it. Rakhi thanks her and goes to show the letter to her parents. Vivek asks Saachi who is sponsoring her education, you or me. He says I can’t afford as I am not favorite marketing officer of a top firm. Saachi gets tensed.

Jagya and Ganga come to Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells them that she has been thinking since few days to tell the proposal to Gehna. Jagya says we have to be careful. Gehna is coming towards the room. Ganga

says you are right, but don’t know whether she will agree. I am afraid if she feels bad. Dadisaa says second marriage is not new in our marriage. Saguna and Anandi got married twice. She asks them to think of an idea. Gehna comes and overhears them. Dadisaa says Niranjan agreed, but now we have to make Gehna agree to marriage. Jagya says it seems difficult. Gehna gets shocked.

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She tells Dadisaa that she doesn’t think even in her worst dreams that they will discuss about her remarriage in closed room. Dadisaa gets sad. Ganga asks her to listen to her once. Jagya says we are feeling bad as you heard this way. We just wants happiness. We will take care of you all your life, but we can’t give you a satisfied life. He continues that we decided to got you married. Gehna says you saw me smiling with Niranjan and thought that I will get marry to him. She says I can’t give Basant’s place to anyone as he is still alive in her soul. She says it is a sin thinking about someone else. She refuses and cries.

She adds will you snatch my kids’ identity with them and talks emotionally. Dadisaa tells her that she is thinking wrongly. She says we got Anandi married to make her life better. She asks her to accept the proposal. Gehna tells if you ever thought me as your daughter then end this matter right here. She cries miserably. She tells that she wants to die from the haveli and asks Dadisaa to accept her wish. She goes to her room cryingly.

Gehna sees her husband’s photo and cries badly. She says how can Maasaa think that I will give your place to someone else. She tells that my soul and women inside me went away with you. I don’t want to live anymore. She cries miserably and says I can’t live without you.

Nandu is going to school. Gopal comes and shows the rope. Nandu asks what you will do. Gopal says I will do one experiment. I will bend this tree. Nandu says I don’t agree. Gopal asks him to do the experiment to accept it. He ties the rope. Gopal sees the milkman coming and asks Nandu to pull the rope. Milkman falls and scolds Nandu for making his milk go waste. Gopal laughs while Nandu runs away.

Anoop comes to Subhadra and says I wants to talk to you. He says you talked to me about partition yesterday night. Will Dad feel bad if I ask for my share. Subhadra says he shall not feel bad. Anoop says I really needs money else I would not have asked for it. Subhadra tells him that she is not favouring partition, but just asking him to ask money from Daddu. She tells him that Daddu helped Alok with his handicraft business. Anoop says that time he was working, but is now retired. Subhadra asks him to talk to Daddu once. She asks him to represent the issue well. Anoop says ok. She requests him not to tell anyone about their conversation. Anoop says ok. Once he goes, Subhadra smiles evilly and thinks pity on Anandi.

Gehna tells Nandu that she will teach him from now onwards. Nandu says I will study with Niranjan chachu. Gehna gets angry and slaps him. She says you won’t go to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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