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Balika Vadhu 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya asking Anandi not to think everyone good like her. Anandi says I have full faith on Mangla and she will unite me with Nimboli. Jagya asks her why she is hopeless then and asks her to bring old Anandi back forgetting the sadness. He asks her to promise. Anandi promises. Ganga looks on and smiles. Jagya tells Ganga that he was explaining to Anandi and tried to give her strength and hopes she takes care of herself. Ganga smiles looking at him. Jagya asks what happened? Why you are looking at me like this.? Ganga kisses on his hand and says I am the most happiest woman in this world as I met you and you have accepted me. She thanks him for coming in his life and for accepting him. Jagya says I am more lucky as you are my life partner. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her.

Anandi comes to the Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa appreciates her for moving on in life. Anandi tells her that Jagya explained to her and made her understand. She says I felt that I am doing wrong, and says troubles have come before and will come in future today, atleast our present is better than the past. Dadisaa says yes. She asks Anandi to come and start the work. A man comes there and asks Anandi to come and save a little girl. He tells her that the 10 years old girl is getting married to a 35 years old man in the jhoola village. Anandi is shocked. Anandi asks her teacher to call Bachpan bachawo Sanstha. Man says he tried to make girl’s dad mohan understand, but he didn’t listen.

Anandi hopes that they reach there on time. She goes to the wedding venue with her gang of women, and sees everyone singing bhajan. Anandi tells that it seems they came to know that we are coming. She asks them not to hide the truth and asks them to tell where is the bal vadhu. Man says that Mohan is here. Anandi asks him not to lie. Few villagers give statement against Mohan. The girl is brought there. Villager says groom and his family eloped from her as the marriage was incomplete, bride is here. Anandi looks at the little girl. She asks if you was about to marry here? Girl’s mum says I am Kavita’s mum and says puja was happening here. Anandi asks Kavita to say truth and not to get scared. Kavita lies and says puja is happening here. Anandi recalls her mum emotionally blackmailing her not to say that she is married when someone came and asked. Anandi recalls her teacher asking her and replying her no. She tells them that same thing have happened with her, and says if she would have said truth than time, then she would have not repented now. She explains to girl that her age is to go school and not to marry. She explains to her parents that child marriage is wrong in law. She asks didn’t you have any shame to get your daughter married to 35 years old man. Kavita’s dad says he is helpless and can’t raise 5 children.

Anandi asks if you want to do justice with 4 kids by selling Kavita. She asks what did you get by selling her. Kavita’s dad says he got 3 kgs rice, 3 kgs ata, ghee, sugar etc. Anandi is shocked to know his helplessless. She says you have fixed her marriage for ration. Kavita’s dad says I don’t have anything, so thought to get her married. Kavita’s mum says this stomach needs roti and don’t understand the helplessness. Kavita’s mum says they are poor and that’s why their dreams are crushed. She says I have seen my parents’ helplessness, and assures them that her sanstha will take care of their food needs, and asks them to get their kids educated. She says I will get Kavita’s marriage null by the law. Kavita’s parents thank her. Anandi asks them to thank the person who came to her. Kavita asks if she got married to Kakusaa. Anandi says no and hugs her.

Anandi tells Jagya that she couldn’t stop herself seeing the little girl in bridal dress. She says I did shouted at her dad angrily. Jagya says you was right. Anandi tells him that Kavita’s dad agreed to get her daughter married inexchange of ration and soaps. Jagya is shocked and says it is good that you reached there. Anandi says all the villagers were against the child marriage. Jagya says I am sure that you have taken their responsibility, and asks her not to let go of old Anandi. Anandi smiles.

Nimboli smells food smell, and tells Mangla. Mangla says it is Suji’s smell. Nimboli comes to kitchen and sees Harki putting cardamom in the halwa, and gets thinking. Pandit ji asks Simar and Anandi to do the puja. Anandi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode – 2129 – 03 Mar
    Jagya takes a class to Anandi. Anandi reaches a venue where a child marriage is being conducted and manages to stop the wedding.

    My Comments – Just to make us remember that this is BV, every now and then Anandi remembers (or somebody reminds her) that she is Anandi and goes and rescues a BV. And today’s episode did just that. 🙂

    And now we all know that this is BV. Hope everbody agrees with me. 😉

    1. 🙂 dear kalyani n shiv honestly speaking u both can write better story than the writers of BV…

  2. Remember Daddu’s sister. Achanak ek din, asmaan se tapki thee. Bahut din usko jhelna pada…finally she went off after a strong SLAP from daddu.

    Now, I think its Mangla’s turn.

  3. Yeh saare episode koi bewra likhta hai. Foolish serial.

  4. Offo directer ji we got fedup about dis drama plz change the story or close dis drama
    And wt hpnd to daddu’s family,amul,sachi..
    Even there is no topic about them
    When will jagya parents return to haveli

  5. Yes I agree with you now its Mangla’s turn to have hard slap. Hope our old Anandi is back after saving a small girl from getting married. Hope writers will have something positive for Anandi. Harki is making halwa from last two days.

  6. What Anandi will do when there are no more bal Vivahs and every girl is educated?

    What will Mangala do when Nimboli gets married and shifts to her sasural? Then also will she become Ghar sasuma and live shamelessly with NImboli’s sasuralwasis?
    Or will Nimbooli leave her husband and sasural to saty at Jhalra with her maa Mangala?

    Jagya and Anandi make a good pair and have more chemistry than Jagya and Ganga.

    Shiv, what do you say?

  7. Anandi will again get married and teach karate. Ab usko do adathe hai, ek balika vadhuvonka shaadi rukwana aur apne shaadi karwana, so she will continue with her 2nd habit. 🙂

    Jab geedhad ki mout aati hai voh shaher ki taraf bhaagti hai. Ab Mangla ki bhi vahi halat hai, so either she will realize her mistakes and turn into good person or she will die.

    So Kalyani, regarding chemistry, I’m not really sure. Just today, I saw little glory in her face, I was so tired of stony and expression-less face.

    Where is Dolana 🙂

  8. Anandi and Dr Anant gets married
    Nidhi will run shivniketan
    Nimboli run after BV
    Shivam will become Surpanch
    Abhi becomes Dr
    Manu marries Pooja
    Dadisa waits for Nimboli Marriage

    1. Mangala will look after Kamali and Puskar kids

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