Balika Vadhu 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd March 2014 Written Update

BH :-

G tells DS that M didn’t cried at all during the blood test and hopes that the reports are revealed well .

DS tells it will be well and tells her to read her the newspaper , G jokingly tells she wont be reading any hartal and cock fighting news as nowadays the papers are full of them .

G starts reading about Sanchi’s case right from start to end and reveals that the girl’s identity is kept anonymous .

She tells its so irritating to see girls being exploited daily but one good thing is there in it that even some people fight for truth and justice above relations .

DS tells because of them this world still runs and they express their sympathy towards the ‘girl’ and praise Khabra but DS doubts that he is the same Khabra

who fought for J .

KB :-

The maali waters the plants then 2 ladies come there and request him for flowers as they are going to temple , he gives them and then they bring out the topic of Sanchi’s case just to gossip .

Maali sternly tells him not to spread such sensitive news around just to have fun as even they have daughters and DILs in their houses .

They go from there and Sanchi hears this , she thanks the maali and starts crying , the maali tells her not to cry as he wont let people raise fingers on her .

Sanchi remembers how she rudely told him to keep shut .

KB , living room :-

All are searching for Sanchi , she comes back , they in a worried tone ask her where she went off without even informing , she replies that she was restless so she went to temple to have a peaceful mind .

She distributes the prasad to all and all remember her rude behavior towards them , dadu tells her they always waited to have prasad before breakfast and then Sanchi tells about Khabra leaving his home .

They feel bad for Khabra as well and think how he had a tiff with his parents only because of supporting the truth .

JaGan room and guesthouse :-

J is worried about M’s reports as he gives a glance at it and then at M who is playing with a car and remembers the Dr.’s words about increase in WBC and blood cancer .

G comes there searching for M , she sees J tensed and says that N and M are very close to each other but J doesn’t respond . G then tells him about Khabra’s article in the paper .

J calls Khabra and tells him that he read about the article then Khabra tells that this time Sanchi wasn’t at fault but in the earlier phase he thought that Sanchi is guilty .

But he was wrong and he learned that one should not judge a person by their past . J is shocked and stunned to know about it .


JaGan room and Sanchi’s room :-

The call ends and G asks him that what happened to him , J tells that the girl for whom Khabra raised voice is none other than Sanchi !! G is shocked as well and they feel sad as they misunderstood her when she was only pleading for forgiveness .

J calls Sanchi who lifts it but he is stuttering to start talking , he only apologizes to her for talking rude with her when she called them and tells that they are proud of her as she fought against the injustice done to her.

He gives the phone to G who tells that A is her biggest support than anyone else but she can always ask them to help her if she needs .

The call is ended but still JaGan are in utter shock , then G asks about M’s reports , J lies that nothing wrong is detected in the report so no worries.


KB :-

A brings milk for Sanchi who is laying her cot down , A asks what is she doing ? Sanchi tells that from now she will sleep on the floor as it will be the punishment for all her mistakes .

A tells that she shouldn’t do that as everyone forgave her , Sanchi tells she not only had hurt her family but also other people like JaGan and tells that she almost killed G’s baby . A is shocked to know it .

VO :-

When a person goes through the process of redemption , they readily accept their mistakes .

Precap :-
JaGan room and Dr.’s cabin :-
J thinks to take M to Jaipur but worries as he don’t know the excuse he should give for G to take M there.
The phone trings and rings till G picks up , the Dr tells that he knows about a medicine which will help in reducing WBC amount in M . G is shocked on hearing it

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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