Balika Vadhu 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini is brought to the marriage altar by her mum…..Krish tells something. Everyone looks on. Kundan talks to his dead dad and says my revenge will be fulfilled. Shankar is seen tied to the chair. Kundan says Nandini will marry Krish and not Amit. Shankar says my sister defeated you before also. Kundan slaps Shankar and says his decision is final and Nandini will become his bahu. He scolds him for not learning to talk to his jija well. Once Kundan goes, Shankar/ Shivam thinks he has to stop the wedding anyhow…and unties the rope from his hand to save his sister. Jamun asks what happened Nandini…..Nandini stares Krish..Nani says she is shamelessly staring our tenant. Kundan keeps eye on her secretly. Dr. Amit holds Nandini’s hand and says promise me that you will marry.

Kundan thinks things are falling out from his hands and he has to do something……Dr. Amit holds Nandini’s hand and takes her to Krish. Nani says he has gone mad…

Kundan takes gun from his pocket and loads it. Dr. Amit says Nandini loves you Krish and not me. He says you both loves each other naa. Marriage will happen on this mandap. Everyone looks on shocked. Kundan is about to shoot bullet on Amit..Dr. Amit gives Nandini’s hand in Krish’s hand. Hen says you both love each other truly, what you both were doing. He says this marriage will be successful now. He tells Nandini that he was nowhere in their love story and her love is won. He says he just wants to see her happy, and asks Krish never to hurt Nandini in life, says it is a warning. Krish says yes. Dr. Amit turns to his dad and says we can’t force anybody to love. Dr. Amit’s dad says I am proud of my son and says you have done right.

Dr. Amit tells Nandini that he will be with her as her friend and asks her not to forget, and remember him whenever she needs him. Naina Bawre plays…………Krish says I told that this dilwala will take this dulhaniya….Nandini smiles and gives her hand in his hand…Everyone claps for them….Shivam frees himself from the kidnapping place and calls Nandini, but her phone is kept somewhere. He thinks I can’t let you marry Kundan’s step son. He says if you pick call once then you will understand. He says if you marry him then you will be trapped again. Nandini asks Krish, why you are worried. Krish says I am waiting for my mom…His mom comes with the shagun and his sehra…Krish and Nandini gets up and greet her. Krish’s mum says she is very beautiful. She says I am happy that you both have chosen each other. Krish asks about Abhayram. Mum says he asked me to come here and he said he will go the grah pravesh arrangements. Krish says okay.

Krish’s mum friend tells that Nandini looks elder than Krish. His mum says Krish’s happiness matters to her very much. Abhayram orders the servant to make rose bed till Krish’s room. He takes out nail from the cloth and says he will make nail bed sheet for her. Krish and Nandini are sitting in the mandap. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands.. They exchange garlands. Everyone claps for them. Kundan says you will be very happy today and might be on cloud nine, but your happiness will be short lived. He says come here once, I will make your life hell and puts nails in the flowers. Nandini and Krish are seen smilingly.

Nandini asks Dr. Amit to do the ghatbandhan. Krish’s mum looks shocked. Nandini and Krish takes pheras and get married. Nandini leaves from her house after grah pravesh rasam. Kundan thinks he will be the first man to have married to Nandini and become her sasur also and breaks mirror angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hw it is possible??????kundans step son ???/

  2. Stupid serial.writers don’t u have any other story.relations have no values in ur point of view.chi.stupid writers and serial.

  3. No reality in serial

  4. actually i like nandini-krish story more than anandi-shivam

    1. I mean i like the pair more not the story and can someone tell me how on earth is Krish kundan’s son in that case Nandini will be elder than krish much elder but tey look thy are the same age I saw this show after many days and this is my second episode after the leap and I like the pair so watched a little please reply

      1. FATARAJO… KINDLY GO THROUGH D COMMENTS FROM 1stjune u ll get to know who is what… still then…. a gist for u.. who is krish n whats his n his mother’s back ground dats still mystery.. secondly krish is step son of kundan… how kundan being in jail met krish’s mother n how he got married to her who is krish’s real father how kundan sitting in jail got intouch with this lady from foreign etc are all mystery which I m sure of when revealed will have no head n tail connected to d story… it ll be something absurd n Nandini is seven years elder to Krish…

      2. Krish is Kundans step son because Kundan married Kris mom.

      3. Oh okay thanks i dont understand one thing why does ruslaan love to do roles where the female lead is always elder than him in the story 😛 first jee le zara and now balika vadhu 😛

      4. i like pair of nandini or krish kya ap logo ne real age dekhi hai both have born same year 1982 and avinash was only 29 year nandini elder nahi hai both r same

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    why everyone is quiting the show where is jagya ganga mannu abimanyu gehna why story is only revolving around nandini ofcourse she is d main lead but pls show jagya family also

  6. I cannot watch the seril anymore….showing such nonsense

    1. Yes really so much nonsense

    2. sure right, when will all his nonsense be over why can there be some kind of happiness without drama life is not only about problems.

  7. Is this incest story? Father in law first husband. Son second husband. Writers gone mad ?

  8. This is heights…. its a tight slap on Indian values… are these writers saa foreigners??? N is nandini daughter of anandi???? Mahi Vijj is out of mind to accept such stupid storyline to act… kaam nahi mil raha toh kuch bhi karogi??? As per d previous story nandini doesnt seem to be anandi’s daughter in anyway… had anandi been alive then she wouldnt hv accepted such stupid relation… this serial should be stopped immediately… enough is enough… Besharamo ki tarah kuch bhi dikhaye jaa rahein hain… haadh ho gayi yaar…. ab bhi sare Bharatiye aur Censor board chup baithe hai… a case should be registered against d production house director writers n also on colors… Mr CEO of colors kindly open ur eyes n stop d telecast of such a nonsense serial which is hurting n sentiments of Indians…maa baap bhai behen Pati patni Shadhi rhiste naaton ka mazak bana dale hain in logo ne… cheeezzzzz….

    1. Well said

  9. Serial ka update padh ke itna gusha aa raha hai toh dekhne se toh writers saa ka khoon karne ka maan karega… jago deshwasiyo… aab toh inko muh tod jawab dene ka waqt aa gaya hai…

  10. why one this fine earth would anyone i say anyone choose to marry an immature little boy over a well achieve man its like a different type of Balika vadhu all over again (older woman marrying little boy ) Shame !! Shame!!!!!. Shame!!!!!!.

  11. Shame ful story line…directors aim is dispatch the value of balika vadhu…make the serial dumb and flop…stupidity they are showing us…kundan married nandini in childhood and now his son married the same girl…disgusting ….worst ever worst…worst …worst….worst… I never think story becomes like it….fedup …worst they are showing us…life is not full of problems…

  12. keya bakwas hai
    so dr.amit is out??

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