Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadisaa telling Ganga that she is worried about Mannu and Pooja. Ganga asks her not to worry. Dadisaa also says the same. Mannu and Pooja come to the temple. Mannu asks Pandit ji to do their marriage. Pandit ji agrees and says you look younger in age. Mannu says we are grown up. Pandit ji asks them to show age proof, as they have to keep the record. Mannu gets tensed and tells Pandit ji that he will bring age proof. Other Pandit ji sees Mannu and Pooja talking to Pandit ji about their marriage.

Nimboli tries to look at Urmila’s face secretly. Harki seems to be very happy and talks with the neighbor. Disa sees Nimboli slowly moving to see Urmila and is shocked. The neighbors see Urmila’s face and praise her beauty. Other neighbor asks Harki to find a bride for her son

also. Harki agrees. She feels Nimboli’s presence and turns to see. Chagani covers Nimboli and takes her to room. Chagani explains to her to stay far from Urmi.

Other Pandit ji who heard them talking to head pandit ji, says he will get them married today itself. Mannu asks about his fees. Pandit ji asks for 1000 Rs. Mannu gives the money while Pooja nods him not to. Harki makes Urmi makes Halwa with her hand. Kundan asks her to hurry up with the rituals. Harki asks Urmi to make her husband eat halwa. Innocent Nimboli tries to see Urmila’s face again and comes to the kitchen asking she wants to eat too. Harki gets up angrily. Disa takes her to room. Harki asks Chagani to give some halwa to Nimboli, else she won’t let anyone eat it. Urmila tries to see Nimboli’s face.

Chagani gives halwa to Nimboli and asks her not to come out of room. Kundan praises halwa made by Urmila. Disa comes back to kitchen and asks Urmi to give halwa to her. Urmila gives her halwa. Disa eats the halwa. Nimboli shouts and tells that halwa is not cooked properly. Disa tells Urmila that it is good. Harki says Nimboli is mad and asks her not to worry. Disa says Nimboli cracks jokes. Urmila thinks she have to make Nimboli understand that she didn’t like jokes.

Kamli is walking on road with Pushkar, and thinks about Nimboli. Someone keeps an eye on them and looks at Pushkar’s photo. He races his car towards Pushkar. Pushkar tells Kamli that he wants to eat sweets. The man stops seeing Kamli with him. Kamli asks Pushkar to be there and goes to buy the sweets from the shop. She turns and asks Pushkar, what do you need? Pushkar says he needs jalebi. The man starts his car and drives towards Pushkar. Kamli turns and is shocked.

Kamli shouts at Pushkar to move, but he didn’t understand. Kamli rushes towards him and saves him in the nick of time. The man thinks Pushkar was saved because of that girl. Kamli thinks why that man was trying to kill Pushkar. Harki comes to Nimboli and twists her ears. She then takes her to kitchen and asks her to cook food for everyone. Nimboli thinks how to meet Urmila jiji.

Urmila finds Nimboli beneath the bed and says I will call someone. Nimboli tells her that she is Kundan’s first wife. Urmila shouts and gathers Harki. She tells that Nimboli is trying to kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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