Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Jagya returns home and sees house decorated with the balloons. He then sees his photos and Happy Birthday message. Everyone claps and wishes him a happy birthday. Jagya is very surprised. Basant tells him, Nandu taught everyone this happy birthday song. Jagya tells Dadisa, now I figured why you sent me to the hospital. He takes blessings from everyone. Dadisa says, after so many years, he is celebrating his birthday with the family. When he was a kid, he used to tell everyone what he wants a week before his birthday. Now as he grown up, he didn’t ask anyone for anything. Dadisa then brings his gift. It’s a cricket bat. Jagya remembers his childhood days when he was playing cricket. Dadisa asks him, did you like it? Jagya says, it’s very good. Dadisa says, I remember how you used to amaze

everyone with your batting. Jagya says, it’s been long time.. now I don’t even know if I will be able to bat or no. He gets emotional and says, but I will keep this gift with me forever so it reminds me of my wonderful days of childhood that I spent with you all. To change the emotional environment, Dadisa asks everyone else to give Jagya his gifts.

Bhairo gives laptop. Jagya says, but I have this already.. Basant gives gold chain saying you have chain already, but that doesn’t mean u won’t take it. Jagya says, I am just saying.. I am not saying I won’t take it. Gehna says, you better take them otherwise you will get scolding. Jagya says, with all these wonderful gifts, I will take your scolding too. Emotional Sumitra says that Jagya is with them on his birthday after so many years.

They come in front of God and Dadisa does his arti and says that she went to mandir in the morning. Sumitra tells Jagya how dadisa used to go to mandir everytime on his birthday, even in his absence. Dadisa says, there is another gift that I want to give it to you because it belongs to you. Jagya asks, what is it? Dadisa recalls her giving a gift to Jagya on his 5th birthday, but then taking it away after years saying Jagya doesn’t deserve it. She now says, you deserve this and gives that gift to him. Jagya gets emotional again and says, this is the best gift and he hugs Dadisa.

Jagya says, I am so happy today that I feel like celebrating it. Dadisa says, that is why all these preparations are done. She gives credits to Ganga. Jagya asks Ganga, was all this your idea? Ganga says, I didn’t do everything alone. Sumitra asks Jagya to get ready before guests start coming in. He leaves. Dadisa asks Ganga if she called Anandi. Ganga says, they are on their way.

Mahi is happy as he got opportunity to meet some special cricket coach. He gets call from Meenu. Meenu tells him, we might be late and Natthu is on holiday.. so you will have to order something from outside. Mahi loves it. Meenu tells him, not to order any junk food. Meenu asks him if he met foreign coach. Mahi expresses his happiness to her and then hangs up.

A girl runs in that hotel building as it’s raining outside. Mahi keeps glaring at her. When he sees her face, he recognizes her (Aashima) and is surprised to see her. She tries to book a room for her, but there is no room left. Mahi goes to her and she is surprised seeing him. Mahi asks her, what are you, shiv bhaiya’s special friend, doing in Udhaipur? And you came here and didn’t even tell him? She says, I came to nearby village for some project. But my recorder broke and I came to Udhaipur to buy some parts. It got late and started raining so I thought to stay here for tonight, but I am not getting any room. Mahi says, that is because you came here and didn’t give us chance to take care of you. She says, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone… Mahi then says, give me your bags and lets go home. She refuses. Mahi decides to call Shiv, but Aashima takes away the phone. Mahi says, maybe you want to surprise Shiv, but that won’t happen because him and entire family went out. Aashima doesn’t feel like going, but in end she has to go with Mahi to Shekhar’s house.

Jagya is getting ready. Ganga comes there with manu. She asks Manu to give him the gift saying to Jagya, a small gift for you. Jagya says, what is this? All these preparations that you did for me is nothing less than a gift. Ganga says, all that I did for myself. If you take this gift, then we both (her and Manu) will like it. Manu gives him the gift and he takes it this time. It seems like a wallet or something with “J” on it. Ganga says, I saw you having lots of papers in your pocket and having difficulty to take out your phone.. so if you put it in this and hangs that to your belt, then it will be easier for you to take out the phone. Jagya says, this is really a wonderful and helpful gift. He thanks Manu and goes to kiss him. Manu moves away and jagya is about to kiss Ganga. They both have a long eyelock and then Manu again comes in the way.

Jagya asks Ganga, why didn’t you give this gift in front of everyone? Ganga doesn’t know what to say. Jagya says, because you felt your gift is not expensive as others? He reminds of her a saying that value of a gift is not by its price, but by the feelings you give the gift. This gift is very special and I will always keep it with me. Ganga is very happy. Sumitra calls Jagya. Ganga says him that they should go downstairs now.

Guests come in. Jagya is surprised seeing Sughana. Sughana wishes him a happy birthday and hugs him. Dadisa thanks Sughana’s mother-in-law and father-in-law for coming. Sughana meets and greets everyone. Sughana says, we are celebrating Jagya’s birthday together after so many years.. she says to Jagya, you really brought happiness back in this house. Screen freezes on Jagya’s happy face.

Voiceover: Once you rectify your past mistakes, all those mistakes are forgiven and happiness return in your life.

Precap: Jagya cuts the cake. Later, Daddu tells Dadisa that Sanchi likes Jagya and wants to marry him. Ganga hears it.
Later, Sanchi tells Ganga that her family came to talk about her rishta with Jagya. Ganga seems to be hurt.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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