Balika Vadhu 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga thinking about Dadisaa’s words. She tells Jagya that Dadisaa’s decision is wrong. She asks him not to get upset with her. Jagya says no and says I am surprised with your thinking. She says at once you wanted to go from here when Ratan Singh threatened us. He says kids will accept Nimboli once they get to know about the truth. Ganga smiles. Kamli likes the idea when Kundan asks for job. Kamli asks Munim ji to give work to Kundan. Munim ji gives him work and asks if he knows calculation. Kundan says no. Munim ji asks him to do the work. Later Kundan comes to Munim ji’s room and threatens him. He takes money from his pocket and asks him not to inform Kamli.

Dr. Anant tries to cheer up Nimboli, but she gets irked and asks him to leave her alone. Dr. Anant is

shocked with her behavior. Anandi comes and looks on surprised. Anandi tells Anant that she is worried for Nimboli and thinking how to bring smile on her face. Dr. Anant says Nimboli have suffered a lot due to Akhiraj in his house and we can’t tell her truth now. Nidhi says I will cheer her up and goes to her room. Kundan acts to lift heavy bags infront of Kamli. Kamli asks to have food and asks Munim ji if he is working properly. Munim ji is scared of him and praises Kundan. Kundan goes to have food. Nidhi comes to Nimboli and invites her to pluck tamarind from tree. Nimboli gets happy and says she will come. Anandi asks Mangla to let Nimboli go. Nidhi talks to her. Nimboli is happy. Mangla thinks she will stop Anandi, Anant and others from making Nimboli happy again.

Nimboli and Nidhi play game. Nimboli gets happy and says I have won. Anant comes. Nimboli apologizes to him for misbehaving with him. Anant says okay. Mangla tells Anandi that she will go to Jhalra and makes an excuse. Anandi says Kamli will never want Nimboli to return as she don’t want her life to be in danger because of Kundan. Mangla insists to go. Jagya shouts and asks her not to take Jhalra’s name again. Later in night, Mangla thinks she knows what to do? Next morning, Anandi asks Ganga if they saw Mangla. Ganga says no. Jagya says may be she went to meet Nimboli in Dr. Anant’s home. Anandi says I will call her. Dadisaa says she went to Jhalra. Jagya asks what? We had discussed it already. Dadisaa says she saw Mangla going and asked her. Mangla tells her that she is going to Jhalra being elder family member. She talks about her duty.

Nimboli comes home and calls Mangla. She shouts Maa looking at empty cupboard. Kundan gets his head shaved as per the ritual and makes promise to Akhiraj that he will kill Anandi, Jagya, Nimboli and Mangla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Writers get kundan in new avataar n now akhiraaj with new avataar… dears now change all in new avataars… no story to tell so change d characters for change… drag drag n drag….. anandi seems u forgot to call ur inlaws after getting nandini… instead of these characters akhiraaj n kundan get back major saheb… major saheb ira meenu alok will set right this stupid mangla

    1. This gazini anandi forgotten her father mother who r in usa,mother in law,father in law who r in singapore,one in jail,and doing timepass with mangla,akhiraj.comedy is within 15 days kundan became villain,from last three gen daadisaa looking same hw its possible.

  2. Please stop dragging and unite nimboli with her real mother. This is heights of not having tricks to tackle a girl inspire of being educated.

  3. Now its high time. nimboli and shivam should know about the truth. how long u can drag the story

  4. It getting very boring…the story is dragging long does it take for nimboli to know the truth of her real mother and mangla conspiracies.

  5. Shobha garrett

    Good point. Where are the in laws. Where is Amol with modern technology is face time, Skype etc etc etc. how comes no one communicates. Seriously, where is everyone. Yikes!!!! Please turn his around or allow me to write a new story line. My imagination is quite vivid!

  6. U thinking abt amol….

    I wonder,,… Where are jagya parents…
    Both went usa… No return….. Years…..

  7. omg when nimboli going to find out that anandhi is her mother it going shity now come on ppl

  8. Really this is disgusting. Why eloberate Kundan’s story. The writers have no guts to proceed the story after Nimboli knows the truth. Even Nomboli’s behaviour. Is disgusting. How can she cut the new dress which Anandi brought. According to her they are staying in some stranger’s house.

    I ha e stopped watching Balika. Vadhu twice. Now I think this is high time to stop watching this aerial. Old Kundana was much suitable to the character. This one I don’t. Like

  9. Guys you are not realizing one thing, actors that needs to be kicked out will either go to USA, Singapore, jail or dies. And when the the writers are out of story, these characters will come back (even from death) either in their last stage (of death) or some other reason to drag the story little longer. They will have nothing to do with the story line…but to just extend the time.

    So no need to worry about them coming back…when they come, they come, when they don’t they don’t.

    Here is what is going to happen in couple of weeks. Mangla goes to Jhara, Akhiraj comes back alive and try to kill Mangla. In the mean time, here in Jaitsar, Nimboli will insists that she want her Mom (Mangla) back. So Anandi decides to take her to Jhalra. Shivam has already vacated his bedroom, now he decides to run from the house because he is angry with Anandi. Mangle somehow sees Akhiraj and wanted to warn Anandi not to come to Jhalra….

    And this continues…

    This is Shiv from heavens….I can’t rest in peace. 🙂

    1. V Good, it ll break the record of Kapil Sharma WOW

  10. over acting nimboli..double overacting mangla…but “”no brightness in anandi role, it’s gone when shiva died””.
    yes problem is there finally solutions is too available, use some strategies but not STUPID DRAGGING…Stop this nonsense, how many years….,months…, days….., viewers have a patience?? Directors think about it… conclude the current dragging

  11. And I suspect that Akhiraj is not dead because the body that arrived in Jhalra had the face mauled by eagles/vultures. Is the serial existing only for Akhiraj? I think the advertisers sponsoring this serial should withdraw their support. Only then will the serial end! The makers are not paying any heed to our comments!

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