Balika Vadhu 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts in the school. The announcement is made to present Dadisaa with the prize for the play. Everyone clap for Dadisaa. Jagya gives her trophy. Dadisaa accepts it happily. All the class 10th students look angrily as their plan failed. Dadisaa thanks everyone for liking the play. She gives the credit for the play to Niranjan and the students. Dadisaa tells that someone torn our play clothes just before our performance to break our strength, but we was determined to do the play. This is the reason for our success. Everyone clap for them.

Ira asks Meenu, why did you wake up so early. Meenu says Anoop have to go early. Ira says she will make breakfast and tea. She asks her to iron the clothes. Meenu says I already ironed his clothes in the night. They come to the kitchen and sees

Anandi. Anandi says she thought to make breakfast as she heard Anoop telling about his meeting in the night. She says tea is ready.

Ganga tells the patient that he will be discharged in 2 days. She gets a call from Gehna asking about Jagya. Gehna asks her to tell Jagya to bring sweets. Ganga says ok. Two goons hear their conversation. Alok asks the kids to call him Daddu, and says he is feeling like a oldies. His phone rings. Anoop talks to the kids and says he is going for an important meeting. He tells bye to kids and leaves. Alok and Daddu look on.

Ganga is going to wear her uniform when a goon stops her.Daddu tells Alok that Nandini is calling you and Shivam is looking out for his favorite Daddu. Alok asks why you are telling me. I have to take action about my plan. I told you that we have decided to shift to Singapore. Daddu asks what are you saying. Alok says I am afraid that things will turn ugly. I can’t live here anymore after Shiv’s death. Daddu says I agree with you. He agrees to come with him to Singapore. Alok says he isn’t having any problem, but Anoop won’t let him go. Anandi comes there. Daddu says everyone is looking at his service. I don’t want to live here. I will come with you. I will definitely talk to Anoop. I will visit India occasionally. He says even we shall take Anandi and kids. Alok says Anoop won’t agree on this. Anandi says we shall stay together here, as Shiv wished. She agrees with Daddu’s decision. Daddu says I will say that you shall come with us. I will talk to Anoop and Subhadra.

The goon in disguise of a ward boy asks Ganga to check the medicine prescription. She checks and says nothing is written on this. The other goon makes her smell chloroform. Ganga gets unconscious. He calls someone and informs that they are coming. Jagya comes to the hospital and gets a phone call. The goons bring Ganga out of the house. Jagya wonders where they are taking the patient and stops them.

Jagya calls Kusum and asks about Ganga. Kusum says Ganga didn’t come. Dadisaa gets worried. Jagya says something is fishy. Ganga gains consciousness in an ambulance and shouts for help. She is then taken to a place and closes her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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