Balika Vadhu 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga checking Nidhi at Shiv Niketan and tells that she has weakness, but she will be alright soon. Her class mates informs Anandi that Nidhi is keeping low since many days and is not having food with them. Anandi gets thinking about the reason for her isolated behavior. Ganga says Nidhi shall speak up about her tension.

Akhiraj Singh blesses Kamli and asks her to be happy always. Shankar says when you have taken a big step towards us, then it is our responsibility to take another step towards you. He goes and bring 100 tolas gold. He tells this is the gold which I got from you during our kids marriage, but now I am returning it to you. He says the reason for this is Kamli. He says Kamli is a good girl and have made place for herself in the heart. When you have

become my relative, I don’t need anything.

Akhiraj gets happy and takes the gold, but Kamli stops her. She tells Shankar that your heart is big, but think about my father’s ego, respect, self esteem etc. How can he take back the gold which he gave to me during my kanyadaan. Akhiraj gets angry in his heart and thinks he can’t afford to lower in Shankar’s mind. He refuses to take the gold and take a leave before eyeing Kamli angrily. Kamli smiles for making him lose gold.

Kamli is in her room, recalls Gopal and cries hugging his handkerchief. She takes his name. Pushkar says I am Pushkar and not Gopal. He asks her to wipe tears and wipes it. Pushkar asks her to smile. Kamli smiles recalling Gopal also asking her to smile. Nidhi wakes up. Anandi asks her, how is she feeling now. Nidhi gets up. Anandi asks what happened, why you are not eating food? Nidhi tells that she don’t feel hungry. Anandi asks what happened? Nidhi shares with her that she is troubled as her parents are divorcing each other. Anandi asks her not to trouble her this way and eat the food. Nidhi asks her to do something and stop her parents divorce. Anandi says she will try.

Urmila’s dad come to take her for pagphera ritual. Urmila greets her. Nimboli comes and brings breakfast for him. Urmila asks her to move and make her father eat with her hand. Khetram asks about Kundan. Nimboli tells that he went to school. Urmila scolds her and asks Nimboli to be servant of the house. She says Kundan is her husband and talks to her rudely. Even Harki talks to her rudely and asks her to pack Urmi’s stuff. Urmila stops her and says she won’t allow her to go to her room. Harki says ok. Urmila says she will pack her bags. Khetram says his daughter is ruling in the house.

Akhiraj gives speech and asks who want to take admission in school. Nimboli gets up and says she wants to. Nidhi’s father come to meet Anandi. Akhiraj comes to haveli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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