Balika Vadhu 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli making the special juice/drink for the groom and his family. She adds chilli in one of the glass. Harki asks what you are doing? Nimboli says she is making drink. Harki asks her to make well. Nimboli recalls Anandi saying and touches her nose. Harki asks what you are doing? Nimboli nods no. Harki asks her to make dal and leaves. Nimboli prays to God. Later she waits for the groom and his family to come. Harki asks her to come inside. Nimboli sees the jeep arriving and informs that they have come. Akhira Singh and his family look outside.

The Groom and his family get down from the jeep. Nimboli looks at the groom and thinks he is elder, and Kamli jiji is young. The groom’s kids ask them about new Maasa Kamli. Harki sees the groom and tells Akhira Singh

that the groom is elder and have kids also. Kundan makes Akhira Singh wear the turban. Akhira singh makes Harki quiet and says Kamli is fortunate to get married, bachelor boy won’t marry her. Nimboli thinks bapusaa will reach the stairs before him and calls his name. He welcomes the groom and he slips on the stairs because of greese. His kids say bapusaa has fallen down. The old groom’s mother makes him get up. Kundan brings the carpet and put on the stairs, so that no one slips again. Nimboli smiles.

They come inside. Nimboli thinks welcome is good. Disa peeps in the hall from the window of her room. Akhira Singh asks to bring Kamli. Nimboli runs to Kamli’s room and says they have come. She asks her not to worry. She tells that she did something and whispers in her ears about her doings. The groom’s family tells that his first wife died years ago, he can live without a wife, but his kids need a mother. We explained him and he agreed. Kamli brings the juice tray. The oldie groom smiles seeing her. Harki praises Kamli and counts her qualities.

Harki asks Nimboli to bring the drink. Nimboli nods and goes inside. Anandi talks to Sarita. Vasundara comes and introduces herself. Anandi asks her to sit. She introduces her to her daughter and says they came for admission. She seeks for admission in 11th class. Sarita says admission date has ended. Vasundara says we are late for admission. Nidhi says wait and requests Anandi. She shows the paper cutting of Anandi’s work and asks did you like it. Anandi asks did you make it. Nidhi says she is her big fan and following her work. She says it is a dream to study in Shiv Niketan. Anandi gets thinking. Nidhi shows her certificates. Anandi looks at it and says you are a bright student. Vasundara seems uninterested. Anandi says she is late for admission, but we can think of giving admission to her. She asks her to look at Shiv Niketan and its facilities. Nidhi agrees. Anandi smiles.

The groom’s mother asks Kamli, whether she knows stitching. Harki asks her to answer. Nimboli brings the tray. Kamli takes it from her hand. Nimboli shows her special glass for the groom. Kamli sadly serves the drink to the guests. The groom was about to take the glass. Nimboli forwards the chilli powder glass and says it is specially made for you by Kamli jiji. He takes a sip and starts coughing. Everyone wonder what happened to him. Nimboli smiles and thinks tauji (groom) will not say yes for this relation. Akhira Singh drinks his glass. The groom says it is good and looks at Kamli. He drinks it. His kids like Kamli. The groom says he accepts Kamli for his kids and parents. They congratulate each other. Kamli cries and looks at nimboli. Nimboli signs her not to cry.

Harki says she didn’t think that they will get good groom for her, so early. Kamli refuses to marry him. Akhira singh slaps her and says you have to marry him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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