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Balika Vadhu 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli asking Dadisaa that if they will die? Dadisaa says no. Akhiraj says well done to Kundan for cutting car brakes wire, and says Nimboli must have died by now because of MLA’s son. Kundan says Deenu should be appreciated. Akhiraj gives him money. Kundan asks where is my money? Akhiraj says everything is of yours. He gives him money. He asks Deenu to go and enquire where their dead bodies are kept. Deenu says okay and leaves. Akhiraj laughs. Mannu is driving the car carefully as the brakes have failed. Dadisaa asks him to be careful. Mannu sees sand there and hits car with it to stop it. He gets slightly hurt. Dadisaa and Nimboli are fine. They reach home. Anandi thanks Mannu for saving them. Jagya appreciates Mannu for bringing them safely. Nimboli says I had fun.

Dadisaa says car was alright when we went there. Mannu says mechanic will tell after checking. Jagya thinks car was serviced few days before.

Deenu informs Akhiraj that everyone is fine. Akhiraj scolds and slaps Deenu. Deenu says that boy have rescued them safely because of sand. Jagya says their destiny will not be good. He says how will they be safe with my vabhoot and says that vabhoot contained poison. He says I gave my poisonous blessings and everyone will die. He says I will do everything alone now, and can’t trust anyone now.

Nimboli hugs Dadisaa and says she is going to sleep now. Dadisaa asks her to eat babaji’s vabhoot before sleeping. Nimboli says its taste is not good. Dadisaa says everyone have eaten it. Nimboli refuses and goes. Anandi asks Dadisaa if you think that it will have any effect. Dadisaa says Anant Maharaj told about about Nimboli’s past and says because of this vabhoot, my head ache went away. Jagya says it is because of your mind, and explains to her. Dadisaa says I have faith on baba ji and says there is no disadvantage in eating it. Anandi takes it and says I will make Nandini eat it. Nimboli pretends to sleep. Anandi asks her to eat it. Shivam convinces her. Nimboli eats a pinch hesitantly with water. Anandi asks her to sleep now. Akhiraj makes poisonous tablets. Harki asks him about it. Akhiraj says Nimboli must have eaten it by now and laughs.

Nimboli gets pain in her stomach and vomits. Anandi and Shivam wakes up. Anandi asks Shivam to call Ganga fast. Ganga checks Nimboli and asks if Nimboli have eaten anything from outside. Anandi says no. Ganga gives her medicine and says you will feel better. Nimboli still feels vomiting sensation and vomits. Everyone gets tensed. Ganga tells Anandi that they shall take her to hospital and will keep her under observation. Nimboli refuses to go, but they convince her. Ganga says I will call on hospital no. Dadisaa says you will be fine as you have eaten baba’s vibhooti and will be fine. Jagya asks Anandi to give that vibhooti. Dadisaa asks if you are doubting on babaji. Jagya says he will get it tested in the lab and asks Anandi to give that Vibhoot. Later Anandi brings Nimboli to hospital. A few men brings a boxes of fake medicines to the hospital. Ward boys takes it inside. Some people is brought to hospital and complains of same pain. Ganga checks them and wonders what is happening. Nimboli takes the medicines and feels much pain. She starts shaking her body (may be due to fake medicine). Anandi asks Nurse to do something.

Nurse informs Ganga that Nimboli is getting attacks. Food Inspector comes and shows expired medicines to Jagya which is found in his hospital. A man throws stone on Jagya’s head. Anandi shouts Jagya. Later Mangla elopes from mental hospital. Anandi and Nimboli come to meet her and see Mangla running from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I was silent all the time, even one of my long wait has fulfilled, I.e. Anandi & Nimboli meet. It was awesomely taken best episodes in BV. But finally, its time that I’ve to share a news which I got to know, Balika vadhu is ending.

    It is known news, what’s new in it? Yeah, there is something new here. When Anandi & Nandini met, we thought this serial shouldn’t end but again when from past two days it is quoting boring with Akhiraj drama, we wished it needs to be ended when there is no proper story to tell.

    So, finally time has come that dadisa, My favourite is going to die very soon in Balika vadhu. And akhiraj is also gets exposed soon. Mangala devi will die it seems & last but not least BALIKA VADHU takes 15 years new leap and starts a new Season with fresh faces. Don’t know what happens to Anandi & Nandini, but I feel bad when Dadisa dies who was the back bone of this series and without whom we cant even imagine BV. Her character transformation is awesome in this series. Actually it is better than Anandi role from my perspective.

    Let us see what’s gonna happen now and how this ends. We all wait for the new season. BTW cheer the moment when Akhiraj exposes this time.

    I got this info. from Internet, Probably you will also get to know. Though it is
    a long story I wrote, I just want to share my thoughts atleast now.

    1. Who are u with this long story ????

      1. sarayu (honey)

        guys , here is a very shocking news, DADISAA’S CHARACTER IS GOING TO END. Yes this is true. Here’s some good news for Colors’ longest-running show, “Balika Vadhu.” While rumours were doing the rounds that the show would bring the curtains down soon, latest reports suggest the daily soap will return with a new season.

        According to a report in, “Balika Vadhu” will take a 15-year leap with the new season and also introduce a fresh cast. In the second instalment, the show will narrate the story of yet another girl named Anandi and highlight the evils of child marriage.

        With this development, veteran actress Surekha Sikri, who played the role of Dadisa, Toral Rasputra aka Anandi and Rajeshwari Sachdev aka Mangala will exit the show. The report further said Dadisa and Mangala will die before the first season ends. However, the fate of Anandi is unknown as of now.

        Confirming the news, Surekha told the web portal she was now looking forward to do more challenging roles. “Balika has been one phenomenal journey for me. With my character coming to an end, I look forward to some more challenging roles,” she said.

        Earlier, there were reports that “Balika Vadhu”-maker Sphere Origin was planning to introduce a new show, which would replace the ongoing daily soap. The new show was also said to be in its initial stage of development. “The makers of the show, Sphere Origin are now planning to roll out a new show which would replace Balika Vadhu. However, the plot line of the new show is yet to be disclosed and they are working rigorously on the same, [sic]” a source had told India Forums.

        “Balika Vadhu,” which was launched in 2008, gained immense love from its viewers with its unique concept of child marriage and excellent performance by the cast. Over the past years, the family drama with a social message highlighted various issues such as adult education, adoption and widow remarriage.

  2. Ab yeh nakli medicines ka kya chakar hai…?? N when Shivam Manu n Abhi too had that bhabhut then why nothing happened to them…??? Why only Nandini??

  3. Hey shiv where are you??? BAUNDA WAH!!! N what is this story of DADISA?????

    1. Hi dolana, I am here, reading your comments 🙂 I am so frustrated that I just don’t even want to write any comments. If not YOU, I wouldn’t write any comments here 🙂

      That is an interesting story that ‘dadisa’ above wrote. If its true, then, I think, its bad way of ending BV. And I think BV writers want to convey one more message for people who are trying search for a message out of this stupid serial and that’s why this “fake medicine” story.

      1. Hey thanks yaar… so sweet of YOU… once BV ends we all be gone… it was nice meeting u here… phir kabhi mile na mile…

      2. Ya guys they wrote the same in todays paper.Surekha sikri n rajeshwari sachdev character r going to end. N the story wil start after a leap. If that happens toral rasputra wil also exit as she wil not b interested to play senior citizen. The writer n director hav opted out due to creative diffrencess with the producer due to which they r dragging the show for a while now

      3. Oh shiv so meeru Telugu na? Menu kuda Telugu vallam…

      4. Spell mistake memu*

      5. Hi Ria…Hyderabad annaka telugu kakunda ela untanu…pakka teluge 🙂

        So meeru ekkada undedhi? Nice to see you here.

  4. Hey shiv where are you??? BAUNDA WAH!!! N what is this story of DADISA????? Kahan se aye kahani likhi dhamaka kiya aur hawa ho gayi…

    1. That’s true dolana…once BV ends, all will be gone. But as long as we are here, we can enjoy each other’s comments and friendship 🙂

  5. if this irritating akhiraj story is their(producers’) only plot to be shown, i prefer that BV should. if they have a new plot which is acceptable, tolerable and believable, then and only then they should think of continuing the show. also if they are gonna end the show, pls dont kill Dadisa as it will spoil the last memory of BV. i hope all the BV fans are wishing for the same.

  6. Akhirajs efforts to kill nimboli and family are getting comical, beginning to have some sympathy for him ……?

  7. Dadisa…longest role in balika vadhu will end soon, dadisa gets gunshot while saving anandi…
    Dadisa backbone of balika vadhu ,really a strong charecter…but we miss her role coming days.

  8. Kahin yeh story trp badhane ka koi chal toh nahi??? Kal ka episode dekh ke mujhe toh lagta hai deenu jis ne kal akhiraaj se maar khane ke baad ghushe se dekh raha tha jarur jaa kar jagdish ya dadisa ke samne akhiraaj ka pura pol khol dega aur akhiraaj is baar akele nahi balki aapne saparivaar ke sath jail me chakki pesega….Is jastojahaad me sirf mangla meregi.. n we will have a leap of 15 yrs with new anandi married to anant n all children grown up… new faces new stars n new story line… KYA KEHETE HO SHIV AISA BHI TOH HO SAKTA HAI… HAI NA,????

  9. I can’t take it anymore. This is too frustrating for me. It was the only Indian show I was watching. Now I’m not going to watch it anymore. Bye bye guys.

    1. Ganga…BV is ending and you are quitting? Itna din tak jhele aur last me “retired hurt” huye tho kaisa? I wanted to quit too, but as it is ending anyway, I would stay, I suggest you stay too. Let’s have some more fun for few more days…commenting here. 🙂

      1. Hi shiv… Kalyani left Ganga too bids byee… so I too leave… phir kabhi nahi milenge shayad… kuch din phele mile ab ta ta bye bye… have lovely n blessed life…

      2. Thanks dolana…I will be missing you guys for sure. Have a good one.

      3. Okay let’s watch dis till death….. 😀 noboady is allowed to leave at this moment OK? We’ll watch the last episode together and will have a last conversation about the whole seriel.

  10. RIP pratyusha banerjee………..who played the role of anandi earlier……very saddened by her demise….

    1. Very sad news indeed.

      1. Hi Sarayu…after I read the new here, I was watching news on TV and I just can’t understand how some people will go that extreme that they have to take their own life. I am hearing this a lot especially in cine industry.

        So when did you come to US? Grad…undergrad?

      2. Honey (Sarayu)

        I am studying in 9th grade. We just moved her last year from Andhra pradesh. Memu telugu vallame

      3. Hi Sarayu…glad to know you are from AP. How do you like here. I have a son who is almost your class 🙂

      4. Honey (Sarayu)

        Oh is it.

    2. Honey (Sarayu)

      You are right shiv

      1. Honey (Sarayu)

        This is really sad

    3. Its sad indeed… pray for her soul to rest in peace… but sorry guys Pratyusha wasnt a strong person nor a dutiful daughter…these younsters really need proper education with life skills n value… they lack in bonding relations family responsibility… how ridiculous!!!! just a 10 months relation was so important that she forgot 24 years relation with her parents relatives cousin sibblings!!! Werent they always who supported her n looked into her needs??? Why do these youngsters forget life is more worth than a stupid broken relation… depression for a silly boy friend girl friend n just end ur life… so much of depression for a person that you forget a whole number of people who are in n around you from ur birth… what about ur responsibility towards family society ur country??? Really disgusting… these girls are beautiful with no brains… ek boyfriend ke liye maarne se acha tha apne desh ke liye saheed hona…

  11. Life is so beautiful n its LORDS blessings to get such life… ups n downs are testimonies of life n Lord always carries u from difficulties only when u are dutiful n responsible towards ur own n others… ending life is not a solution.. how foolish thinking of hers… she ended d life which could be much beautiful successful n fruitful.. people will talk about her for few days n forget her n her boyfriend will forget her in few hours n will fall in love with someone else get married n will enjoy his life.. n in no moment of his life will he remember Pratyusha… who will REALLY miss n suffer will be her PARENTS…ITS A NEVER ENDING GRIEF FOR THEM… how painful it will for dat mother who bore her for nine long months feeling d child grow n move each second in her womb n for a father who waited eargerly for nine months to get the feel of first touch of his life n see his own part… She took away all dreams of her parents – a dream of suuceesful daughter her marriage grandchildren n many more to it…… heart goes for d parents of Pratyusha. MAY LORD BLESS THEM N GIVE THEM D STRENGTH BOUNTIFULLY TO LIVE THIS LIFE WITHOUT THEIR LITTLE LIFE PRATYUSHA….

    1. Pratyusha Banerjee’s death is indeed sad news we all pray for her soul to rest in peace …… but in the other hand I agree with you dolana as todays children dont think twice before taking such steps.
      Somewhere we say it is easy to say but it is difficult to face, but in all to face and judge and fight with the situation is the life if you live only then you will be able to search way, if you give up then………. Being in a city like Mumbai and also as an actress may be at the tender age of 24 yet should have the courage to face the situation. She gave her 24yrs to build the castle (be actress to earn fame) and just few minutes to break down. How could anybody take such step.
      we do all watch serials and give our good or bad opinion. Yes it is easy to give comments in serials, but life is not any serial or any act drama …… This is life where we all at act in our way to face the situation. It is a plot given by GOD and we are all just acting on the same may be serial, drama, movie etc just in plot to face the good or bad situation, we do never have the right to end up life.
      My heart goes for Pratyusha’s parents. May GOD bless them and give them the strength to live without Pratyusha.

  12. Breaking news…. pratyusha death- suicide or murder??? Rahul Singh being doubted??? Was money debt violence n secret marriage reasons for her death?????? CBI INVESTIGATION DEMANDED…. postmortem will clear nany raised questions… Pratyusha’s parents reach Mumbai…. Postmortem starts in Siddharath hospital in mumbai

  13. I was shocked after hearing this news

  14. I liked pratyusha. I liked her smile. 🙁

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