Balika Vadhu 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 31st March 2014 Written Update

Udaipur Traffic Junction :

Anandi comes to Sonu, who is begging at the traffic junction. She looks at a wound on his hand and asks if his mother had hit him again. He says, the lady is not his mother. In the mean while the beggar lady comes there and questions Anandi and tells her that it is none of her business.

Anandi replies sternly, that it is indeed her concern, if kids are being forced to beg at an age when they should be studying.

A gang of beggars come to attack Anandi, The police who are in plain clothes come and arrest them. Shiv too arrives. Anandi is surprised to see him and asks him why he is here. He says, he is worried for her, so he came personally to check if she is alright. Anandi smiles.

Sonu, asks Anandi if he need not resort to begging any

more. She says Yes , and he along with other kids will now start studying like any normal kid of their age. Sonu is happy and she gives a group hug to all the kids assembled there with Shiv looking amused.
Jaitser Hospital :Singhs gather at Hospital.

Jagdish says, all the prep. for the transplant are taken care of.Ratan Singh arrives with his advocate. He puts forward more of his terms and conditions to donate his marrow. Basant is irritated. Ratan Singh with an evil smirk, emotionally black mails them.

His advocate puts forth 4 conditions.
Ratan Singh should be given Rs. 25,000 / month towards maintenance of Mannu. This amount will be re looked at every year end.
After giving custody of Mannu to Ratan, Singhs should not u/take any sort of legal action to claim him back.

. None of the Singhs can meet Mannu at Ratan’s house. The time and place to meet Mannu will be decided by Ratan himself. No advise reg. u/bringing of Mannu will be entertained. Its all dependent on Ratan’s will as to what and where will Mannu study. Singhs are flabbergasted. Ganga says, they can’t wait anymore to save Mannu’s life.Jagdish signs the deal with pain looking at Mannu’s face.Mannu is taken away by the nurse to start on the procedure.Sumitra and DS give courage to Ganga.

KB – AnSh Bedroom :

Amol arrives into the bed room., asks Anandi if she has done e/thing he requested for Sonu and if his mother is satisfied.Shiv too arrives. He says, the lady is not Sonu’s mother and he is alone, but the lady will not make him beg any more.Amol with happiness asks, how she agreed, Shiv replies to him, why will not she, if your Mom is determined on that and recounts all that has happened., much to Amol’s amusement.Shiv then sends him off to go and see if Sanchi got ready and asks him also to get ready.

He then sees Anandi in deep thought and enquires what’s the matter. She replies she is thinking about kids like Sonu and recounts the past incident of her and Jagdish in their childhood involving the beggar racket, and how she got the bullet wound, while saving Jagdish.She then says, the wound is pretty old now, and in any case she had to survive, b’coz, she need to meet him ( Shiv ).
Shiv surprised on hearing same, says, he is more lucky to have her in his life. He also says, that she should not go on taking such risks, for the sake of him, he knows that he is being selfish, but the fact is that he cannot live w/o her.Anandi covers his hand with hers and gives him a soft smile.Shiv emotionally says, its time to get back to work, and will meet at night.

A Temple @ U’pur :

Anandi, Amol, Sanchi, Ira and Meenu at a temple. Meenu asks Anandi to call Jaitser and check if e/thing is OK.

Anandi calls DS. DS tells that Mannu has been taken into the OT and she will update her on f/ther progress. Anandi says, Mannu will be alright, e/one are praying for his safety.Sanchi says, when Mannu becomes alright, she herself will prepare food for orphanage kids.

Singhs and Shekhars pray, with Arti being performed for Maa Durga.

Jagdish comes out of the OT and confirms the procedure is a success. Singhs are delighted.

VO :Prayers performed with pure and genuine hearts, make the impossible , possible. This is the power of the spiritual strength.

Precap :Ratan’s family come to hospital to claim Mannu from there itself.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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