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Balika Vadhu 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki crying and saying her Urmi is gone. Neighbors asks her to take care. Just as they leave, Harki tells Kundan that she is going to meet Akhiraj to inform him about their enemies. She asks him to continue the drama. Kundan says I am done with the drama. Harki asks him to act as they have a bring a new bride from the sam community. Kundan smiles at the name of a new bride, and agrees to act. Badri tells Akhiraj that he is hungry. Akhiraj says don’t know why she didn’t come. Just then they hear someone coming and peeps through the door. They see Harki coming. Harki says she can bring only kachoris for them. Akhiraj slaps her hard and she falls on the ground. He asks can’t you make food for me. Harki informs him about Urmila’s death and says she brought kachoris with

much difficulty. She tells everything and says Mangla and Nimboli are there. Akhiraj says that’s why Anandi have come and says he knows. Harki says Dr. Anant and guards are with her.

Akhiraj picks the kachoris packet and asks her to eat for giving him good news. He says he collided with Urmila in the morning and she got shocked. Harki says Doctor said that she got a shock and that’s why she died. Akhiraj says it is good that Urmila died and says she had given statement against me. Harki smiles. Badri says we can’t attack as Anandi brought guards here. Akhiraj nods no and asks Harki to go home and continue the drama. He says he will plan till then for Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla’s funeral..

Anandi thinks what would have happen if Nimboli had become child bride, and gets in shock. Nimboli asks Urmila to wake up and cries. Anandi hugs her and cries. Badri tells Akhiraj that there are many people here, and it might be dangerous for us. Akhiraj says it will take just 3 mins to kill Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla. Badri says not 3, but 6 and says these guards will kill you and me also. They hear the police coming and asks Akhiraj to come with him. Akhiraj agrees to go from there now and says he will kill them before sunset. Anandi sees Kundan laughing reading the message, and holds his hand to bring him in hall. She asks everyone to stop crying and tells that Kundan was laughing at his wife and baby’s death. She says this is the result of a child marriage and says he doesn’t know about the meaning of marriage. She says everyone is guilty who is responsible for the child marriage. She asks if the parents can’t take care of their daughters and feels ashamed on such parents’ thinking. She appeals to all parents not to get their children married in their childhood.

Khetram and his wife comes and cries for their daughter. Harki asks Pandit ji to start the funeral process and asks Kundan to give agni to Urmila’s body. Kamli says you are responsible for her death and that’s why you will not touch her or give agni. Khetram says I will give agni to her. His wife Saraswati says you are her murderer as you had ignored Kamli’s warning and got Urmila married to Kundan. She says you will not give her agni. Khetram asks then who will do last rites. Saraswati says Kamli will do. Everyone is shocked. Saraswati asks Kamli to do last rites of Urmila and folds her hand. Pandit ji asks Kamli to pick the pot. Kamli picks the pot and they leave from house. Nimboli tells Mangla that she will come with her. Mangla says children can’t go to funeral ground.

Someone thanks Akhiraj for funding the devi maa’s yatra. Many people are in the yatra. Akhiraj says it is done by Devimaa’s wish. He tells Badri that the police is after them like a mad dog. They see Yatra people coming. Pandit ji says they will give way to us, but the people start dancing infront of them. Neighbors say that nobody insulted the dead person like this before. Akhiraj looks at Kamli and Mangla, and thinks nobody will hear bullet voice now.

Anandi, Nimboli, Mangla and Anant are going back to Jaitsar. Akhiraj tells Badri that they can’t go alive from here. He stops his lorry before their car and shoots pistol on the car’s mirror. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. dragging the story line…?? new new story !!!
    we are expecting unite nandini with anandi.
    when nimboli realized anandi is her mother??
    affections are there in real life but these are not lead to selfishess like mangla, so mangla realize yourself..send nimboli to her own mother, and come out from nimboli life.
    akihiraj, harki, kundan never realize for own doing mistakes …. we want some unexpected twist in current track….

  2. It’s high time Akhiraaj Harki and Kundan to pay for their sins… need to show Indian judicial is strong when it comes to bring societal change n removing d system of child marriage from d roots… this is the right platform to warn the parents practising child marriage…

  3. It is actually all Mangala’s fault. She is trying to make Nimboli revolt against Anandhi . As long as Mangala thinks she has authority over Nimboli jujst because she took care of her for 12 years almost doesnot mean that Anandhi has done less. She gave her life and loved here even more than Mangala. Try to realise Anandhi’s agony of losing a child. If you remain selfish for the rest of your life fooling everyone in your surroundings everyone will lose trust in you. Apologise now before we have to se shitty funerals of you nimboli and her mom.

  4. Wht happened to Anandi she looks so helpless. This is really too much…….plz stop this dragging & let mother-daughter patch up

  5. plz we want today written updates…

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