Balika Vadhu 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan thinking to go out and feels tied up in cow’s house. Nimboli is sitting outside. Disa comes and asks if she is missing anyone. Nimboli tells she is missing everyone. She asks why both Mama’s are angry with her. Disa says this happens since childhood. Nimboli asks why there were behaving rudely with you. Disa says she will see Kakusaa and go inside. Kundan comes out of the cow’s shed and walks on the road while hiding his face. Two Police men are going from there, Kundan hides seeing them. She takes someone’s cycle and goes.

Mannu comes to Jagya and falls on his feet, apologizing him. He asks him to forgive him for one last time. He tells when you were talking about Nandini, I heard all. I have realized that I did a big mistake by marrying Pooja at

this age. He says I will do as you and Maasaa says. He cries and asks for chance. Jagya holds his hand and smiles hugging him.

Disa brings oil to massage Kakusaa and tells him. She sees dirty clothes hanging and the area full of dust. She sees the ground wet under the bed. Kakusaa tells that he couldn’t get up from the bed, and the servants also couldn’t take care of him. Disa says she will give him bath and will change his clothes too. Kakusaa says you will go in fews days, then who will take care of me. Disa says until I am here, I will take care of you. Harki misses Kundan and thinks what he might be eating in that house. Someone knocks on the door. Harki opens the door and finds Kundan. She locks the door and asks why did you come here? Kundan refuses to stay in the cow’s shed. Harki is shocked. She tells Akhiraj will punish Disa and Nimboli. Kundan asks what do you mean? Harki says they have eloped. She tells Nimboli’s real mum came and asked about you, but I didn’t tell her anything. Kamli sees them together.

Anandi talks to someone and tells Dadisaa that they couldn’t find Nandini till now. Dadisaa asks her to have faith on God. Jagya gets Kamli’s call and she informs him about Kundan coming home. Jagya says he will send Police to arrest him. He calls the Inspector and asks him to arrest Kundan. Kamli closes all windows and doors. Harki makes Kundan eat food with her hand. Kamli asks her to have shame. She says you will not have food un jail. Harki asks him to run. While Kundan tries to open the door and windows, Kamli tries to stop him. Kundan runs and gets caught by the Police. He says I will not come and apologizes. Harki tries to stop Inspector from taking Kundan and curses Kamli. Kamli tells you are responsible for his deeds and asks Inspector to take him. Inspector arrests and takes Kundan to Police station.

Kamli apologizes to Urmila for getting her husband arrested. Urmila says it is okay and says he deserves this punishment. She hugs Kamli. Inspector beats Akhiraj ruthlessly and asks him to accept his crimes. Akhiraj says I didn’t do anything bad in my life and says he was trapped by Disa. Inspector asks him to accept his crime. Akhiraj says he didn’t do any crime and says you are doing a mistake by arresting an innocent man. Inspector says you are guilty and shows Constables bringing Kundan. Akhiraj is shocked and calls Kundan.

Kundan cries and asks Akhiraj to save him. Akhiraj says yes, and requests Inspector to free him. Inspector says it is our duty to get him punished. Akhiraj asks Kundan not to worry and says I will save you. Akhiraj gets angry.

Disa calls at home phone and Harki hears that she is staying in her native village. Jagya asks Anandi to sit in car as they came to know about Nandini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Lassi ki taraha kahani ko badahe ja raheho

  3. At last kundan got arrested

  4. How many days same precap yar… Disgusting….!!!!!!!!

  5. Well people are thinking when will Nimboli be reunited with her mother it will next week why the Balika vadhu director wants more public to watch more more episodes until they get more money we the public are dumb wake up

    1. The director is aiming at the longest running serial. Balika Vadhu is shown for many years. I think the actors must be on a monthly salary!!!. Dr Jagdish has wisely handed over the role to another. But I must say at present it is interesting. I gave up watching for many months and have started again after Nimboli came on. But If this drags on, might give up again. It is high time to get Akiraj disappear from the drama. He brings too much negativity.

  6. If you drag for long the interest is lost now they will show Harki wil
    Take Nimboli and blackmai Jagya to leave her husband and son in return for Nimboli

  7. No mangla will tell ur mother is bad and im ur mother

  8. I am only reading this. It jus takes 5 min, rather 30 min of time wastage…

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