Balika Vadhu 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 30th October 2013 Written Update

Anandi returns to Shekhar’s house. Everyone is in the hall and still guitly of what happened. Meenu goes to Anandi and asks if everyone went back. Anandi nods her head to say yes. Meenu then hugs her. Alok gets up and goes to Anandi. He says, our love for Sanchi made us blind.. you kept saying that there is no match of Jagdish and Sanchi and this rishta won’t be good for anyone.. but we ignored you.. if we had listened to you back then, then today we wouldn’t have to go through all the embarrassment. We are responsible for whatever happened. Daddu goes to her now and says, we used to be proud that we are broad minded people, but in last few days, our behaviour shocked us and proved our thinking was so low. I feel ashamed thinking how we reacted. He takes out a rose and gives it to

her. He says, I only thought of this one way to apologise to you. Anandi takes it and says, don’t embarrass me more.. day when I came to this house as Shiv’s wife.. this family became mine. I shared happiness with this family, then shouldn’t I be sharing sorrow too? Have I become an outsider that you all are apologising me like this? please don’t do it. Daddu says this is what wins his heart everytime. He gives blessings to her.

Ira recalls how badly she behaved with Anandi and Jagya’s family. How she forced Anandi to support Sanchi in the court. Anandi comes to her and puts her hands on her hands. Ira says, I never ever imagined that Sanchi would do all this. The pain that she gave me.. I may not be able to come out of it ever. She took advantage of my faith, love.. and made joke of my mother’s love.. I will never be able to forget it. She looks at Anandi and says, but Anandi.. the way I behaved with you in last few days.. it’s only me who is responsible.. Sanchi is childish.. but what had happened to me? I kept listening to her and didn’t believe. I am so embarrassed that apologising you is too far.. I can’t even face you. Anandi says, you just give me a smile.. I can at least ask you for that much. Ira smiles and hugs Anandi. Sanchi is watching from upstairs and seems to be angry. Anandi asks Ira about Shiv. Ira says, he is in his room.. he has hurt more than me… he is very upset. Anandi goes to her room.

Anandi comes to the room and looks for Shiv. She finds a teddy with “Sorry” written on it. and below it.. “I love you”. Anandi smiles.

Shiv is outside their house, looking sad. Anandi comes there and asks him what he’s doing there. Shiv says, I am trying to understand myself. Anandi says, there is no need for that. Shiv says, there is.. to gather strength to apologise to you. Anandi says, everything is fine now.. then why are you bothering yourself? Shiv says, no.. since I know you.. I have believed you.. everything you did.. because you never gave any chance not to believe you.. but this time, I was blinded by anger.. I misunderstood everything you said and behaved badly with you. I am really ashamed of this. Everyone gathered to apologise to you.. but I couldn’t even gather enough strength to face you. Anandi says, so you came here by giving responsibility to this teddy? Shiv says, no.. I personally wanted to apologise.. but I thought this teddy will make it easier. I am really very sorry for whatever I did. Anandi says, but this teddy is ready to hold his ears too and apologise. Shiv straight away holds his ears and asks if that’s fine now. Anandi still says no. Shiv asks, still no? Anandi flips the “Sorry” tag and shows “I love you” to Shiv. She says, now everything is fine. They hug tightly to each other.

Gehna tells Mannu, you’re happy now? Your mum and dad are coming here.. now you will stay here with Nandu bhaisa. Basant is worried as he doesn’t know if Jagya and Ganga are really coming. He asks himself what if Sumi doesn’t agree? Sumi, Bhairo, and Dadisa enter. Behind them, Jagya and Ganga enter. Gehna and Basant are happy. Mannu says, Maa.. and runs to Ganga and Jagya. Ganga carries him and hugs him. Mannu then says, bapusa (father) to Jagya. Everyone is surprised and happy. Gehna greets Sumi and congratulates her. She says, I am happy to see smile on your face like before. Sumi says, but my mind will be relieved when you forgive me. I said so much to you in last few days. Gehna asks her to forget everything and welcome happiness that’s standing at the door. Basant says, will everyone stand here or come in too? Dadisa says, they just can’t enter like this.. she tells Gehna and Sumi to welcome new bahu to their house. Nandu comes with a drawing of welcome home and welcomes Jagya and Ganga.

Sumi puts the rice pot at the door and ties a knot to Jagya and Ganga saying they do grah pravesh with tied knot. Dadisa tells Ganga to kick the rice pot and then enter. Ganga kicks the rice pot and enters with Jagya. She then steps in red colored thaal.. and then walks in. Basant gives a sword to Jagya and Jagya and Ganga do other rituals of house entering. Ganga carries all seven thaals properly and then give them to Sumi. She then takes blessings from Sumi. Sumi gifts her a necklace. Ganga looks at Jagya. Sumi says, take it. Ganga takes it. Now Ganga puts her hands in red colored thaal and puts her palm’s marks on the wall. They take blessings from the Goddess.

Now they take blessings from Dadisa and Dadisa also gives them a gift. Jagya and Ganga then take blessings from Basant-Gehna, and Bhairo. They also give them a gift. Nandu says, someone take blessings from me too. Dadisa says, you’re younger.. so you take blessings from them. Nandu takes blessings from Jagya and Ganga, and then give his piggybank as a gift to Ganga. Ganga says, we give gifts to younger.. not take from them. Nandu requests her to take it as everyone gifted her something. Gehna says, he’s giving with so much love.. you don’t say no. Ganga looks at Jagya. He gestures her to take it. Ganga takes it finally. Screen freezes on Jagya’s happy face.

Voiceover: ‘Morning after night’ is nature’s beautiful event. By getting rid off dark, the sun gives new hopes… by getting rid off past, present brings new hopes in the life.

Precap: Sanchi asks for forgiveness to daddu, and Ira, but both refuse saying they are hurt a lot. Sanchi gets up and runs to her room. Anandi looks on.
Jagya is sleeping. Ganga, in a new avatar, comes to wake him up, but she stops. Jagya grabs her and rolls her on the bed saying who is it? Both have an eyelock and smile.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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