Balika Vadhu 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish’s mum waiting for his call and wonders if there is some problem. She thinks Krish might be up for some mischief and calls him again. Just then she sees Krish coming there and asks where is my bahu? If you asked her to hide somewhere, and asks where is she? Krish recalls Nandini’s words that she don’t love him. Krish tells his mum that she refused, but I told her that even though she got engaged to Dr. Amit, but she will marry only me. Krish’s mum says love have strength and tells that she refused when Abhayram proposed her, but she eventually fell in love with him. Krish determines to marry her and tells his mum to start with his marriage arrangements, and hugs her.

Nandini gets Inspector Chauhan’s phone call informing her that Kundan is freed to jail before

the realizing time due to his good behavior. Nandini gets shocked and scared as she recalls his torture. Krish comes there and sees her in shock, wonders why is she shocked.

Krish asks Nandini why is she so shocked and shivering? He asks her to tell? Nandini asks him to go and leave her alone. She says if you can’t go then I will go. Krish says I have faced many troubles in my life, and the toughest thing will be if I leave you in this condition. He asks her to tell….and forget about engagement and marriage. He asks her to tell for their friendship and says if you tell me then we can find out a solution. Nandini says how to trust you? Krish asks her to question her heart. Nandini says the man I got married to in my childhood, because of whom I became balika vadhu. Now he is released from jail and will definitely come to take revenge. He is very dangerous. Krish says let him come, he doesn’t know that I am here, and will make him go back to Jail again. Nandini asks really. Krish says it means you trust me. Krish says I deserve your love and asks can I can you Nandini. Nandini nods no and goes.

Abhayram angrily says Nandini…..Krish’s mum asks what happened? She says I thought you will get some peace after your parents death anniversary. Abhayram says he can’t be at peace until he takes revenge. Krish’s mum says I can’t see you in this condition and says I will be at your side always. Abhayram asks her to help him take revenge if she loves him so much. He says he can’t forget the days when he was in jail. Krish’s mum asks him to tell who is that girl? Abhayram says I will tell you when right time comes. Krish comes there and calls mum. He thanks Abhayram for his help, and giving him confidence that they will accept Nandini as their bahu. Abhayram says I didn’t do anything, you have chosen her. I hope she will be right for our house. Krish says yes and takes their blessings. Abhayram gets a phone call from someone, that he got info about Dr. Amit. Abhayram says he will see to it that Nandini will never marry Amit.

Sudha and Premal come to Mr. Shekhawat’s house. Premal congratulates them. Shekhawat says we are doing the arrangements. Nani says this girl is inauspicious, but I think she will empty your bank balance etc. Mr. Shekhawat asks her not to worry about money and says it is Nandini’s money only which she was remaining after Sudha’s marriage. Nani thinks she will ruin Nandini’s big day. Premal and Sudha looks on.

Krish and Nandini dances on the song Mujhe Rang De……Dr. Amit and Nandini take elders’ blessings when her dupatta catches fire. She shouts Maasaa. Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We want avinash sachdev only to be the main hero nandini and Dr amit is perfect we don’t like krish if he becomes nandini love then the show will be super doo per flop

  2. Dr amit and nandini perfect couple in balika vadhu same like her parents shiv and anandi.krish is like chakka no bold character which dr.amit has….

  3. I like Dr.amit.Ku us krish se shadi ho jyegi nandini ki serial ko flop krne k lye.

  4. Balika vadhu season1 had a storyline so entered into Limca Book of Records… second season is a flop show… logical analysis… when kundan is a convicted criminal n spends his days in jail from adolescence then how n when did he marry krish’s mother?? Now writers saa dont tell Krish’s mother was jailor or jailor’s wife n kundan fell in love with her… like his father made conspiracy in d jail n killed krish’s father n then trapped krish’s mother n married n completed his sentence… is krish mother fool??? She seems well educated then didnt she check kundan’s background??? Writers saa just wind up this season… the big fan followers who took BV 1 to heights have already stopped watching BV 2… there’s loads of flaws in this season.. those who are watching now must not have seen what d real BV serial was n how it had placed itself in hearts of huge group of people… sorry guys if I m hurting anyone but fact is already seen dat d serial is no more worthwatching so d time slot is changed… BV is more d Prime Time Watch… soon it will be abruptly shut down like Kyun ki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..

  5. Yes the Teesheta comment is correct we love to see the Bv1 and not interested to see the BV2

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