Balika Vadhu 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Khetram ji taking Akhiraj inside to show the stuff which they are giving to his daughter. Kamli calls on the phone. A boy picks the call and keeps the phone. Khetram ji shows the list, which he is giving to his daughter Urmila. Akhiraj gets stunned and asks him to start with the rituals. Kamli keeps on saying hello hello, while Akhiraj and Khetram goes past from there. Disa and Nimboli are still indisguise of Akhiraj and Harki, are performing the dolls’ marriage. Disa and Nimboli name the dolls as Kundan and Urmila.

Kundan and Urmila sit down for the marriage rituals. Pandit ji asks Urmila’s parents to do the kanyadaan and tells the rituals. Disa and Nimboli does the ghatbandhan and the pheras of the dolls. Urmila and Kundan stare each other. Kundan and Urmila take

the pheras and get married. Everyone is happy. Pandit ji asks Kundan to fill Urmila’s maang with sindoor. Kundan stares her face and fills maang. Nimboli also applies sindoor on the doll. Disa prays to God for her betterment. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife. Nimboli tells Disa that they are married now. Nimboli says marriage rituals are very difficult. Disa says the newly weds should take elders’ blessings.

Kundan and Urmila take elders’ blessings. Akhiraj, Harki, and Urmila’s parents bless them. Kamli is still on phone and gives the call to her mum in law. Her mum in law says the phone is on. Kamli says why no one saw the phone hanging. She says hello hello again. Khetram asks Akhiraj and others to have food. Urmila’s mum asks her husband to give dakshina to pandit ji. He says he will bring the money and goes inside. Kamli tells mum in law that no one is coming to take the call, and is about to end the call. Just then Khetram comes and picks the phone, says hello. Kamli is surprised and says please give my call to Khetram ji. He says Khetram. Kamli informs him that Kundan is already married.

Khetram says what you are saying nonsense? It is a lie? Kamli says Akhiraj lied to you. Please don’t let two girls life ruined. Khetram says you are mad and our not my well wisher. Kamli says Kundan’s first wife name is Nimboli, and asks him to confirm with Akhiraj. Khetram says the marriage has happened. Kamli gets shocked and disconnects the call. Her mum in law tries to console her.

Khetram insults Akhiraj for lying to him and says Nimboli is Kundan’s first wife. He says you have betrayed us. Akhiraj and Khetram take out their respective swords to fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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