Balika Vadhu 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman telling Rakhi that Vivek asked Saachi to leave before he comes back home. She tells that Vivek can’t forgive Saachi. Rakhi says, she will talk to Bhaiyya and she is sure that there is some misunderstanding. Saurabh asks, what do you mean. I am lying. Rakhi says, she knows him very well. Suman asks her to go to her room. Saachi feels bad. Suman tells Saachi that Vivek won’t be able to forgive and forget her. She taunts her. Saachi gets teary eyed. Suman raises a question on her upbringing and values. Saachi says, Saurabh is behind the troubles and misunderstandings between Vivek and her.

Suman takes her son’s side and accuses her further. Saachi says, how to make you feel that I am innocent. Suman asks her to leave before she throws her out of the

house. Saachi cries and leaves the house. Saurabh smirks. Roshan says, it is good that she left. Saurabh and Suman smiles. Saurabh says their revenge is complete now. Suman says not yet. We have to get her out of Vivek’s life very cleverly. We have to convince Vivek to divorce her. Saachi is walking on the road and recalls Vivek’s words asking her to get out of his life and home.

She thinks she can’t go anywhere else other than her home. She thinks she didn’t tell her family about Saurabh’s returns. She thinks what to do. She thinks she can’t give them pain and decides to stay quiet. She takes an auto and leaves. Someone is watching her in the car.

Shivani informs Jagya that Gauri was travelling for medical camp. Gauri’s mom taunts Jagya. Jagya tells them that she has minor injuries on her leg, but her face injuries will take time. Gauri’s father asks Shivani to get Gauri shifted to other hospital. Jagya says, she can’t be shifted in this condition. Dadisaa asks them to trust Jagya. Gauri’s father tells Dadisaa that Jagya ruined his daughter’s life and he can’t trust him.

Jagya says, he is a doctor here and Gauri is his patient now. Shivani agrees with Jagya. Gauri’s parents agree as they are helpless. Shivani asks Jagya, when they will be able to take her home. Jagya says, he can’t say. Gauri’s mom taunts Jagya again. Jagya and Dadisaa listen quietly. Jagya turns and see Ganga standing there.

Jagya asks Ganga to come inside and tells her that the patient is identified as Gauri. He tells her that they are Gauri’s parents and Shivani is her friend. He introduces Ganga as his wife. Gauri’s parents and Shivani get shocked hearing that. Shivani asks, your wife? What about Anandi? You mean to say that you left Anandi, for whom you left Gauri. She says she was shocked to see Gauri’s condition after he left her. She says, I was telling Gauri that she came in between Jagya and Anandi, but I was wrong.

You are equally responsible. She asks about Anandi. Jagya says, Anandi got married and her husband is collector of Udaipur. Gauri’s mom cries hearing about Anandi’s marriage. Dadisaa tells them that past is past and nothing will get if they cry and points mistakes of others. She says, Gauri will be fine soon. Shivani consoles Gauri’s mom.

Saachi comes home. Ira opens the door and gets happy seeing her. She hugs her. Saachi smiles. Anandi hugs her. Ira asks her, till when she will stay? Saachi tells Ira that Vivek went for tour and left her here before going to the airport. Ira says it is good and calls everyone. Gehna asks Jagya about Gauri. Jagya says, he can’t say when she will get well. He is trying though. Dadisaa says, we know. I was pained to hear their words and felt sympathy seeing Gauri’s condition. She prays for her health. Ganga looks sad.

Saachi and Anandi are cooking in the kitchen. Anandi asks her, where did her husband went on tour. Saachi says, he went to Mumbai for meeting the client. Anandi asks, why he didn’t take you along with him. Saachi recalls Vivek’s words and makes excuses. Anandi says, he will be back after 4-5 days. She senses something is wrong and thinks to find out.

Dadisaa calls Anandi and tells her that Gauri is in Jaitsar and tells everything. Anandi asks her not to worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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