Balika Vadhu 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 30th July 2013 Written Update

Ganga is walking in the rain with Mannu. Jagya is driving, searching for Ganga. He sees a lady sleeping with a baby and thinks it’s Ganga. He runs and finds it’s someone else. Ganga is remembering her memories with Jagya and is smiling. A truck is coming towards her and she is lost in her thoughts. She screams when she realizes it.

Shiv tells Anandi that he will always regret of not catching Ratan other night. Anandi says, you did your best.. maybe this was bound to happen with my family. Shiv says, I didn’t try hard enough.. anyways whatever had happened has happened now. Sanchi comes to their room with dinner. Sanchi tells Anandi, I am not as understanding as you’re, but not eating is not the solution for any problem, please don’t say no. Shiv says, I am sure Anandi won’t

say no now. He goes somewhere.

Sanchi tells Anandi, I still cannot forget the incident. It keeps coming in my mind.. How everyone would have suffered that, and Ganga must be affected the most. Poor girl, she saw her husband trying to kill people who are more important than her own family. It’s so horrible. Anandi agrees with Sanchi and says, now we can only hope no one blames Ganga for the incident. Sanchi says, whether others blame her or no, but the kind of person Ganga is.. she will definitely blame herself. Anandi again agrees with Sanchi and says, I will talk to her tomorrow and explain her not to blame herself. Sanchi says, absolutely.. she will feel good talking to you. read full updates daily only at Sanchi then says in her mind, but I am feeling very bad that Ganga is still there after all this. I will have to find a permanent solution for this. Sanchi sees Shiv coming back and she hugs Anandi and tells her to take care of herself. Anandi seemed surprised for a moment. Shiv smiles looking at them and then goes to them. Sanchi tells him, it’s your responsibility to feed Anandi bhabhi. Shiv says, okay and I am seeing that my younger sister is growing up and getting matured. Sanchi leaves. Shiv tells Anandi, maa was right.. Sanchi has really changed. Anandi nods with a confused face.

Everyone is waiting for Jagya. He returns. Sumitra says, you must be hungry.. I will get something for you. Jagya just leaves from there. Dadisa asks Jagya if he found any news about Ganga. He doesn’t answer her either. Basant now tells Jagya, Dadisa is telling you something. Jagya stops and says, I heard, but all the questions were related to Ganga staying here.. after she left, there should be no questions. Then why are you asking me all these questions? Jagya leaves in anger. Basant screams, what kind of way is this to talk? Dadisa calms Basant and says, try to understand his situation. She then tells Sumitra to get something to eat for Jagya.. who knows since when he didn’t eat.

Jagya is in dark in his room, remembering Mannu and Ganga. Sumitra enters with food. She turns on the lights and tells him to eat. Jagya says, I am not hungry. Sumitra says, you didn’t eat anything since morning. Jagya says, I said I am not hungry. Sumitra leaves food there and tells him to eat something. Jagya says, take it back.. I am not going to eat. Sumitra says, if you were a child, then I would have forcefully made you eat, but now you have grown up. I hope you will at least eat one roti for your mother. She leaves.

Dadisa asks Sumitra if he ate anything. Sad Sumitra says, he didn’t even touch it and leaves. Dadisa looks at the hall and remembers the incident again and how everyone suffered. Other hand, suddenly Gehna wakes up and seems very scared. Basant tells her, I am with you.. try to forget that incident. Gehna says, I also don’t want to remember it, but it keeps coming back in my mind. First time, I saw death from that close. Basant gives her water and says, we will forget that incident with time thinking it was a bad dream. You just take care of yourself.
Next morning, Mahi is exercising and talking with Aashima. Aashima asks him why he sounds panicked. Mahi says, I am doing two works at the same time.. to keep body fresh.. I am exercising.. and to keep mind fresh, I am talking with a beautiful lady. Aashima thanks him for the compliment. They continue talking and Mahi gets happy when Aashima tells him that she is coming to Udhaipur tomorrow again to buy some stuff. Mahi asks her to tell him what she wants to buy and he will keep it ready.. that way her time will be saved and he will show Udhaipur to her.

At Badi Haveli, everyone is in the hall. Jagya is applying balm on Dadisa’s hand. Anandi comes in running, crying, and hugs Dadisa. Shiv too comes with her. Dadisa says, I knew you would come running. Anandi says, only I know how I spent yesterday’s night. Anandi asks Sumitra how she is and she says, I am fine. Anandi sees bandaids on Bhairo and Basant’s faces and says, you all got wounded so much. Bhairo says, it’s nothing.. Basant says, there is nothing to be scared of.. and doctor is in the house only. Anandi looks at Gehna. Dadisa says, she is fine. Anandi asks about Nandu. Gehna says, he’s sleeping. Shiv says, we all were very scared after knowing what happened here. He says, I talked with police and they said Ratan won’t be able to do anything now. There will be many charges against him and no one can him and his men from long punishment. And now Ganga will get Mannu’s custody as well. Anandi asks about Ganga now. Everyone is quiet. Jagya looks at Sumitra.

Bhairo tells Anandi, Ganga left this house last night. Anandi is shocked. She asks, why did she leave? Sumitra says, after what happened yesterday.. Ganga decided herself that she won’t stay here. Anandi says, but you all could stop her, right? Dadisa says, no.. she had decided it. Sumitra says, Dadisa told her to go in the morning, but she didn’t listen. Sumitra leaves from there saying I will be back. Dadisa says, it’s all my fault.. if I didn’t give day off to the guards, then all these wouldn’t happen. Sumitra had warned that Ratan Singh won’t stay quiet and will come back to take his son. Sumitra comes back with snacks. Dadisa continues, and her fear came true. Sumitra says, and there is no doubt that Ganga was the reason for what happened yesterday and before that with Jagya. Anandi says to her, but how can you forget that that same Ganga got ready to give her child to that devil so you all can be saved? How can we blame Ganga for Ratan Singh’s wrongdoings? I came here thinking you all would start loving Ganga even more after yesterday’s incident. You all would be trying to explain her not to blame herself for what happened. She wanted to leave, and you all let her go? And that too that late night. No one thought where she will go that late with Mannu? Mannu must be hungry.. god knows when he ate last. Anandi tells Dadisa, you used to say so much joy came in this house because of Mannu.. at least you could have stopped her for Mannu’s sake. Why didn’t you stop her? Why? If anyone had done this with me, then how would you have felt? Would you be able to take it? Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: To blame a trusty person for wrongdoings that he/she never did it, and avoiding him/her, is like avoiding your own judgment and faith.

Precap: Sumitra tells Anandi, why are you saying like this about you? Anandi says, you can’t even hear this about me because of your mother’s love, then why didn’t you think about Ganga’s mother’s love despite being a mother?
Anandi now tells Jagya, you took her and Mannu’s responsibility, right? and you couldn’t stop her either. Why? He stays quiet.
Anandi tells Shiv, let’s go.. we won’t get any answer to our questions except silence. She walks off from there.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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