Balika Vadhu 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 30th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ratan’s haveli
Ratan finds his phone missing from his coat and runs out screaming ganga’s name. He is upset not finding her there and goes in the kitchen and finds the milk still boiling. Ratan calls everyone out saying that she ran away. all are shocked. They leave to search for her. Ratan and his men search around for ganga in rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Laxmiganj Bus Station
Ganga is scared that anyone might spot her there. The bus arrives. Ganga leaps forwards to board the bus but is shocked to find a knows person getting down from the bus, who is equally shocked to find ganga there. She gets on the bus while the person is shocked. The bus leaves for nagaur. Ganga remembers her encounter with the person and hopes that he doesnt say anything to anyone. When ganga is unable to pay for the ticket, the conductor decides to throw her out of the bus due to not having fare, all the while ganga pleading to let her stay on the bus till naugaur. Seeing the commotion, a lady helps out ganga with money so that she gets a ticket and stays on the bus.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Everybody is rooting for the kiteflying competition in the jaitsar haveli, with shiv and jagiya trying to win over the other. Varun sees everything through his binoculars giving commentary all the while. Meenu asks dadisa who would win. Dadisa says that it doesnt matter to her since her son would win in any case.

The competition continues while shiv instruts anandi accordingly and upsetting jagiya, who is reminded of his time with anandi.

Scene 4:
Location: Ratan Singh’s haveli
Ratan mistakes a woman for ganga and is all the more frustrated. He tells the villagers that if anyone has seen ganga, who has left the house, they should come to him now or else if he finds out that anyone knows about her or helped her, then he would kill him/her right then. The person who saw ganga starts palpitating. Ratan tries to talk to the person showing him a knife and his wife says that she got on a bus that they got down from, which is headed to nagaur. Ratan hits him anyway for trying to keep information from them.

Scene 5:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
the competition continues with cheering from all sides. Jagiya finds anandi tensed for shiv’s kite and loses concentration from his own kiteflying. He deliberately lets go of his kite for anandi’s happiness so that shiv wins. Finally shiv emerges as the winner for cutting jagiya’s kite disappointing nandu and defeating jagiya, and sending sanchi into fits of pleasure. Dadisa and the others too are amused. Shiv however understands something adrift. Nandu says that their thread got cut, jagiya says in nostalgic snese that the thread had been torn long back. shiv hears this. He is congratulated by bhairo and basant for his defeat. While anandi pampers nandu, jagiya goes to congratulate him complimenting on his kiteflying, but shiv says that he’s no better than him. Jagiya leaves without responding.

When anandi congratulates shiv and reminds him of their bet, shiv says that jagiya deliberately lost and was made to win. Anandi is surprised seeing jagiya lost.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Ratan and his men approach the bus and follow it, while in the bus ganga is hopeful that she has finally been able to successfully run this time and nobody would harm her or her son. Ratan’s jeep catches up with the bus and force it to stop. They get on the bus and start searching aroung for ganga. Ganga runs from the back door, and ratan too follows her with his men. She runs in the field with him behind her, shouting her to stop running.

Scene 7:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Cultural programs start at the haveli after the kiteflying competition. Bhairo starts singing for sumitra, whiel others are amused. Nandu goes to varun to ask for his binoculars so that he too can see. Varun too complies. Jagiya sees his phone and finds missed calls from an unknown no, and wonders who is it.

Scene 8:
Location: In the fields.
Finally ganga is surrounded by ratan and his men from all sides. Ratan starts reprimanding her for running and says that he would torture her so bad this time that she wont be able to move too. They take her son forcibly while she keeps crying, not to seperate her son from him. the screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: Many steps could be taken to resist and curb the aggression that a tortured person might have against the violater, but it ultimately does come out in the form of rebellion to break free.

Precap: while ganga is being insensitively and barbariously hit by ratana dn his men, sanchi sees this from the binouculars and is horrified and asks for somebody to help her. Jagiya sees that its ganga who is being beaten up, and a strange rage overpowers him and in his adrenaline rush, he jumps off the roof to go out to ganga and help her in saving herself and her son.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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