Balika Vadhu 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopal coming back to his shop and tells his father that he needs money. His father gives him 100 Rs. Gopal asks for 10000 Rs. His father says he didn’t have that much money and you are aware of the loan. Gopal comes home and gets a gold chain from the almira. He tells it at a shop and gets some money. Kamli is in her room and cries after haldi ritual. She throws the dupatta in anger and cries looking at her face. Gopal counts the money. Kamli tries to clear haldi from her hands and face. Gopal recalls about their moments of togetherness and feels pain. Mera Naam Ishq…..Tera Naam Ishq plays………..Kamli asks why you didn’t come Gopal, please take me from here else I will die. She cries. Gopal tries to look at her, sitting at tree and cries. Kamli fills her maang with

sindoor. Gopal keeps staring at the window.

Anandi calls Dadisaa and tells about her meeting with Phooli. She says she will reach till the evening and sees a temple on the way. The driver tells her about its importance. Anandi asks him to stop car at the temple. Akhiraj Singh and Nimboli come to the temple to take sindoor. Akhiraj singh scolds Nimboli and says he is also coming with her. He asks her to come slowly. They start walking inside. Akhiraj asks her to get sindoor and come back fast. Akhiraj’s chappal gets broken. Nimboli says she will bring sindoor from the temple and asks him to wait for her. Akhiraj says okay and asks her not to run. Anandi also comes to the temple, but didn’t see Akhiraj standing there. Akhiraj goes to get his chappal repair. Anandi goes inside the temple.

Anandi hears Akhiraj’s voice asking someone about the mochi. She recalls his voice and turns back, but couldn’t see him. Pandit ji gives sindoor to Nimboli and asks her to tell Harki to fill it in bride’s maang. Nimboli says okay. She asks Devimaa to do some magic and gets Kamli marry Gopal. She says Harki is Kamli’s mother, then why did she trouble her. She says my mum would also worst than her. I don’t want to meet her. She then says she wants to meet her mum once. She turns and collides with Anandi. The sindoor falls on the ground. Nimboli is shocked. Anandi apologizes and looks at her.

Nimboli addresses her as Chukke Chudail and hugs her happily. Anandi gets happy too and asks how are you? Nimboli says I miss you very much. Anandi says me too. She bends down to pick the sindoor. Nimboli gets tensed and says what I will do now. Anandi says we will get other sindoor box from Pandit ji. Pandit ji says okay. Nimboli says she will clean the fallen sindoor and asks Pandit ji to give the cloth. She cleans the place. Anandi asks Pandit ji, if it is true that mannat/wish gets fulfilled. Pandit ji says asks her to wish with clean heart and asks her to tie the thread. Anandi prays Devimaa to make her meet Nandini. She gets emotional and asks her to fulfill her mannat. Nimboli tells Anandi and Pandit ji that she cleaned the place. Pandit ji gives her another sindoor box. Nimboli smiles.

Akhiraj Singh stares at Disa while she is busy cooking. Disa senses someone is standing behind and looks back shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kundan is better than is father… He is going behind his but his father… I wish kundan should c that…

    1. DIvya yesterdat u asked y disa is separating kundan frm nimboli.
      .ds is coz he is trying to force himself on her nd she is just a small girl nd he can’t force anyone

      1. Hmmm….

  2. this show should be closed

  3. i love anandi and nimboli scences.i think gopal will killed by akhiraj’s goons.

    1. I don’t think so…

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